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How to Split Large PST File into Smaller Parts Manually?

Emails are the fastest way to keep connections between users. As more and more users are connected with the emails, the PST files also get increased in numbers. Expansion of Internet users has also increased threats in the forms of various malware, virus, server crashes, and whatnot. Now the question arises on how to keep these PST data files safe from the threats. One simple way is to split large PST file into smaller parts that are manageable by your system. This article talks about various ways how to split PST files in Outlook.

But before we share those methods, let us talk about the problems faced with large PST files.

What is PST File

PST file contains all the information like mail sender, recipient address, body, content as well as any task, calendar or attachments if attached.

A large number of PST files cause several problems that’s why a user wants to split large PST file into smaller parts. Some of the points are discussed below:

  • Since each day Outlook stores, your send/received emails, it increases the file numbers. Increased numbers of PST files can eventually slow down your system speed.
  • Space constraint due to a lot of PST files. You need to move your PST files to free up space for new mails.
  • A great number of files may even cause data corruption.
  • The PST file having a large amount of data acts abnormally and becomes inaccessible.

These limitations can halt your day-to-day email activity. If you are the user who wants to seek a method on how to split large PST file into smaller Parts then read on its solutions mentioned below.

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Method 1: Try to Reduce file size with Import/Export  

  1. Open up the Outlook application.
  2. Press on the File tab.
  3. Begin with Account Settings and submit on Account Settings where it allows you to change/remove accounts and even the existing connections.
  4. Go for Data Files and follow with an Add button.
  5. Give your PST file a name in the file name and Ok it.
  6. Open up Import/Export option under Import & Export.
  7. Choose an action as Export to a file.
  8. Create the Outlook Data File (.PST) with Next.
  9. Include subfolders with the folder you want to save and move next.
  10. Do not export duplicate items and browse your PST file location folder and Finish.

Your PST file is created now and you can locally save files on your personal computer to free up space by deleting the files from the Outlook application. Here your process to split PST file into smaller parts is completed.

Method 2: Take the help of Move to technique

  1. Begin with MS Outlook 2010.
  2. Switch to the File tab.
  3. Tick on new->>Outlook data file.
  4. Pick the PST file and then Ok
  5. Type the name for the new PST file and Ok
  6. It allows you to select one or more folders to this PST file.
  7. In the Edit menu press move to folder option.
  8. In the new window that appears submit with a new button.
  9. Give a name to your new folder.
  10. In selecting where to place options, tick the new PST file.
  11. Proceed with the Edit menu and Move to folder options.
  12. Submit the New button in Move items.
  13. Type a name to create your new folder.
  14. Submit the new PST file as the place to save your folder with an ok.
  15. Move Items from the new PST file in the above-created folder.
  16. Hit on the OK the process to split large PST file into smaller parts.

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Method 3: With the Help of Archive Wizard

We will tell you how you can use Archive Wizard with the following steps.

  1. Initiate MS Outlook.
  2. Under files search for Info.
  3. Tick on tools and clean up old items.
  4. Use the option of archiving this folder and all subfolders to choose the folder containing your data. You can even change the date of the archive, accordingly.
  5. Browse the file to contain Archive data and finish with Ok.

The archive option helps you to save old data and files with these steps and helps to split large PST file into smaller parts. But as you can see above, these processes require technical know-how. Now, if you are looking for the fastest alternative then go on with this article.

Method 4: Alternative Way to Split Large PST File into Smaller Parts

We have already discussed how to split PST files into smaller files in the above-mentioned ways. Not only are the manual methods long and time-consuming, but they also do not guarantee you 100% data security. Most of the time data get corrupted or loss of data is also seen. If you are seeking a smart alternate then do try out the PST Splitter Tool. It creates space for new PST files by splitting the PST files into smaller parts. Do try it here.

Final Thoughts

This article is written for all users to help them with manual procedures about how to split large PST file into smaller parts. These manual procedures come with a considerable number of steps, which can be quite problematic to follow for an everyday user. A smart alternate way is to use the split PST demo. I hope, you find the methods mentioned here useful as per your suitable requirements. Also, if you are looking for a solution to combine PST files then you can read this blog to get complete information.

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