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Quick Solutions to Convert MSG to PST File In Bulk

Summary: In the current time, most business professionals use Outlook for official work, and is a favorable application worldwide. Outlook has multiple features that support users with their data security.

Outlook saves files in two forms of extensions: .msg and .pst. Although both MSG and PST are supported by Outlook, there are major differences between them. But MSG files are not preferable to PST files.  If you are looking for a solution to convert MSG to PST Files in bulk then you are at the right place! But before we deal with this issue let us first take a look at both MSG and PST file formats.

What are MSG Files?

MSG file format contains a single email message. This file will have the sender, receiver, body, massage, and even attachments if any. In order to read your MSG file, you need to Import it with the Outlook application. This step will need to be repeated each time when you want to convert MSG to PST file free.

What are PST files?

Outlook’s PST file format is like a complete database in itself. It contains all information like email address, calendar, notes, attachments, and tasks to name a few. These features make PST a more attractive option available to the user.

So, these advantages make more and more users import MSG file into Outlook for data readability and accessibility solutions provided by PST files. Before we share with you an easy alternate solution, let us go through the manual steps required to do so.

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Best Strategies to Convert MSG to PST File In Bulk

We are going to share with you two free methods to help you to convert MSG files to Outlook.

Method 1: With the Use of Drag and drop Method

1.  Start with the launch of Microsoft Outlook.
2.  Create a new folder where you want to save your files for example you can create a folder under the Inbox heading.
3.  Choose the Rename option to give a name to your new folder.
4.  Now, select the MSG files and drag and drop them into your new folder.

Now, you have successfully converted MSG files to PST files. These steps can be easily implemented with single file conversions. But the process can be tiring when you have to deal with multiple files.

Method 2: With the Use of Copy and Paste Method

1.  Select the location of your MSG files. Select the file with the tick of your cursor
2.  Right-click there. You will see and select the copy option.
3.  Open up Outlook and with the right click simply paste your files in the folder.

Note: Before going for step 3, create a folder in Outlook where you will save your MSG files.

These steps easily migrate multiple MSG files to PST file format.

Usually, manual methods may cause some data loss while converting files. We recommend a professional solution to convert MSG files to PST as given below.

Method 3: Flawless Alternative to Convert MSG to PST File Online Without Outlook

The above manual methods are a scientific approach to convert multiple MSG files to PST. These steps ensure that your data is converted but without the surety of data loss. If you want a more secure and easy alternative then try out the Cigati MSG Converter freeware. It comes with an easy graphical user interface to help non-technical users in the same way as technical users. With the use of this freeware, you can easily convert up to 50 email items in an instant. Try out its free version online.

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Final Points

We showed you here all the available steps to manually convert MSG to PST file format. But manual conversion comes with certain problems like during conversions many times some data files may be lost. A more quick and feasible solution is to use the freeware MSG to PST converter given here. Hope you find this article useful in providing you with easy solutions.

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