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How to Convert EML to MBOX Using Fast and Free Techniques

There are many queries on the internet to convert EML files to MBOX. That’s why we will discuss the simple and secure way to convert EML to MBOX  with manual as well as professional methods. Before starting a detailed discussion, we need to know the basic overview of EML and the MBOX file. 

EML file supports many email clients and it stores messages in plain text format. It contains individual message details like date, subject, recipient, sender, etc. 

On the other hand, MBOX files contain multiple email files. It is supported by multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, and other major email clients that use this file to store user data.

Sometimes, users face issues with EML files and they want to Convert EML to MBOX online for free. But before going to the solution, we will need to discuss the reasons to migrate EML to MBOX format. 

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Why Users Choose MBOX File Over EML Files?

When users think about shifting from Window Live Mail to Thunderbird, then users need to migrate EML to MBOX mailbox files. Also, MBOX files contain a large amount of data as compared to EML files in a single file. Additionally, when we convert files from one email format to another then it is not an easy task. Now, we will discuss the solution to convert EML to MBOX. 

How to Import EML to MBOX Files With Attachments

Here, we will discuss two methods to convert EML to MBOX mailbox file format for Mac OS and Windows. Firstly, we will explain the manual method and then the professional method to convert EML to MBOX. 

Method 1: Manual Approach Using Thunderbird Application

This method is completed within two steps. Firstly, users need to configure the Thunderbird application. It is an open-source platform. If you want to get a better result, then you need to implement every step in the same sequence. 

Step 1: Configure Email Address in Thunderbird

  1. Install and Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  2. Then, Configure your email address, and create a new account with your username, email address, password. (if you do not have an account). 
  3. After configuring, you can see the overview of your account in the left panel of Thunderbird.
  4. Now, create a new folder by clicking on the Right-click on the local folder. 
  5. Here, Use drag and drop EML in this new folder.
  6. After that, you successfully added the EML files into your Thunderbird application.

Here, the first step is completed and now, you need to follow some more steps to convert EML to MBOX. 

Step 2: Use the Add-ON Feature of Thunderbird to Import EML to MBOX

  1. Go to Tools and click on Add-ons and Themes.
  2. Then, Search the Import/Export Tools NG and tap on the Add to Thunderbird.
  3. After the add-on is installed, then Restart the Thunderbird.
  4. Then, Right-click on your EML file folder and open the Import/Export Tools  NG.
  5. Choose the Export folder then select the location to save your EML file(s) as an MBOX file.
  6. Click on the Save button. And move on to the saved location and view your MBOX files.

Here, in the manual method, both steps are completed but you can face some issues while executing the traditional method to convert EML to MBOX. Let us know the drawbacks of the above-discussed way. 

Why You Need to Avoid Free Manual Approach

There are some disadvantages of the manual solution in the following points. 

  • If you want to convert multiple files at a time, then you cannot use the manual method. 
  • The process is too lengthy and it slows the system. 
  • The drag and drop system has a high probability of losing data. 
  • Required high technical techniques to complete the process. 

These are some basic drawbacks that you can face while implementing the traditional method. If you want to overcome all the limitations, then follow the next segment that provides the alternative solution to convert EML files to MBOX file format for Mac OS as well as windows. 

Method 2: Automated Solution to Convert EML to MBOX

If you tried a manual solution and it does not work for you. Then, we will recommend to you one of the best alternatives: Cigati EML Converter Tool that can easily convert EML files to MBOX file format with attachments. It is the most secure and reliable tool.

Also, it can convert EML to PDF, EMLX, JSON, DOC, GIF, etc. This tool works with advanced technology that helps in providing an error-free solution. Everyone can easily use this tool due to its easy interface. This tool has many options that users can select as per their requirements. 


We have discussed both manual and professional methods to convert EML files. As we earlier discussed, users cannot get the error-free solution due to manual method drawbacks. Then, we suggested an alternate professional solution that works on advanced technology. It is the also most secure tool to convert EML to PST file format. 

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