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Top 2 Free Ways to Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook

As a Mac user, your demands and expectations are always high. Sometimes, you are unable to connect to the internet and in this case, you want to save all your Mac data to any offline application like Outlook. Well, in this situation, you want to import iCloud contacts to Outlook but need help in doing so.

Don’t worry! As we are here to help you. In this write-up, you will get the authentic and self-proven techniques to migrate iCloud contacts to MS Outlook. You will get so many solutions via third-party applications. But Apple Mail provides you with an inbuilt option to accomplish this migration. If you feel difficulty in doing with a predefined menu, use an automated iCloud Mail Backup tool. Let us elaborate on each option in detail.

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Export Contacts from iCloud to Outlook With In-built Feature

This method behaves differently for Windows and Mac. Furthermore, to transfer contacts from iCloud to Microsoft Outlook, you must follow different procedures and cannot simply use this method. Below is the complete description of this manual approach.

Stage 1: Create a vCard File of iCloud Contacts
Stage 2: Import vCard File in Outlook(Windows & Mac)

Let us elaborate on each stage.

Stage 1: Create a vCard File of iCloud Contacts

  • Sign in with the iCloud platform.
  • In the new wizard, select Contacts from the list of options.
  • Move to the gear icon and present at the bottom.
  • Choose the Select All option under gear icon, and click the Export vCard option.
  • It will create a .vcf file of your selected iCloud contacts.
  • Save this VCF file locally and assign a name for them.
  • After that, right-click on that new folder and choose the Open with > Excel option.

Following the above step will create a vCard file of your iCloud Contacts. Import a VCF into Outlook for Windows and Mac after it has been created.

Stage 2: Import vCard File in Outlook on Windows

Adding iCloud contacts to Outlook is a crucial step. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Outlook and move to the File button.
  • In the new wizard, select Import/Export under Open & Export.
  • Choose to import a VCARD file(.vcf) and hit Next.
  • Browse the location of the VCF file.
  • Your VCF file will start displaying in Outlook for Windows under Contacts.

The overhead steps will import iCloud contacts to Outlook.

# Sync iCloud Contacts with Outlook on Mac

In this stage, you need to use the same VCF file, that you created earlier. After that, follow the instructions below.

  • Select the .vcf file that you wish to see in Outlook and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Open With option and select the Microsoft Outlook app.
  • At last, click the Save & Close button and your iCloud contacts will start reflecting in Outlook for Mac.

Note: In Mac, when you import a .vcf file in Mac Outlook, then it is not transferred to your account. It only grants you to view the iCloud contacts in Outlook.

Before implementing the above method, there are a few drawbacks to the above method. The list of some of them is detailed below.

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Constraints of the Manual Approach to Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook

  • In Mac Outlook, the contacts are not imported, You can view only these contact details.
  • The .vcf file is prone to corruption frequently.
  • The above process is very time-consuming.
  • You must have the technical know-how to execute this method.
  • Your contacts may not align appropriately in Excel sheets.
  • There is no option to dilute the duplicate contacts.

To abstain from all these issues, users seek a smooth solution to transfer iCloud contacts to Outlook. Let’s expand this alternative.

Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook With a Smart and Easy Approach

To add iCloud Contacts to Outlook, use the Cigati iCloud Email Backup Tool. It is a reliable and expert-recommended solution. This utility allows you to migrate iCloud Mailbox to various email clients like Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Amazon WebMail, Hostgator, and others. Moreover, this advanced tool allows you to backup iCloud emails and attachments to several file formats, like PDF, PST, MBOX, MSG, and more. The advancement of the device is you do not require any additional technical expertise to run this tool. And can accomplish migrating iCloud data to Outlook tasks smoothly and effectively.

Steps to Import iCloud to Outlook

  • Download the Cigati iCloud Email Backup Tool and run it as an administrator.
  • Add your iCloud credentials and tap the Sign-in button.
  • Select the files or folders you want to migrate.
  • Select the saving format as PST.
  • Manage the utility’s features as per requirement and click the Convert button.

Once you have created the PST, it can import easily to Outlook for both Windows and Mac.


The above write-up offers you self-proven ways to import iCloud contacts to Outlook. Additionally, we also elaborated on the manual method that has certain downsides. On the contrary, we also offer you an option for a manual approach in the form of an automated tool, that you can use to backup iCloud to external hard drive without any technical knowledge.

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