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Techniques to Transfer Google Photos to External Hard Drive

Google Photos is one of the most popular picture storage services among consumers. Due to the recently established storage limit, many users want to transfer Google photos to external hard drive. However, users face additional challenges, so they are searching for ways to save Google Photos to a hard drive.

Let’s first examine the issues related to storage in the Google account, and then we’ll address the question of how to copy Google photos to external hard drive.

Why Do Users Need to Transfer Google Photos to External Hard Drive?

Google Photos has the most popular option among all accessible picture storage services. Even if it is safe, you should not save all of your valuable images and movies there. Google Photos might also have issues. For the following reasons, it is suggested that you backup your Google Photos to an external or local hard drive:

1. The Security of Data

You may safeguard your Google Photos files by copying them to a hard drive. A backup allows you to recover your data fast and efficiently, regardless of what happens to your source data.

2. Offline Access to Photos & Videos

When connected to the internet, Google Photos provides consumers quick access to their data. Without an internet connection, it is impossible to navigate Google Photos. After backing up the data to a hard disk, you may immediately view it offline in Google Photos.

Regardless of the kind of hard drive you want to use, you must first download data from Google Photos, then, the data may transfer to your hard drive. There are three methods to transfer Google photos to external hard drive.

Method 1: Download Google Photos to External hard drive using Google Photos Web Application

If you need to back up a few photos and videos on Google Photos, you may go straight to your Google Photos account on the web and download the images and videos to your local computer. Then, by dragging and dropping, you may select to relocate the data to any hard disc. Now, please follow the instructions listed below:

  • Sign into your Google Photos account and choose the photos and videos that you want to backup.
  • Select the download button by clicking the three vertical dots symbol. Then, the files will be downloaded to your PC.

You must complete the two steps to backup data from Google Photos to your local hard drive. To backup Google photos to external hard drive, connect the external hard drive to the computer. Then, drag and drop the downloaded files onto the external hard drive.

Method 2: Export Google Photos to External Hard Drive using Google Takeout

You may use Google Takeout if you have a significant volume of data from Google Photos to backup, and feel free to save photos one by one. It is a data retrieval program that is used to transfer Google photos to external hard drive. Let’s start the steps to apply:

  • Navigate to Google Takeout on the browser and then scroll down to pick just Google Photos. After that, move on to the next step.
  • Now, choose the file format for the exported data. Then, choose the export frequency and relevant destination. Next, click the create export tab from the lower-right corner.
  • After some time, you will get an email with a link to download the files. The waiting time for email varies from seconds to days based on the file size.
  • After downloading the data from Google Photos, you can drag and drop the data to your local drive.

Method 3: Use Professional Method to Transfer Google Photos to External Hard Drive

If you face issues with the above method, then you can try this method. These methods can easily overcome all the drawbacks of the above both methods. The Cigati Gmail Backup Tool is best to save Google photos to external hard drive. It is the most secure and reliable tool to move Google photos to external hard drive. This tool comes with a simple and easy interface. Using this tool does not require technical skills. Also, this tool has many advanced features that users can use as per their requirements and you have an option to backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive with this write-up.

  • Gmail Backup tool can export Google photos and Save Gmail Email As PDF, calendars, contacts, Notes, etc.
  • You can take backup of your files into multiple formats like CSV, TXT, PNG, DOC, JPG, GIF, and many more file formats.
  • This advanced tool transfers Gmail emails to Zoho Mail, HostGator, IMAP, AOL, etc.
  • Allows backup emails without attachments and a date Range filter that helps users backup the selected dates emails.
  • This tool is more compatible with Windows 11 and all the below versions.


Google photo backup is very crucial for everyone. There are some ways to transfer Google photos to external hard drive. You try the manual method that has some drawbacks and a higher risk. To safe and secure backup of Google photos, you should try the professional method that works on the latest technology.

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