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Proven Ways to Backup iCloud to External Hard Drive in 2022

Here, we will tell you the best method to backup iCloud to external hard drive. Generally, iCloud is used to store your crucial data. Apple provides the iCloud storage service. Sometimes, your iCloud storage is low, so you need to free up the iCloud space. So, in this article, you can know the best solution to transfer iCloud to an external hard drive.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a service of Apple that provides free cloud storage to users. It allows users to keep their data like documents, images, and music. It offers users 5GB of free storage space. The users can easily store their data in iCloud space. Now, let us know the importance of iCloud storage.

Why iCloud is Important?

There are various reasons to use iCloud and some highlighted causes we will mention below section.

  • iCloud provides the options to users spam filter and archive folder to manage files.
  • Options are available to unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.
  • Ideal with all the Apple and Windows devices.
  • It has a simple interface and easy-to-use iCloud email on any device.
  • You can activate the two-factor authentication to protect your iCloud mail from unnecessary threats.

We have discussed some benefits in the above section. But as a user, you need to store your data in the safest place from hacking and accidental delete cases. Let us know some cases, where you need to backup iCloud to external hard drive.

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Why Do You Need an External Hard Drive for Your iCloud Backup?

Data is very crucial to everyone, whether it is personal data or professional data. Nobody wants to lose their data. There are some special cases where users need to protect their data by backing up iCloud to the external hard drive.

  • iCloud provide 5GB of storage space that is not sufficient to store more data. If you want to increase space then you need to purchase additional space.
  • If your account is hacked, then iCloud data backup help to recover the data.
  • You can easily restore the data if accidentally delete data.
  • Sometimes, users need to switch from one email client to another email client then they need to export iCloud emails.

There are some crucial reasons that we mentioned in the above portion. Now, we will suggest simple techniques to get a backup iCloud to external hard drive.

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Methods to Backup iCloud to External Hard Drive

There are two methods to backup iCloud to external hard drives. Firstly, we will discuss the manual method than the professional method.

Method 1: Manual Method to Backup iCloud data in vCard Format

There are some crucial steps to execute the manual approach for backing up iCloud to an external hard drive.

  • Use to Log in to your iCloud account on your device.
  • Choose a particular category that you want to take backup. Let us consider contacts as an example.
  • Select the contacts from your list.
  • Then, click on the gear icon from the bottom left corner.
  • Finally. Choose the export vCard option to export the VCF file in the external hard drive.

To get a backup iCloud to an external hard drive, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps in the same sequence. But this method has some limitations.

The users can face difficulties while backup iCloud on External Hard Drive through the traditional method. The manual techniques do not support multiple conversions at a time. Also, it creates archiving files that are more difficult to understand. Moreover, it takes more to provide backup. To get better results, we will suggest the best alternative option that you can choose to download iCloud on local storage.

Method 2: How to Backup iCloud with Professional Approach

If you tried the above method and that method does not work for you properly. Then, we will suggest the best iCloud Email Backup Tool to backup iCloud to an external hard drive. It is the most secure and reliable tool that comes with an easy user interface. By using this tool, you can get a backup into multiple file formats like PDF, EML, MBOX, DOCX, JPG, etc. Also, you can easily download or import iCloud contacts to Outlook PST file. There are many options available that users can select as per their requirements.


As you know, we have explained the two methods to backup and migrate iCloud email files on a hard drive. The manual method is a little bit completed. So, you need to save your data into VCF format that helps to download data into your local system. On the other hand, we will recommend the most secure and reliable iCloud email backup tool to backup iCloud to external hard drive. This tool works with the latest technology that helps provide error-free results.

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