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Direct Method to Backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive

In this article, we will discuss the simple and secure ways to backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive with manual approaches and professional methods. Get a backup of your data and store it in your external drive, it is the safer side for you.

Google Drive is one of the top-rated cloud storage tools for storing, sharing, and uploading data. Users would find it simpler to handle data using Google Drive. Specifically, as long as their local devices are connected to the Internet, users have unlimited access to the data on Google Drive and may interact directly on Google Drive. Even though Google Device guarantees the highest level of security. It is essential to back up critical data to an external drive to prevent disaster.

Why Do Users Need to Backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive?

These are some reasons for backing up google drive to external hard drive in the below section:

1. Avoid Corruption

Due to unwanted risks, Google Drive folders may get corrupted or destroyed.

2. Deleted Accidentally

Attempting to clear up space on Google’s servers may result in the deletion of crucial material from Google Drive or the creation of duplicates of the original files.

3. Malware

If an end-user is utilising an unverified third-party product, a Google ID may mislead the program into granting access to the drive data and overwriting the stored data.

4. Access Your Information Offline

Users will need a steady internet connection to view Google Drive files today. Therefore, users must back up their Google Drive data to access it offline.

Here are some reasons why individuals prefer to transfer google drive to external hard drive. Next, we will discuss the method of how to backup google drive to external hard drive using various methods.

Method 1. Backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive using Google Takeout

This is an advanced Google tool, and Google Takeout enables you to export data from many Google products, including Google Photos and Google Drive in a single operation. The service offers an easy method to transfer files from google drive to external hard drive. Using Google Takeout, these are the steps to backup google drive to external hard drive:

  • Firstly, open Google Takeout on your system.
  • Then, choose the drive that is available under select data to include the option and move on to the Next step.
  • Here you need to select the type, frequency, and destination for your files. Then, scroll down to click on the create export button.
  • Now, open your Gmail and check the hyperlink that is sent by Google. If you found it, hit the link to open and download the zipped files to your computer.
  • After downloading the files, click on the zip file to unzip them.
  • Once this file is unzipped, you can easily drag and drop it to your external hard drive.

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Method 2. Export Google Drive to External Hard Drive using Google Drive for Desktop

To implement this method, you have to download and install Google Drive for the desktop on your system. It allows to backup Google drive to external hard drive. You need to follow all steps in the same sequence to backup your files to an external hard drive using Google Drive for desktop:

  • In this method, you need to connect an external hard drive to your computer.
  • Now, open Google Drive for desktop and tap on the sign-in with the browser.
  • After logging in, tap on the Google Drive tab and select the option for mirror files.
  • You can change the folder location from the popup and confirm the location for your external hard drive.
  • When you return to the Google Drive interface, tap on the confirm location.
  • At last, hit the save button from the lower right. Now, the process begins syncing your Google Drive files and data downloaded in your external hard drive.

Professional Tool to Backup Google Drive to External Hard Drive

If you have tried the methods mentioned above, you can feel complex processes and limitations. To overcome all the drawbacks and get simple & secure output, you need to try the Cigati G Suite Backup Tool, that can quickly transfer google drive to external hard drive. This software comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Also, this advanced tool works on the latest technology that helps to get better and genuine output. The software helps to back up Google Emails, calendars, Drive, photos, and contacts into a local drive without data alteration. Moreover, this tool has many advanced features that users can choose from per their requirements. Now, we will discuss regarding features in detail:

  • This software allows you to export Google Drive, Calendar, and Contacts data to your external drive.
  • Options available get backup Gmail emails to multiple file formats such as MBOX, MSG, PST, PDF, EML, etc.
  • You can skip the copied emails that are repeated in your Gmail mailbox.
  • Users can use the Date Filter option to select backup google drive to external hard drive.
  • This software is fully compatible with Windows 11 and all the below versions.


In this article, Google Drive provides top-level security and privacy to users. Sometimes, due to irrelevant threats, there are chances of elimination and deletion of the data. Therefore, we will provide the complete process to backup google drive to external hard drive with a professional tool.

Do I Need to Backup Google Drive?

Many users believe that through Google Drive they are protected from all the backups of data they require. But, there are many chances where a user’s data is accidentally deleted due to various reasons so you need to back up Google Drive and you can also transfer Google photos to external hard drive.

How to Back Up Google Drive to an External Hard Drive on Mac?

1. Go to Google Drive and search for the folders and files that you wish to transfer to an external storage device.
2. Then, hold your “control” button and select all the files that you want to backup.
3. After that, click on “Download.” Make sure you’ve set up an external storage device to be the default destination for your download files. The system will transfer your download files over to your external drive.

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