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Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365 with 2 Best Techniques

 Saumya Tandon

  • Published on:  January 4th, 2023

Summary: Do you also wish to seek an alternative to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365? Then in this write-up, you will get the best and most self-practiced methods to move email from GoDaddy to Office 365. In addition, you can also use the Cigati Godaddy Email Backup Tool to ease your task.

GoDaddy holds the trust of 21 million users and handles their websites easily. Its primary duties include hosting a website and domain registration. Furthermore, it manages your professional email account at a very reasonable price. It makes the task simpler for those beginning entrepreneurs. Who has only recently begun to give flight to their ideas? So let us proceed with our discussion on finding the reasons to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365.

Why Choose Office 365 to transfer GoDaddy Emails?

Undoubtedly, Office 365 is the premier choice for professionals, that provides several features to its users at an affordable price. In addition, the security features of Microsoft 365 also enable users to use it without worrying about data loss.

  • MS Office 365 provides flexibility to its customers and allows you to access data from anywhere and on any device.
  • You can only enjoy the benefit of email services and hosting with a GoDaddy subscription, but with an Office 365 subscription, you can enjoy several applications, such as MS Word, MS Excel, Skype, etc.
  • Sub-users cannot add to a GoDaddy account contrary, M365 offers you to add several users under a single admin ID.
  • M365 includes encryption capabilities which is a need in today’s hour. However, GoDaddy fails to provide such services to its customers. Resultant many customers lose their data.
  • Office 365 customers may save their data safely and hassle-free on the cloud.

The O365 has these cutting-edge features that enable customers to choose Microsoft cloud over GoDaddy. In the following section, let’s dive into a few methods to migrate GoDaddy email to Microsoft 365.

Ways to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365

The entire GoDaddy mailbox can’t transfer to M365 in a single go. For this, execute your task in two stages before using this approach. Make sure you have complete and comprehensive technical skill knowledge.

Stage 1: Change GoDaddy Emails to PST

Stage 2: Transfer PST to Office 365

Let us elaborate on each stage in detail. Make sure you have a backup of your data to retrieve it in case of any discrepancy.

Stage 1: Change GoDaddy Emails to Outlook PST

To accomplish the first stage to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365. You have to fulfill the pre-requisite conditions.


  • Outlook should install in your current system.
  • GoDaddy account must configure in Outlook.

These are the requirements that a user must meet to finish the previous stage.

Steps to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365 PST

  • Launch the MS Outlook application in your current system.
  • Navigate to the File tab and move towards Open & Export, then lead to Import/Export.
  • Select Export to the file from the list of choices.
  • Decide the file format as PST.
  • Following, browse the destination for the resultant GoDaddy emails that will save in PST format.
  • Supervise duplicate features as per requirement.
  • Lastly, click the Finish button.
  • Check the chosen destination where you saved your GoDaddy emails in PST format.

You can view your GoDaddy mailbox in PST format using the above-listed steps. Follow these steps appropriately to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365. Move on to the next stage to switch from GoDaddy email to Office 365.

Stage 2: Transfer PST to Office 365

This stage can accomplish in further substages need to execute each substage systematically to migrate from GoDaddy email to Office 365. It is recommendable to take a backup of your data. So that if you fail to execute the above stage. You must have an alternative to taking your data back. Let us discuss its substages.

  • Supervise the Admin Role to Import PST to O365
  • Copy SAS URL and download Azcopy
  • Upload PST file to O365.
  • Make a PST Import Mapping File.
  • Start PST Migration to Transfer PST to Office 365

These are sub-stages to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365. In the following section, we will elaborate on each stage in detail.

Supervise the Admin Role to Import PST to O365

  • Log in to your Office 365 account, and steer to the admin portal.
  • Move towards the Exchange Admin Center.
  • Choose the Role option, then decide on the Admin Roles.
  • Now, a panel starts reflecting on your right hand. Choose the Import/Export box from that panel.
  • Click on the Mailbox Import/Export role group on the Admin Role page.

Subsequently, a new wizard will appear that allows you to add or delete admins from the role groups.

It is the first sub-stage to move email from GoDaddy to Office 365. Follow the below steps to accomplish the next stage.

Copy SAS URL and download Azcopy

  • Move to the Compliance section.
  • Steer toward the Data Lifecycle Management Section and select the Import section.
  • Click the New Import Job.
  • Decide the name for the import job. Use lowercase and number and avoid characters, spaces, and uppercase.
  • The subsequent panel seeks your permission and asks, Do you want to upload your data or ship your data?
  • Choose Upload your data option from the list of preferences.
  • Copy the SAS URL for network upload in the following wizard.
  • Use this URL and upload the file via Azure AzCopy Tool.

Follows the below steps to migrate from GoDaddy email to Office 365.

Upload PST file to O365

  • Start and run the Command Prompt.
  • Move to the directory to access your last saved AzCopy file.
  • Subsequently, run the below command.

azcopy.exe copy “<Source location of PST file>” “<SAS URL>”

Take the steps below to move GoDaddy email to Office 365.

Make a PST Import Mapping File

  • Check the conditions carefully for preparing mapping files after successfully uploading the PST file created by AzCopy.
  • Choose and upload the CSV mapping file.
  • Click the Validate button, and check the file columns. It starts displaying the invalid format rows.
  • Lastly, click the Next button.

Execute the last sub-stage to migrate GoDaddy email to Microsoft 365.

Start PST Migration to Transfer PST to Office 365

  • Steer to the Exchange Import Data page.
  • Save your validated CSV file.
  • The above step helps you in creating an import job.
  • Hit the Import to Office 365 button.
  • Manage the filters in accordance, and click the Next button.
  • Once again, click on the Import Data button.
  • The above steps will help you to complete the task of transferring PST to Office 365.

The above manual technique is very complicated and demands a high level of technical know-how. And if you are a novice user, you may experience difficulty in the migration of GoDaddy emails to Office 365. Additionally, in some cases, the situation worsens, and you can not fetch your data. Moreover, there are certain disadvantages of the manual technique. The details of a few are explained below.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

There are certain disadvantages when you opt for the manual approach.

  • The above approach is intricate in nature.
  • You must possess a high level of technical expertise to execute the above method.
  • There is a high probability of losing data.
  • It is a very time-consuming task.
  • There is no surety of successful implementation of the above technique.

These are a few restrictions of the manual methods. So, you must approach the professional method. Which eases your task of migration and also offers so many advanced features. Here below is a complete discussion of utility.

Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365 in No Time

The Cigati GoDaddy Email Backup Tool is a well-versed utility. Which secures your mailbox and migrates your GoDaddy emails to numerous file formats and email clients. In addition, you also need not possess the technical know-how to run this utility. Below are the cutting-edge features of the tool.

Why Prefer Automated Tool to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365?

  • This tool can save or backup the GoDaddy mailbox into PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, HTML, MHTML, EML, EMLX, DOC, JPG, and others.
  • You can save your GoDaddy bulky mailbox to your selected file format.
  • With this utility you can securely migrate from Godaddy to Google Workspace, Office 365, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Yandex Mail, Live Exchange, etc.
  • You can save your GoDaddy emails with or without attachments.
  • This utility is highly capable of saving your machine storage by removing duplicate emails.
  • You are allowed to take a backup of your GoDaddy emails for a specific date range.


In this article, you will get the best and most authentic solutions to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365. Though the manual approach is complex in nature and you can also lose your data in some cases. On the flip side, GoDaddy Email Backup Tool comes with advanced features. And you can migrate your data in several file formats and email clients without any technical proficiency.

About The Author:

Saumya is a proficient technical content writer with a deep passion for technology and a natural talent for writing. She excels in creating compelling and informative content that captivates readers on technology websites. Her areas of specialization include data migration, Email backup, and recovery, where her vast expertise enables her to develop superior-quality content that is both educational and stimulating.

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