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Two Best Methods to Convert PST to MSG File format


  • Published on:  December 3rd, 2021
  • Updated on:  December 21, 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss every possible way to convert PST to MSG file format. PST is the Outlook data file that contains all the emails, notes, contacts, calendar, etc., of Outlook. The extension of the PST file is .pst. 


MSG files are also Outlook data files that contain a single email message in one MSG file. It includes email messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, etc.,

Generally, MSG files are small in size due to limited content. Both PST and MSG email files are connected with Microsoft Outlook but both of them have different advantages. Nowadays, lots of users are struggling with PST files. To overcome this problem, they need to convert PST to MSG files. Before starting the solution, you need to know the reasons to export files from PST to MSG files.

Most Probable Reasons to Export PST to MSG File Format

There are some main reasons for the migration of PST files into MSG file format.

1. Easy Data Access – MSG files make it easier for the user to access MS Outlook’s data.

2. Low Chances of Data Corruption – MSG files are more secure in comparison to PST files. PST files have a high chance of damage.

3. Extract Emails for Forensic Purpose – Another benefit of PST file to MSG conversion is that it can be used for email forensic purposes as it maintains complete data integrity.

In the above section, we have discussed all the possible reasons to migrate PST to MSG files. Now, we will go through the methods to export files from PST to MSG files.

Suitable Methods to Convert PST to MSG File format 

Method 1. Manual Method to Export MSG Files to PST File Format

In this portion, we will explain to you how the manual method works and how much better results you can get with this method. For a better understanding of the method, you need to follow the below-listed steps in a proper sequence.

  1. Generate a New Folder on your desktop.
  2. Then, open Outlook and select the desired email message.
  3. Choose the email that you want to convert and move the email into the newly created folder on the desktop.
  4. Now, repeat the third step again and again until you have shifted the required messages in the particular field.
  5. When you complete the process, then right-click on the folder and send it to the compressed (zipped) folder.
  6. Here, create a new mail and share the zipped folder as an attachment.

This is the manual way to convert PST to MSG files. It is a very standard approach and you can face some drawbacks with this process. 

Limitations of the Traditional Approach

Different users face different limitations while undertaking the manual process. The most common restrictions are listed below.

  • This method is highly time-consuming.
  • There is a requirement of high-speed data connection.
  • We can’t implement the process on bulk emails at a time.
  • Novice users cannot execute this process because technical knowledge is required.

These are some drawbacks of the traditional method. Now, the question that arises is how we can overcome all the drawbacks? You can overcome these limitations using an alternate method.

Method 2. Professional Solution to Migrate PST to MSG File Format

If the manual process is not working smoothly and you want to convert PST to MSG file format in a short period of time. Then, you can go for a professional tool, i.e., Cigati PST Converter tool. It is the most reliable and secure PST to MSG Converter free tool. It is very easy to save emails from Outlook as MSG with dates range. This tool provides advanced features to the users and you can migrate PST to MSG files in bulk with the attachments. 

Exclusive Features of PST to MSG Converter tool

It provides many options to the users that can be utilized as per the requirement. Hence, a professional solution is one of the best ways to convert PST to MSG files. 

  • It converts files from PST to the MSG and various other file formats like MBOX, EMLX, PDF, DOCX, etc.
  • You can select multiple PST files at once in the tool.
  • It allows users to import PST to Gmail and also multiple email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, IMAP, etc.
  • Users can keep the same hierarchy as the original folder even after conversion.
  • You can migrate or Backup Emails without Attachment files.
  • Provides an option to remove the same emails from the PST conversion process.
  • It allows users to apply mail filters and task filters according to their requirements. 


In the above sections, we have discussed all the aspects to convert PST to MSG file format. The traditional way is a little bit complicated and also they have some drawbacks that are not good for user experience. Moreover, if you use the professional way to export the file from PST format to MSG, then you can overcome all drawbacks of the manual method.