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A Helpful Guide: How to Import Yandex Mail to Office 365?

Summary: Do You also seek an alternative to import Yandex mail to Office 365? Then you have chosen the best page for your query’s solution. This page will offer you the best ways to migrate Yandex mail to Office 365.

Yandex is a web browser that allows users to search for their queries online. In addition, it provides the facility of email service, in which you can send or receive messages with or without attachments. It works the same in Russia as Google does in the world.

But in recent years, Yandex mail has desperately lost its customer base. And recently, it is badly impacted by Ukraine- Russia War. From industrialists to entrepreneurs, no one is ready to trust Russia and the things belonging to it. We have seen that Russia is facing sanctions nowadays. Despite many users seeking a solution to migrate Yandex to Gmail, Office 365, or any other email client.

So, in the further section, we will learn why O365 is the best place for your Yandex emails.

Why Migrate Yandex to Office 365?

Though M365 offers features to its users which specially designed for professionals. Its specially designed features set it apart from the competition and allow users to prefer Office 365 for their Yandex Mailbox and its attachments. Below is a list of a few of them.

  • Yandex Mail, the Russian network, was recently attacked by several anonymous hackers. Results in the loss of approx 150k users ID.
  • The Russian search engine offers 10 GB of free storage, and professionals need more. In addition, many users may also face difficulty in purchasing storage because it is facing sanctions nowadays.
  • Users are facing several issues, and no one is ready to provide solutions for their queries. Therefore, many users want to import Yandex Mail to Office 365.
  • The Yandex search engine was hacked several times. Therefore it is not providing the best and correct results to its users.
  • MS Office 365 offers a wide range of applications to its users. In addition, it offers you security options in its applications.
  • The O365 offers a cloud service to its users, which allows them to fetch their data across the globe in a secure manner.

These are the reasons that allow its users to import Yandex Mail to Office 365. In the following section, we will learn some best and most well-founded methods to shift emails from Yandex Mail(Russian Search Engine) to Professionals Office 365 choice.

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Transfer Emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365 Instantly & Without an Error

Though we want to let you know, there is no manual method exists to migrate Yandex to Office 365 directly. However, with the help of the automated Cigati Yandex Mail Backup Tool, you can ease your task without losing your data. This tool permits you to migrate your Yandex Mailbox to 21+ file formats, email clients, and clouds. In addition, there are certain advantages of the tool. The list of a few is detailed below.

Why Prefer Automated Tool to Import Yandex Mail to Office 365

The utility is loaded with advanced features and offers you a complete solution for your Yandex emails. Here is a detailed list of the features.

  • It saves and backups Yandex mailbox into the most favorable and usable attachments like PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, HTML, DOC, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF.
  • You can save your Yandex emails to the most trustworthy email clients including Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Thunderbird, iCloud, IMAP, Hostgator, GoDaddy, and Amazon Webmail.
  • It allows you to save your Yandex mailbox within two date ranges.
  • Its Remove Duplicate Email features prevent your machine space storage by eliminating duplicate emails.
  • You can take a look at your mailbox before its conversion or migration.

These are some advanced features of the utility. Which a user can avail of after having its licensed version. But before that, check its demo version. Now, in the further section, check its working steps.

Steps to Migrate Yandex Mail to Office 365

  • Download and set Yandex Mail Backup Tool and run it as an administrator.
  • Enter the Yandex mail ID and third-party app password.
  • Choose the emails and attachments you want to migrate.
  • Decide the file format as Office 365 from the list of options.
  • Now, enter the O365 ID and third-party app password.
  • Manage the features of the utility in accordance.
  • At last, click on the Convert button. It will Transfer Emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365.


We hope you’ve import Yandex Mail to Office 365 easily after following the above guide. Though, you can not perform this task manually. However, with the help of a professional tool, you can perform this migration smoothly. In addition, you will also be able to use the advanced features of the tool hassle-free.

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