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How to Convert CDR (CorelDRAW) File to PDF Format?

In the world of files and documents, you might have come across the terms “CDR” and “PDF.” Don’t worry if they sound like alphabet soup – we’re here to make it all clear. CDR is a digital canvas, which is becoming popular among artists and designers. Usually, CDR files consist of logos, illustrations, brochures, icons, flyers, business cards, and more. On the other hand, PDF is the most famous document format among individuals. Moreover, it can be accessed on any device. In other words, there is no need to use any other software to view PDF files. As a result, most users use CDR Converter to convert CDR files to PDFs. and store them as a backup of their designs and canvas.

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This blog will discuss various ways which will help to Convert and store CDR files into PDFs. Moreover, there is also a great solution for the bulk conversion of CDR files into PDFs. Before going further section, let’s learn the difference between CRD and PDFs, and which one is the best to backup/store CDR files.

Difference Between CDR and PDF Format

BasisCDR FilesPDF Document
Purpose and UseCDR is created and edited using design software like CorelDRAW. These files store vector graphics, allowing designers to work on intricate designs, logos, illustrations, and layouts.PDF files are used for sharing and preserving documents. They maintain layouts, fonts, images, and document formatting across different devices and platforms.
Editing CapabilityCDR files are editable in design software like CorelDRAW. Designers can continue to modify and refine their creations as needed.PDFs are not as flexible for extensive design changes as CDR files. As a result, these files are designed to be static and preserve the original layout.
Design ElementsCDR files store vector graphics, which makes up of points, lines, and curves based on mathematical equations.PDF files can contain both vector and raster elements. Moreover, vector elements in a PDF can scale without quality loss. Raster images may lose quality when enlarged.
Software CompatibilityOpening CDR files without CorelDRAW may require conversion or third-party software.These files are widely supported and can be opened on various devices and operating systems using standard PDF viewers, making them highly accessible.
Collaboration and SharingSharing CDR files may require the recipient to have the same or compatible design software for viewing and editing.PDF files are universal and can be easily shared and viewed by anyone with a PDF viewer.
Protection and SecurityCDR files are typically used for design purposes and may not offer specific security features to protect the content.PDF files can be encrypted and password-protected to restrict access and prevent unauthorized editing, enhancing document security.

Understanding these differences is crucial in comprehending why one might opt to convert CDR files to PDF.

Best Ways to Convert CDR Files to PDF Format

There are a number of ways to convert CorelDRAW to PDF. We will explore different manual and professional methods to save CDR Files Into PDFs.

1. Save CDR Files to PDF using CorelDraw

  • Firstly, launch CorelDRAW and then open the CDR file.
  • Further, Go to the File menu and choose Save As.
  • On the next window, Choose PDF on Save as Type.
  • After that, click the Save button.
  • Moreover, you can straightforwardly modify the file name and location as per your requirement.

Through CorelDRAW, you can effortlessly save your desired CDR files in PDF format one by one.

2. Convert CDR File to PDF Using InkSpace

  • First of all, install and start the Inkscape on your local Computer.
  • Move ahead, Choose, and Open the CDR file in the Inkspace.
  • Next, Go to the File tab > Save As option.
  • After that, Enter the file name and Select Save as type to PDF.
  • Then, click the Save button to proceed further.
  • In the end, click the OK button.

Here are two manual methods to convert CDR file to PDF. Make sure to follow each step very carefully. As a result, if you have followed the wrong steps, the above solution will not work. Moreover, this takes lots of time and energy to do one by one. In fact, there is a high chance of losing files during the conversion process. If you don’t want to face loose files, go with the professional method.

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3. Convert Multiple CDR Files to PDF professionally in Just a Few Clicks

CDR File Converter is a comprehensive and efficient software. It permits you to perform the bulk conversion of CDR (Coreldraw) file to PDF format effortlessly. Users will get the option to choose a single or a number of CDR files to save as PDFs. Additionally, they can also create a password on their newly created PDF files, if needed. Now, we would like to highlight the work wizard. As a result, it will help you to convert bulk cdr to pdf.

Steps to Convert CorelDRAW to PDF Documents

  • First, download and launch the Cigati CDR Converter on your PC or Laptop.
  • Next, browse the CDR file you wish to convert into PDF format.
  • After that, effortlessly select the destination files file format to PDF.
  • Now, click the Destination Path button to set the location where you want to save.
  • In the end, click the convert button to begin the conversion process.

Final Words

In the above, First, we have gone through a brief introduction on both CDR and PDF formats. After that, we discussed three procedures to convert CDR files to PDF. You can choose whatever you want to use, but make that you use the most trusted methods to do this. Most experts suggest using professional methods because of their success rate of conversion.

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