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How to Watch Apple TV On Your iPhone With/Without An Apple TV Plus Subscription?

Apple has always been the best regarding technologies, innovations, and creativity in the market. When it comes to the OTT platform, how can Apple not bring this experience to its users? Apple has come up with Apple TV Plus. There is no doubt that the iPhone creates an exceptional little television. It gives a free trial as well as a user can take an Apple TV Plus subscription.  Now, it’s certain that it will pair perfectly to deliver the best media experiences. 

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers exclusive shows and movies created by Apple. These include award-winning series, exciting dramas, documentaries that break new ground, kids’ shows, comedies, and more. They keep adding new exclusive content every month.

Now in this blog, we will be discussing how someone can watch Apple TV on their iPhone with as well as without an Apple TV Plus subscription. Firstly we will understand, the way to watch Apple TV with an Apple TV subscription.

Approaches to Watch Apple TV on Your iPhone

To watch Apple TV Plus on your phone, start by getting the Apple TV Plus app from the App Store.

To find the show or movie you desire to watch on Apple TV, you can explore various options. Begin by scrolling through the recommendations provided by Apple on the app’s home screen, where you might discover interesting and curated selections.

 Alternatively, you can navigate through specific categories like “MOVIES,” “TV SHOWS,” or “SPORTS” by using the dedicated buttons located at the top of the app interface. If you have a particular title in mind, you can also employ the search tool conveniently positioned at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This versatile approach allows you to effortlessly locate and enjoy the content of your choice, ensuring a seamless and personalized viewing experience.

After you have identified the content you wish to watch on your iPhone, proceed by tapping on it. Following this action, you will encounter prompts based on the nature of the selected content. You might be prompted to initiate an Apple TV+ trial, allowing you to explore and enjoy exclusive content.

 On the one hand, you may receive instructions to download the app required for viewing the selected content seamlessly. This process ensures that you can access a variety of entertainment options designed to your preferences, whether through a trial period or by installing the dedicated app for an enhanced viewing experience. After your initial Apple TV Plus trial, you need to take an Apple TV Plus subscription. 

The Apple TV cost varies from one nation to another. You can check this by visiting Apple TV Plus Support. Apple TV provides different kinds of subscriptions such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. A user can choose this as per his needs. Apple TV subscription cost will also depend on your choice.

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Approach to Watch Apple TV Without an Apple TV Plus Subscription

The Apple TV hardware and streaming devices function autonomously, separate from the optional Apple TV+ subscription-based streaming service. Like Fire TV and Roku devices, numerous apps are readily accessible, and their usage may or may not be contingent on individual subscription services. This setup allows users to leverage the standalone capabilities of Apple TV hardware while also having the flexibility to explore additional content through subscription-based services like Apple TV+. Much like its counterparts, Apple TV provides a diverse range of freely available apps, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience based on their preferences and subscription choices.

The Verdict

Apple TV Plus gives you an extraordinary OTT experience. It creates content for every age bracket. You can enjoy it with an Apple TV subscription for a better experience. If, you don’t want to take the Apple TV Plus subscription you can use the above-given approach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch Apple TV+?

Access Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app on your preferred Apple devices. Open the app, select Apple TV+, and start to enjoy shows and movies. Additionally, you can watch Apple TV+ on various streaming platforms, popular smart TVs, and AirPlay-enabled TVs using the Apple TV app. Alternatively, you can stream online at Apple TV+.

Can I watch Apple TV+ for free?

You can watch Apple TV+ for free as it gives a 7-day free trial. On the other hand, You can stream this with different portals such as Fire TV and Roku devices without an Apple TV Plus Subscription. 

Where can I watch Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV+ is a distinctive app for streaming movies, web series, and much more video content. You can stream this on your iPhone or any other Apple device i.e., Macbook, iPad, etc. Moreover, you can also watch it on many smart TVs, Game consoles, etc.

Can I share my  Apple TV Plus Subscription with my family and friends?

Of course, you can share this with five people. It allows you to watch 5 different screens at the same time.

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