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Trusted Ways to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail

Summary: Are you also looking for ways to migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail? Then this write-up is for you. In this article, you’ll get the best ways to transfer GoDaddy email to Zoho Mail with a manual and a professional Cigati GoDaddy Email Backup tool. First, we will start the procedure with a manual approach.

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Zoho Mail stands out for its advanced features, affordability, and robust security measures. On the other hand, GoDaddy Email offers a simpler solution with basic features, making it a viable choice for individuals or smaller businesses looking for straightforward email services. 

Manual Ways to Shift GoDaddy Emails to Zoho Mails  

Below, we will discuss a few manual ways for this migration.

Method 1: Transfer GoDaddy Mailbox to Zoho via POP/IMAP

There are several phases to this process. Users need to execute each stage sequentially. 

Note: Before beginning this manual process, you should create a backup of your necessary data.

Stage 1: Configure IMAP Migration

  • Sign in to Zoho Mail Admin Console and choose the Migration option from the list.
  • Download the Exchange Migration Wizard, and select Data Migration present in the left corner.
  • Click on the Start Migration button under Migration.
  • Enter the Server name for the configuration. 
  • In the new wizard, select the Saved Server Details from the drop-down menu. Choose IMAP.
  • Choose the Source Server Type and enter the source server address.
  • Enter SSL Port Number 993 under security. Click Add.

Once your IMAP migration is configured, manage the POP/IMAP settings and move further to migrate emails from GoDaddy to Zoho Mail.

Stage 2: Manage IMAP & POP Settings 

Following are the steps listed below to complete this stage.

  • Select the name for the setting.
  • Choose the Folders option: either the All Folders or Specify Folders options.
    • If you select, All Folders, enter the names of the Folders under double quotes. For instance, “Folder Name.”
    • If you select all Subfolders under the Parent folder, use “Folder Name/*.”
    • If you choose Specific Folder, specify the folder under the Include Folder List. In this list, enter the name of the folder under double quotes “Folder Name” and the subfolder under “Folder Name/*.”
  • Check the Emails to Migrate box, and decide if you want all emails or emails received after a specific date.
  • In the Enable POP access box. Select Yes if you wish your users can view the migrated emails of POP configured in other email clients. Else, select No.
  • Manage the below Customizations boxes under the Other Preference section in accordance.
    • Exclude Inbox Mails (if you have more than one label)
    • Mark Important as Tag
    • Mark Starred as Tag
  • ​At last, click on the Create button.

Note: By following the above instructions, your settings will be saved on the Saved Settings page, where you can access them from the drop-down menu in the future.

After managing the IMAP & POP Settings, execute the next stage of creating Migration from GoDaddy to Zoho Mail.

Stage 3: Create a New Migration

It is a crucial stage in the GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail Migration process. In this stage, you can enter the Maximum Connection Limit. It means, that whatever the number of connections you entered in the migration process, it will start the migration process of all the connections simultaneously. For instance, if you enter the numbers of the connection limit, all four connections start simultaneously. 

Doing this will pace the migration process. This time migration process moves parallels between the servers. In addition, you can also pause the migration process in the meantime. At last, create the Create button. After creating the migration, add the users and migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail.

Stage 4: Add Users Details for IMAP Migration

We’ve different methods for adding single or multiple users. Below is the explanation of each procedure in detail.

Add Single or Multiple Users
  • Select the source and destination of the user account details.
  • Click on the Add button and enter account details manually.
  • Enter the source username and password of the user. Choose the Zoho account email address of this user. 
  • By the above steps, you can prioritize the migration of any user over the other users.
  • At last, click on the Add button.

You can repeat the above steps to add multiple users. But if you want to avoid these steps to add multiple users, you can create a CSV file of these users and add it once.

Add CSV Files of Users to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail
  • Select the migrations you wish to add and enter their source and destination of user account details.
  • Click on the import button to add the CSV file of the users. You can find the CSV format in the sample file attachment. 
  • Click the Browse button to add the CSV file you wish to import.
  • Once your file adds you can preview the details of users added to the CSV file. In addition, you can check whether all the users you wish to import will have their details present in that CSV file or not.

Once you’ve accomplished all the stages and added users, Start the migration process of GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail

Stage 5: Start the Migration Process

  • After adding the users, click on the Start Migration button. 
  • You can view the statistics and progress regarding migration in the below section.
  • Detailed reports with the folder information will be available under mail migration.
  • Once you’ve checked the whole details of the user information, click on the Start Migration button. And it will start transferring GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail

Following the above stages, you can GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail Migration. If you think the above method is not useful for you. You can accomplish this task via Outlook. So, in the next section, we will Send GoDaddy emails to Zoho mail via the MS Outlook application.

Method 2: Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail With Outlook 

In this method, you must configure GoDaddy and Zoho Mail accounts in desktop-based Outlook applications and then use a drag-and-drop approach. To complete this task, users need to take two stages.

Stage 1:  Configure Zoho and GoDaddy Emails 

  • Open the Outlook application and move to the File button.
  • In the new wizard, click on the Add Account button. 
  • Enter the Godaddy email account and click on the Connect button.
  • In the next panel, choose POP or IMAP.
  • Enter the Server and Port number under Incoming mail.
Server NameServer PortPort Number
Incoming Server (IMAP)imap.secureserver.net993
Outgoing Server (POP)pop.secureserver.net995
  • Select SSL/TLS if you are using IMAP for the Encryption Method.
    • In the case of POP, check the box for SSL/TLS
  • For the Outgoing mail, enter the below Server and Port number.
    • Server:
    • Port: 465
    • Choose SSL/TLS for the Encryption method.
  • Click on Next.
  • Enter your Password and hit the Connect button.

After performing the above-stated steps, you can add a GoDaddy account in Outlook. Similarly, you can configure Zoho mail in Outlook. Only you need to change the IMAP and POP settings.

IMAP and POP Setting in Zoho Account 
Server NameServer PortPort Number
Incoming Server (IMAP)                993
Outgoing Server (POP)               995
Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP)              465

Once you configured both accounts, drag emails from your GoDaddy account and drop them into your Zoho account.

The above methods can help you to migrate GoDaddy email to Zoho Mail manually. However, these methods are very lengthy and technical. In addition, you should be technically skilled in executing these methods. Otherwise, you may lose your data. To make your migration task easier. You can use an automated GoDaddy email backup tool.

Method 3: Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail in No Time

The Cigati GoDaddy Email backup tool is a full-featured utility that can transfer GoDaddy mailbox to Zoho Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hostgator, and others. In addition, you can save your mailbox to several file formats. The best part of the utility is you should not possess the technical know-how to transfer GoDaddy mailbox to others. Moreover, users can effortlessly migrate from Godaddy to Google Workspace without data loss. Below are the steps to accomplish the migration process.

Steps to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail

  • Download and install the Cigati GoDaddy Email Backup Tool.
  • Enter the GoDaddy credentials and tap the Sign-in button.
  • Select the files or folders you wish to migrate.
  • Choose the saving format as Zoho mail.
  • Enter the Zoho credentials.
  • Manage the tool’s features as per requirement.
  • At last, click on the Convert button.

The above steps will transfer GoDaddy Mailbox and its attachments to Zoho Mails.

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The above write-up will offer you the best ways to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail with manual and professional techniques. On the other hand, the manual methods are very technical and hard to execute. On the contrary, a professional tool is loaded with advanced features and can back up GoDaddy emails to several file formats and email clients.

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