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How to Convert CDR TO PNG Files in 5 Steps? 

Are you struggling to work with CDR files and need them in a more versatile format like PNG? Converting CDR to PNG can be a valuable solution, opening up a world of possibilities for your digital design projects. In this article, we will learn how to convert CDR to PNG files. Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or simply someone looking to make CDR files more accessible, this guide will provide you with the essential knowledge to accomplish this task efficiently using the Cigati CDR Converter.

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Before we dive into the conversion process, it is necessary to understand CDR and PNG files. A CDR file is a vector drawing image file created with CorelDRAW for storing digital images encoded and compressed. Such a drawing file contains lines, text, shapes, colors, images, and effects for vector representation of image contents. On the other hand, a PNG file is a type of raster image. It’s a famous file type with web designers because it can handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds. 

Why to Choose Over PNG Files Over CDR? 

  • Versatile and Flexible: Transparent PNG files provide flexibility in design and can be effortlessly integrated into several backgrounds or layouts. They allow you to create complex compositions by overlaying images on top of each other or combining them with other graphical elements seamlessly.
  • Professional and Polished Look: Transparent backgrounds can enhance the overall visual appeal of an image or design. 
  • Compatibility: Web browsers, image editing software, and other graphic design applications widely support transparent PNG files. They can be easily shared, uploaded, and used in various digital contexts, including websites, social media, and presentations.
  • Blend with Different Backgrounds: As transparent PNG files do not have a solid background color, they can seamlessly blend into different background colors or patterns. It makes them useful for creating logos, icons, watermarks, or any other graphics that should be placed on various backgrounds.
  • Easy Editing: With a transparent background, it is easier to edit or modify the image later on without worrying about removing unwanted backgrounds. It allows for flexibility in making changes or adjustments to the image accordingly.

2 Ways to Convert CDR TO PNG

In this section, we will guide you to convert CorelDraw to a PNG file manually and in automated ways. 

Export CorelDraw CDR File to PNG Manually

Firstly, let’s try converting CDR to PNG format manually through these easy steps: 

  • Open a file in Corel Draw that you wish to convert into PNG format.
  • Select all items on the clipboard or press ctrl +A on the keyboard.
  • Click on export from the file menu or press ctrl + E on the keyboard.
  • Input the file name.
  • Click on save file type and choose .png format.
  • Click on export the export button, confirm the resolution, and OK.

Here, we’ve mentioned the manual solution to convert CDR to PNG. Moreover, the above procedure has some loopholes that should be taken care of while performing the task. 


So, here are a few limitations that should be looked after while performing this conversion : 

  • Visibility: While performing the manual method, your image may get blurred and scattered while exporting the image on Corel Draw.
  • It is very time-consuming as the more bulky the file will be, the more time it will take to export. 
  • File corruption is an important thing you should check before starting the procedure. You should check if your file is corrupted or not, as it can cause trouble in the process.

Core Solution to Convert CDR File to PNG

Cigati CDR Converter is a top-notch and efficient solution to convert CDR to PNG files. In fact, this converter will convert your Corel files into PNG in bulk in no time. It is an advanced tool with optimum functions and an easy-to-understand user interface. Additionally, this software is competent enough to support all the versions of COREL Draw. In fact, this software is competent enough to convert CDR files to PDF and different file formats without data loss.

Steps For CDR to PNG Conversion

By following these five simple steps, you can easily convert your Corel Draw files to PNG images : 

  • Firstly, open the CDR to PNG Converter. Click on Add FILE and select the file you wish to convert.
  • After selecting your file, you can see the Preview and Next buttons. Click preview to view your output. After closing the preview, click Next.
  • Select your output file format (PNG) from the drop-down menu. 
  • Select your desired location where you want to save your output images.
  • Finally, click the Convert button.

Final Words

Today, we discussed what is a CDR file and what is a PNG file. Moreover, we had a face-off over the common reasons for converting Corel Draw files to PNG files. We also learned the procedures to convert CDR to PNG manually and in an automated manner. We hope that this blog was helpful to you. 

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