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How to Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Gmail?

Synopsis: This article might be helpful to instruct you on how to migrate emails from Yahoo to Gmail account. You can transfer from yahoo to Gmail including attachments and contacts too.

The migration can be done only between the interconnected network between systems, not possible with other gadgets like mobiles tablets, etc. We all know there was a time when Yahoo has been through the biggest breach, around 3 billion yahoo accounts get hacked.

There are many more reasons behind the downfall of the Yahoo mail cloud server. After all these mishappenings Yahoo users now want to switch their mail cloud to some other reliable one and no doubt Gmail is spreading widely among all. Several Limitations with the yahoo mail cloud server like grouped emails, eviction of the safe button while composing an email formulating users to import yahoo email into Gmail.

Gmail has better features that make it succeeding most of the attention in the era of email clients. Gmail is the fastest growing email client providing their user best of it like google drive facility, G Suite migration facility, Google DOC and other add ons. Also, learn to transfer Yahoo Mail to MBOX file format securely.

Also, you will be able to migrate from Yahoo to Gmail maintaining data integrity.

Reason to Transfer Emails From Yahoo to Gmail

Gmail provides a diverse range of features that makes users change their Webmail services. So, let’s discuss some of the reasons to switch from Yahoo to Gmail :

  • Google provides a wide range of features like Snooze message, Scheduled Emails, Clickable attachments, Confidential Mode, Smart Reply, and many more that tempt the user to use the Google email services.
  • Gmail provides better email sorting options to their users based on Social, Update, and Promotions.
  • Yahoo didn’t provide an easy way to backup, which is important.
  • Gmail provides fast searching with Advanced Search Algorithms.

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Techniques To Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Gmail

Method 1. Export Contacts From Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Follow the steps to transfer Yahoo mail folders to Gmail migration successfully.

Step 1: Begin your Gmail account and go to settings.

Step2: click on the Account and Import tab on the setting page.

Step 3: Next, click “Import mail and contacts”.

Step 4: A pop-up will come up, type your yahoo email id and click next. Then confirm shuttle cloud migration by clicking on Agree.

Step5: Now you have to choose multiple items to import data like contacts, emails, etc. click to start to switch from Yahoo to Gmail.

Step 6: The importing process will start as soon as you click on “Start Import”.the process might belong as per the size of mailbox data.

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Method 2. Professional Approach to Migrate Emails from Yahoo to Gmail

Can’t find the above method helping out then the only solution is to go with a professional tool. You can refer to the Cigati Yahoo Backup Tool. This tool helps you to export your complete mailbox emails with attachments and contacts without any data omission. This tool migrates Yahoo Mailbox items including all the attachments to different like Gmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, AOL, etc. email clients.

Summing Up

I Hope, this write-up will be worth to migrate Emails from Yahoo to Gmail account, as I have mentioned all the possible suggestions whether it is manual or a professional tool. You may choose what you think is worth it to migrate Yahoo to Gmail in a secure way. As far as the expert method is best, you will not have any special professional knowledge here and you will easily give results. Additionally, you can follow the informative write-up to save Yahoo emails to external hard drive.

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