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Best 3 Ways to Convert PST to VCF [2024]

Nowadays, people use VCF files that contain a large number of contacts. Moreover, the vCard file format is highly compatible with various applications, such as Outlook, iCloud, Google, and many more. Meanwhile, MS Outlook supports only PST files. As a result, users want to convert PST to VCF files. Therefore, Cigati PST Converter is here to help you to perform the conversion in easy ways.

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All users know that Microsoft Outlook is an application used to send and receive email messages. Outlook is used effectively to manage various email data in PST file format. PST is used to store Outlook data for IMAP, POP, and a mail account hosted on a Web site. On the other hand, a VCF or a Variant Call Format file is a type of text file and is mostly used to store contact details like name, address, contact number, etc. It also supports custom fields, images, and other media types. 

3 Ways to Extract PST Contacts to VCF

The process of converting an Outlook PST file to a VCF or vCard file is possible by manual and automated processes. The Cigati PST Converter Tool is the best utility loaded with top-notch features that ensure a smooth and productive user experience. 

Manual Methods to Convert PST to VCF File

Here, we will discuss two manual methods to Convert PST Contacts to VCF files : 

Steps to Convert Outlook PST to VCF File [Single] : 

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Go to File >> Open and Export >> Import and Export.
  3. Then, a dialog box will appear in which you have to select “Import from another program or file” and click on NEXT
  4. After that, a drop-down menu will appear in which you can pick “Comma- Separated Values” and again click on NEXT.
  5. Browse your file to import and click on NEXT.
  6. Finally, click on FINISH
  7. Open Google with your account logged in, and under Google Apps, open contacts.
  8. Select a contact or multiple phone numbers, click on import from the menu, and then select the CSV file you saved above. Finally, click on IMPORT

The above section has gone through a single conversion of the PST file to VCF. If you have more contact files to convert PST to VCF, opt for the next section.

Steps to Export Contacts from PST to VCF in bulk: 

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Now go to the people tab at the button left corner of the interface.
  3. Then, select your contacts and then right-click and select the forward option.
  4. Opt for the Business Card as the saving option.
  5.  You’ll see a newly composed mail with all of your contacts converted in the VCF format.

Automated Method to Convert PST File to VCF : 

Cigati PST Converter is a top-notch and efficient solution to convert PST to VCF files. In fact, this converter will convert your Outlook PST files into VCF in bulk in no time. It is an advanced tool with optimum functions and an easy-to-understand user interface. PST to vCard converter provides a data-integrity feature to avoid any loss of data. Moreover, you can also preview your resultant file and make corrections if necessary. In addition, this software is highly compatible to convert PST to HTML and other file formats also without losing data. Following are the steps of this versatile software to clear all your doubts.

Steps to Convert PST into VCF:

  • Download and launch the PST to VCF Converter tool on your system. 
  • Select the “Single File/ Multiple Files” option and click the Next button.
  • On the left side, click on the select files option and make a selection of the PST file you wish to convert. Click the row that shows your file details and click Next.
  • Your file gets imported successfully. From the drop-down menu, select VCF format. Also, choose the path to save your resultant file. 
  • Finally, click the Convert button. 

Final Words 

The above guide has discussed the two ways to convert PST to VCF files. In fact, you can opt for any of them accordingly. As per IT suggestions, you should use the Cigati PST Converter Tool. As a result, it is an all-rounder solution to convert your PST files into bulk VCF file formats. This tool takes very little time and converts your file hassle-free. The utility is easy to use and needs no technical support.  

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