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Where Do Archived Emails Go in Gmail – A Comprehensive Guide

E-mail inboxes can quickly become overwhelmed because of the volume of messages that arrive each day. An archived e-mail is a message stored in a separate location. It is away from our primary inbox. Then the point is, Where do archived emails go in Gmail? Under the [All Mails] label in Gmail, we can find the archived emails. We also use Gmail filters to find specific archived emails.

 In Gmail, archived emails are messages the recipient has marked to move into the service’s archive folder. Archived emails remain in secure folders where we can save them indefinitely. Once we archive our emails, they move under the “All Mail” label on the Gmail server for future retrieval. Instead of that, only non-archived incoming emails are in Gmail Inbox.

Where Do Archived Emails Go In Gmail?

These are the following steps to find where do archives go in Gmail.

  • First, Open a web browser and visit the Gmail web page.
  • Then, enter the Username and Password on the allocated text fields. 
  • Now click the “Sign In” button to log in to your Google Mail account.
  • After logging in, the mail inbox will appear. It shows all the messages inside.
  • Firstly, find the email you want to archive and put a checkmark on the box on the left-hand side.
  • The user can also archive several emails at the same time.
  • We can put a checkmark on the boxes of all the email messages you want to archive.
  • After you’ve selected all the messages you’d like to put into the archive.
  • Click the second icon from the left at the top of the inbox list (the black box icon with a down arrow); this is the “Archive” button.
  • All the messages which are selected will now be archived.

Use the Gmail Filter to Find Specific Archived Emails

After reading the previous section, We already know that we can go to the Mail label and find our archived emails there, But what if you want to find a specific email from someone who archived?

You can use the “in all” filter, which will show you all the emails, including archived ones. You can also add more points of reference to this filter to find specific archived emails.

For example, If I want to find an archived email that was sent to me from Microsoft and had an attachment, I can use a filter like:

[in, all has: attachment]

It will show us all such emails.

How to Retrieve Archived E-Mails in Gmail?

These are the following steps to learn how to retrieve archived e-mails in Gmail:

1. Firstly, Access Your Gmail Account

The first step is to access the Gmail account. You can log into your e-mail account using a web browser on a computer through the Gmail application. To access the Gmail account, identify your Gmail e-mail address and password. Enter this information to access your e-mails. When you log in, find the e-mail label menu on the left side of the screen.

2. Locate the “All Mail” Folder in the Gmail Dashboard

When you log into your Gmail account, locate the “All Mail” folder on the dashboard. If you are using a desktop browser, you can typically find the “All Mail” folder on the left-hand side of the dashboard. If the folder is not immediately visible, click the “More” button near the bottom of the menu to show more options. Once you find the “All Mail” folder, click the button to view all e-mails, including those you have archived or moved to the trash bin.

3. Search in “All Mail” For Archived E-mail

Normally, to access archived e-mails, you can often use Gmail’s search box to locate a specific message. The search function can speed up your time looking for an e-mail. Type in the sender’s e-mail address and hit “Enter.”Otherwise, you can expand your search to look for other criteria by clicking the arrow to the right of the search field. 

For example, these options allow us to search by:

  • In a message, the name of a file attachment
  • Date of transmission or receipt
  • The message’s keywords
  • The file’s size
  • Subject heading
  • A recipient

4. Expand Your Search

When you are not sure about the specific details, you can use the search option to input several words that you know appear in the message. Then Gmail shows you all messages that contain the search words. Start with as few words as possible and step by step the results by adding more words. This method is beneficial if we can’t remember many more details.

5. Retrieve the Archived E-mail And Place It in Your Inbox

When we  locate the archived e-mail, we can remove it from the archives by clicking the button at the top of the dashboard titled “Move to Inbox.”Doing this so moves the e-mail automatically into your primary inbox.

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Gmail gives us a few options to keep our inboxes organized. The “Archive” feature is one of them. We can use it to clean out an overloaded inbox without taking the risk of deleting important messages. Google will keep our archived emails indefinitely. And we can retrieve those emails in a few clicks at any given time. After reading the whole text, now we know it does eat up the space. To better manage our emails, we can archive our emails. Moreover, we have also learned about where do archived emails go in Gmail.

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