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What is IMDb? All You Need to Know About This!

 Saumya Tandon

  • Published on:  January 10th, 2024

Do you want to watch popular movies and TV shows for free? Then there is an exciting opportunity for you all. We all are aware of IMDb(Internet Movie Database). First of all, let me make you understand what is IMDb?

It means that a user can watch their favorite movies and TV shows without any sort of payment. Moreover, we don’t need a paid subscription to IMDb. Additionally, we can easily watch popular movies and TV shows for free. Here, we can record the movies or TV shows that we have watched on your IMDb account. We can explore many more absorbing things, making our day full of joy and entertainment. Now, we will elaborate on what does IMDB means in depth.

What is IMDb?

IMDb (an acronym for Internet Movie Database) is an online database that informs us about films, television series, podcasts, home videos, video games, and streaming content online – including cast and production. It was launched online in 1990 by since 1998. IMDb has been the world’s most popular and authorized source for movie, TV, and celebrity content, designed to help fans explore the world of Movies and shows. It depends on the user’s wish what they want to watch.

On IMDb, users can also submit their reviews of movies and TV shows on one to ten scale points. Which is used to create a loaded mean of all user reviews displayed on the movie or TV show’s page. Also, we use these ratings to compile IMDb’s superior and inferior lists of movies and TV shows.

The information that can saved on IMDb comes from different kinds of sources, which can be as follows – 

  • Filmmakers 
  • Film Studios
  • Other official sources. 

Anyway, various information comes up from IMDb users themselves. Additionally, you can visit the official website – ( to know the ratings, reviews, and many more.

How Does IMDb Work?

IMDb allows the user to visit their sites. They permit the user to edit and utilize their services. But for this, the user must create their account once. Because only registered users can create, add, and edit the information on it. 

According to numeric values like 1-10. we can rate the movies and TV shows.

The individual ratings are considered as one single IMDb rating. IMDb ratings are all about when we rate a particular no of titles, we become regular users. IMDb used this formula for calculating ratings.

What Are The Features of IMDb?

The following section will discuss the Features of IMDb after knowing the in-depth concept of What is IMDb. We have several features as follows:-

  • Database:- Users who created their account on IMDb account, they can effortlessly record their favorite movies and TV shows. They allow the user to edit and utilize their services.
  • Watchlist:- After a one-time registration, this site will notify us about their upcoming trailer relies on and ticket pieces of information. We can also track the movies and shows from our watch history on IMDb account.
  • Reviews:- We can add film and TV reviews for other users to read and decide on whether to watch a title or not watch that specific title.
  • Recommendations:- When we watch anything on the IMDb portal, it contains all the records of that watchlist. Moreover, our viewing activity will always recommended according to our watched history.
  • Search:- IMDb has an advanced map-reading system that allows users to browse for collaborations between actors and directors, etc.
  • Sort:-We can also sort films and TV shows on IMDb.  It can be on the basis of different categories like ratings, year, genre, and language.

Using IMDb Advanced Search Options

Recent Releases and IMDb Charts like Popular movies and Box Office Hits are the more popular ways to use IMDb. But there are several ways to search through the site. Generally, we need to pick one method over another. If someone is looking for a new movie to watch. The user has only one or two bits of information to initialize the search. For this reason, we can use the name of an actor’s name or information on the plot. After understanding what is IMDb, we will discuss its advanced features.

IMDb Name Search:- We can find titles by an actor’s name, birthday or birthplace, star sign, and death date. Place, gender, filmography, name group (like Oscar-winning or best actress-winning), and many more options are also for it.

IMDb Title Search:-  We can search for movies and shows by their title, runtime, title, TV episode, Shorts, short films, and release date. User rating, number of votes, title group (Emmy Award-winning), title data, and companies, can also be used for this search. Instant watch options, countries, locations, keywords, language, filming location, cast/crew, runtime, sound mix, and more options are also available.

IMDb Collaborations Search:– This search type allows us to find movies and shows. Where two people of our choosing can appear. Moreover, we can find people who played in the same film by searching for two titles.

IMDb Site Index:-  This search option lists various places. We can browse on IMDb, such as Best of the Year, Bottom 100, Birthdays, and Amazon Originals.

Film Genres:- This browser IMDb by sort to find horror movies, comedies, animations, fantasy films, thrillers, crime shows, and lots more.

Now, we will learn what is IMDb Pro in a brief, so that it will be helpful to you further.

Understanding IMDb Pro

IMDbPro is a necessary resource for entertainment industry professionals. The membership service includes comprehensive information and tools. IMDbPro is designed to help entertainment members and the industry find success throughout all stages of their careers. 

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Why Choose IMDb Pro Over IMDb?

IMDbPro membership has tools for professionals to upload and select their images, demo reels, and other related videos. They set their primary profession and the credits. They are best known for how and they can connect to other people in the industry. The connection will be according to their work history and professional network. Utilize advanced search view contact information for companies and professionals to build customized lists of titles, talent, and more.

How Much Does IMDbPro Price?

We currently offer the following membership options:

Group Plan Monthly: $79.99 (billed monthly, up to 5 members)

Individual Monthly: $19.99 (billed monthly)

Individual Annual: $149.99 (billed annually, equivalent to only $12.50/month – save 37%!)


Overall, now we have a clear concept of what is IMDb. Here, we covered the use and advantages of IMDb and how this is useful for us. We grab various kinds of entertainment opportunities on it. IMDb has a website and a mobile application. In addition, it is both equitable and easy to use. Just create an account and start using IMDb’s fabulous features. We can build our own private or public watchlists. Now, we have a better concept of what does IMDb means and the difference between IMDB and IMDb Pro. We can easily choose our favorite actor by searching for their name or award-winning history and utilizing our time.

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