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Best Techniques to Transfer Thunderbird Email to New Computer

Summary: In this article, we are going to understand the effective methods that we can apply to move thunderbird to new computer. If you are one of the users who want to know about how do I move the Thunderbird profile to a new computer or can I use Thunderbird on two computers? Then this article is for you, it mainly focuses on various methods used to transfer Thunderbird email to new computer.

Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client application that is for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has no version for iOS and Android. It connects with one or more email servers and gets your messages from them. Thunderbird uses a separate location to save the data away from the Thunderbird program files. This separate location is known as the profile folder.

This profile stores important data including messages, passwords, and user preferences. Thunderbird uses a separate location for the profile folder and the program files thus, you can uninstall Thunderbird without losing your messages and settings. Hence, to transfer thunderbird email to new computer you have to copy your profile folder to the desired location on your destination computer. 

Note: If you already used Profile Manager to store your Thunderbird profile folder in a custom folder on the source computer, then you have to create a new profile on your destination computer and set that profile to use the same location. Because Thunderbird’s new installation only uses the already existing data 

Now, let’s go through the procedure that explains how do I thunderbird transfer profile.

Best Methods For Transferring Thunderbird to a New Computer

There are three methods explained below to Thunderbird migrate to new computer. Therefore, perform these methods to get the best result.

Method 1. Import Thunderbird Folder On Your Source Computer

Follow the procedure to transfer the Thunderbird folder on your source computer so that you can move it on an external hard drive that will be connected with your new computer to transfer Thunderbird email to new computer.

  • Connect a USB drive or a remote storage drive for data transfer.
  • After that, click on the Menu button.
  • From there you can select Help and then click on Troubleshooting Information.
  • Now, find out the Profile Folder Entry, and then select Open Folder.
  • This will open your Thunderbird profile folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Now, close Thunderbird and Right-click on the Thunderbird folder, and select Copy.
  • Then, Paste it into the device that you are using to transfer your data.

In this way, you can also create a backup of your Thunderbird profile folder on the hard drive. Now, you just have to execute a few more steps that will transfer Thunderbird emails to new computer.

Method 2. Move Thunderbird Folder to your New Computer

Now, perform the following steps to export Thunderbird account settings on your new computer.

  • Connect the transfer device that you used to copy the Thunderbird folder from your source computer. 
  • Now, copy the Thunderbird Folder that is saved in the transfer device.
  • Just Right-click on the Thunderbird Folder and select Copy.
  • Now, open Thunderbird and select the Menu option.
  • After that click on the Troubleshooting Information.  
  • Then, browse the Profile folder and click on the Open Folder.
  • Again, your Thunderbird profile folder will open in Windows Explorer.
  • Now, close the Thunderbird tab.
  • After that, access your Thunderbird profile folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Then, paste the copied data inside the folder.
  • If a pop-up occurs then select replace your current data.

In this way, you can transfer Thunderbird email to new computer manually. Although, this manual technique is free to use due to some limitations you can’t rely on it. Let’s discuss some of its limitations to understand why we need a professional software technique for transferring emails to new computer.

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Limitations of Manual Technique

We can use the Manual technique but we can’t rely on it. Because this manual technique has a lot of limitations that emerge a need to apply a professional software solution to accomplish this task. These limitations are as follow:

  • In this technique, the user has to back up the Thunderbird profile first only then he can proceed further.
  • There is a high risk of data loss as this technique will not copy the embedded images and attachments that are attached to the profile.
  • It affects the data integrity as the chances for corruption or damage of any file are high.
  • This technique takes time and it also requires technical knowledge to execute the task.

To overcome these limitations, experts have discovered amazing professional software techniques. This technique will help the user to transfer Thunderbird email to new computer with ease. 

Professional Technique to Import Thunderbird emails on New Computer

We already discussed the limitations of the manual technique to move thunderbird to another computer. Thus, to overcome those limitations there is a professional technique that will help to transfer Thunderbird to new computer. Thunderbird Backup Tool is a secure and trusted software utility that helps in maintaining data integrity. It has an interactive user-friendly interface that allows restoring the Thunderbird email to a new computer without any technical assistance. You can also experience its smart features like a date range filter, Removing duplicate emails, and many more. These features are embedded to ensure data security and maintain its original structure.

Final Verdict

After going through this write up now you can find the answer on how do I transfer Thunderbird Email to New Computer? However, to manage the Thunderbird export account settings you need to be careful. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage to the Thunderbird profile. This article takes it into consideration and thus provides a professional software solution to transfer Thunderbird email to a new computer. Hence, if you want to import old Thunderbird profiles without taking any risk of damage then you can apply the manual method carefully or you can go for a professional software solution. Additionally, you can backup Mozilla Thunderbird emails to hard drive within simple steps.

How to migrate thunderbird to new computer?

It is not possible to synchronize every setting between computers. However, you can move Thunderbird to a new computer by transferring the Thunderbird profile.

How do I import old Thunderbird profiles?

You can import old Thunderbird profiles by following the manual method explained above. In this process, you have to copy the Thunderbird profile from the source computer and then transfer it to the new one. However, you can also use the Thunderbird Backup Tool to transfer Thunderbird to a new computer.

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