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How to Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2007, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

Yahoo! is a very popular web-based email application. Quite often, users want to know how to configure Yahoo mail in Outlook. But the first question that arises in your mind is what is the need to do it? In today’s fast-paced world time constraint always keeps us on our toes. We use multiple accounts to stay connected with family, friends, and our work alike. These accounts may be on the same or on different email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Many popular web-based Email clients have given users the freedom to select email services to suit their needs. Let us examine why you need multiple accounts.

Why Do Users need to Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook?

Each email provider has different advantages and disadvantages. One of the major requirements of the users is to login into one place to have access to their multiple email accounts. You can log in for five different email accounts with Microsoft Outlook, at the same time. This feature of Outlook makes it an attractive option in the eyes of an end-user. So, this gives Yahoo users a major reason to set up a Yahoo account in Outlook. This feature gives you instant access to all your yahoo mails on Outlook.

Let us now begin with the manual methods to get access to yahoo on Outlook.

Manual Methods to Set Up Yahoo Email on Microsoft Outlook:

Before starting these manual methods to configure Yahoo mail in Outlook. Firstly, check out for two-step verification by the methods mentioned below.

  • sync your Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 with IMAP

Note- if two-step verification is enabled then proceed with these steps to create App Password before proceeding.

  1. Initiate Yahoo mail.
  2. Navigate to Account Security in Accounts Settings
  3. Pick Generate App Password with get access.
  4. Create a new password which you will use to set up Yahoo mail in Outlook.

Note- If two-step verification is not enabled then do these steps.

  1.  In yahoo mail, go to the Account Info.
  2. Find the Account Security to turn on the Allow apps that use the less secure sign in option.

Main steps on how to configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook

1.   Start off with the Outlook application on your machine.

2.   Hover on the File menu.

3.   Add Account under Info tab.

4.   Pick manual set up or additional server types with Next.

5.   Submit with POP or IMAP and Next.

6.   Enter your details

  • You Name and Email Address (@yahoo)
  • Type the Account type- IMAP
  • Enter the Incoming mail server:
  • Enter the Outgoing mail server:
  • Yahoo account username and password
  • Don’t forget to check mark (SPA) – login using secure password authentication.

7.   Move on with the More Settings.

  • You need to change your Outgoing server. Click on its tab.
  • Pick the Use Same Incoming Mail Server Settings
  • Before you click OK, do not forget to check mark the My SMTP Requires Authentication.

8.   Hover over the Advanced tab and set the exact values as:

  • POP3 server: 993       Encryption: SSL
  • SMTP server: 465      Encryption: SSL

9.   Proceed with OK then Next and Finish this method.

10. Restart your Outlook for the effects to take place.

You have successfully added your Yahoo account to Outlook with the final step.  Now, your emails can be quickly accessed and managed in the simplest way. Want to save precious time then try out an easy alternative method to configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook mentioned below. 

Alternate method

The manual methods require you to follow specific steps with precision and patience. Firstly, these methods can be quite time-consuming in a fast-paced work environment. Also, they do not guarantee you your full data conversion without any problems. Still, if you want a guaranteed safe precise method then quickly opt for Yahoo Backup Software. The benefits of the Yahoo backup tool are many like one can also transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, AOL, etc.


To sum it up, we have already shared how Outlook has given you an option to easily access your Yahoo account. You will find in this blog all the easy manual methods on how to configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook. For a quick and reliable method click on the best possible Yahoo backup alternative. You can find here the way to transfer Yahoo Mail to MBOX file, and PDF, PST, HTML, MHT, DOC, etc.

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