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How to Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x80070021?

Nowadays, the Microsoft Outlook application is becoming famous across the world as it helps users to send or receive emails. Additionally, there are various other features, such as the maintenance of schedules, the performance of tasks, and many more. But sometimes, users face a typical problem with Outlook error code 0x80070021. They want to get the troubleshooting solutions to figure out such an issue. 

This write-up will discuss various methods to resolve error 0x80070021 in Outlook. In addition, we will also mention the reasons for causing this problem. If you’re facing severe corruption in your Outlook PST files, opt for the PST Repair tool

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 An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x80070021: The process cannot access the file because another procedure has locked a portion of the file.

Reasons For Causing Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80070021

There are some reasons behind causing such an issue. Just read them as mentioned below. 

  • Software or Hardware Issues. 
  • Accidentally, a search email indexer was installed.
  • Another application is running in the background.
  • You have shut down the Microsoft Outlook application in the wrong way.  
  • When a user tries to install an Office application from a downloaded file, it is unable to complete the installation process as a file is corrupted or incomplete. 
  • Damaged or infected received emails. 
  • Synchronization setting in MS Outlook. 
  • ASP.NET is outdated or disenabled. 

Here, we mentioned some possible reasons for causing such an issue. Now, we will discuss troubleshooting procedures. 

How to Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x80070021?

We have various solutions to fix such an issue. You just need to go through and understand each method to get your answer. 

  1. Modify and exit from all MS Outlook Processes.
  2. Turn off Add-Ins.
  3. Accomplish Clean Boot.
  4. Uninstall Microsoft Office Communicator Application. 
  5. Boot Windows in a Safe Mode. 
  6. Uninstall a Search Email Indexer. 
  7. Fix Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80070021 through Restore Point. 

Here, we have given you an overview of all the possible methods. Now, we will elaborate on each solution in detail.

Approach 1: Modify And Exit From All MS Outlook Processes

Launch Task Manager on your local screen. Make sure to close all the related processes regarding MS Outlook. After that, follow the below steps: 

  • Exit from Microsft Outlook and hold down CTRL + ALT+ DEL keys simultaneously.
  • Then, click the Task Manager option > More details button.
Open the Task Manager to go to the more detail.
  • Afterwards, search for all Outlook processes under the Processes tab. 
Search Outlook in the processes tab.
  • You have another option to arrange all alphabets in ascending order by clicking the Name tab. 
  • Choose and click the End Task button. 
  • In the end, repeat the above steps until your desired processes will close.

Approach 2: Turn Off Add-Ins

  • First, hold Windows + R keys simultaneously and mention Outlook.exe /safe.
  • After that, click the OK button.
  • Then, navigate to the File tab > Options > Add-Ins button.
  • Click the Go button.
  • Make sure to deselect all add-ins and click the OK button.
  • In the end, open MS Outlook again. 

It will help to resolve the error 0x80070021 in Outlook. 

Approach 3: Accomplish Clean Boot 

  • First, press the Windows + R keys together and mention the MSConfig > OK button.
  • After that, click the Services button and choose the checkbox of Hide all Microsoft services > Disable All button.
  • Then, click the Startup button > Open Task Manager.
  • You can see various startup items in the given list. Now, choose the items that are not necessary and select the Disable button to continue the process.
  • Exit from the Task Manager and click the OK button under the System Configuration window.
  • Now, restart your local system.
  • Then, copy the desired PST file. 

The above procedure will aid in figuring out the Outlook Error Code 0x80070021. 

Approach 4: Uninstall Microsoft Office Communicator Application 

  • First, navigate to the search bar near the Windows icon. 
  • After that, search Control Panel in the search box.
  • Under the Program section, select Uninstall a program option to continue.
  • In a new dialog box, choose the Microsoft Office Communicator and ensure to right-click it. 
  • In the end, select the Uninstall button to continue the process.

Approach 5: Boot Windows in a Safe Mode 

  • First, press a Windows key and click the Power icon.
  • When you press the Shift key, ensure to select the Restart option.
  • Go to the Troubleshoot button > Advanced options > See more recovery options > Startup Settings.
  • Now, select the Restart button. Here, you can see the Startup Settings.
  • Press the fourth key to choose and run your system in safe mode.
  • Sign in to the system in that mode and try copying the chosen PST file.
  • In the end, restart your local system normally to proceed further. 

Approach 6: Uninstall a Search Email Indexer  

  • First, launch the MS Outlook application on your local machine and go to the File tab.
  • After that, select the Options button from a vertical menu > Add-ins tab.
  • Navigate to the bottom section of your screen and click the drop-down menu list associated with Manage.
  • Now, choose COM Add-ins > Go button to view the list of downloaded Add-ins.
  • Lastly, choose the Search Email Indexer option and click the Remove button to resolve the problem. 

Approach 7: Fix Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x80070021 Through Restore Point 

  • Sign in to your local system as an Administrator.
  • Then, click the Start Button > All Programs Option > Windows Accessories menu > System Tools option > System Restore from the drop-down list.
  • After that, choose Restore my computer to an earlier time option. 
  • When a list is open, click the restore point and choose the latest system restore option > Next button.

Make sure to restart your local machine after the completion of the restoration process. We have mentioned all the possible solutions to resolve Outlook Error 0x80070021. You can effortlessly figure out your issue. If, in a case, the above methods are not working properly, it simply indicates the corruption in your PST files. If you want to recover inaccessibility from your Outlook PST files, opt for the PST Repair Tool. It will recover maximum corruption from your targeted PST files. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, we will conclude our technical guide and hope you have enough knowledge. In this blog, we discussed a brief introduction about the issue and the reasons for causing this problem. After that, we have gone through numerous solutions to resolve Outlook Error Code 0x80070021. You can try to perform the above methods to fix such an issue.  

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