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How to Convert PST File to MSG in Easy Steps

Suppose a user has a PST file containing larger data such as emails, attachments, and more. However, He needs some of the emails for sharing it out of Microsoft Outlook. Here come MSG files as a savior. Because MSG files can be easily shared and managed. In this post, we will be cognizant of the various methods to convert PST to MSG. Here, we will discuss a complex manual method and an efficient Cigati PST converter Tool. But, before that, we must understand the PST and MSG files. 

Understanding MSG and PST Files:

MSG Files: MSG files ( .msg extension) store individual Outlook emails, including text, sender/recipient info, attachments, and links. They can only be opened with Outlook or compatible software.

PST Files: PST files (Personal Storage Tables) store your Outlook mailbox data, including emails, folders, and more. They’re useful for archiving emails, organizing them by year, or sharing batches. You can have multiple PSTs open alongside your main inbox and store them locally or in the cloud. While PST metadata might change when moved, the email data itself remains intact.

PST vs MSG File Format

FeaturePST MSG
File PurposeStores entire mailbox data (emails, contacts, calendars)Stores individual email message
StructureThe complex contains a folder hierarchy and various item typesSimple, containing a single email with attachments and headers
Use CaseBackup, archive, and transfer large amounts of Outlook dataShare specific emails, import into other programs
Supported ByPrimarily Microsoft OutlookMost email clients and programs
File SizeCan become very large depending on the data volumeTypically smaller due to containing only one email
Conversion Requires drag-and-drop in Outlook or conversion tools for bulk operationsAutomatically converted by Outlook when dragged out of the mailbox

After knowing the basic differences between MSG and PST files, we will have a walk of the possible ways to perform so.

Top 02 Techniques to Convert PST File to MSG:

This section will give a user two techniques for conversion into MSG with all the attachments and other details. The first method to convert PST to MSG is more technical and requires a good hand in technology. On the other hand, the final approach is an automatic tool that is professionally approved and easy to perform.

Technique 01: Manual Way of PST to MSG conversion with Outlook:

While Microsoft Outlook doesn’t offer a direct export function for converting PST files to MSG format. You can convert PST to MSG with the help of a third-party tool.

  • Firstly, Open Outlook >> Go to Inbox >> Select an email, drag it from the Outlook app, and then drop the file into an Explorer folder or the desktop.
  • You must follow the same process for other emails.
  • Now, you can zip the files using any third-party tool. If already saved, move all the MSG files to a folder and zip them.
  • Then, compose a new mail and send the MSG zipped folder as an attachment.
  • Moreover, you need to make sure to change the entire PST file into MSG format. Only the selected emails of the parent PST files are converted into MSG format.

This drag-and-drop method in Outlook is great for converting a few emails. Yet, it is not ideal for large batches. It can get tedious, and finding specific emails can be a hassle. If you have a lot of emails to convert, a PST to MSG converter tool might be a better option for faster and easier conversion.

Technique 02: Professional way to Convert PST to MSG

Manual methods might not always be feasible for converting PST files, especially for large batches of emails. In such cases, the Cigati PST Converter tool becomes the best option to convert PST to MSG. This software not only converts PST files to MSG format while preserving attachments. But it also converts PST to VCF as well as other formats like PDF, EML, and EMLX. Moreover, it also allows users to apply Mail filters and Task filters in the process of PST conversion. Here we are mentioning the steps: Equipped with Mail Filter and Task Filter features to undertake the desired conversion of PST files.

Step vise Instructions to convert PST to MSG:

  • Download and Open PST Converter software.
  • Then, tap on Select Files to Browse the PST files.
  • Now, Preview the email and press the Next button.
  • After that, select the saving output as MSG from the drop-down list.
  • Now, Opt for the built-in software features and the saving path.
  • Afterward, press the convert to start PST to MSG conversion.

At last, You will get your PST to MSG file once the process is successfully done.

Final Sentences:

In conclusion, you have two effective methods for converting PST files to MSG format. The manual drag-and-drop within Outlook for smaller tasks. On the other hand, the professional way to convert PST to MSG is for larger batches or more complex needs. Whichever method you choose, this guide should equip you to tackle the conversion with ease.

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