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Reduce PST File Size Without Data Alteration – Quick Guide

In today’s modern era, several techniques are used which anyone can reduce PST file size. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss the best-proven ways to reduce the size of your mailbox and Outlook data files. Therefore, continue reading this post to know more in detail.

Over time, Outlook PST file size gets enlarged, and the user becomes unable to access its data. As a result, users need to reduce Outlook pst file size to regain its previous functionality. This is because when the file size of a PST file is large, the user has to face several issues like slow system performance, low disk space, etc. Furthermore, the overall efficiency of Outlook gets affected. If you are also facing such an issue and want an instant way to deal with it, this blog can be most useful for you to compress PST file.

Benefits to Reduce Outlook PST File Size

Multiple reasons are there which users to reduce PST file size. Some of the reasons are listed below here in this section.

  • Reduce size of Outlook PST file prevents the MS Outlook account from corruption.
  • Breaking oversized PST files can reduce problems such as hanging and slow performance of Outlook.
  • Users can manage their Outlook mailbox data.
  • Sometimes Outlook PST file size does not reduce after archiving, so users want to reduce the PST file size.

All the reasons stated above help the users to compress size of Outlook PST file. Therefore, proceed further to know the free methods to reduce PST file in brief.

Free Ways to Compress Large PST File

An oversized PST file may cause various issues and corruption problems. Therefore, users are looking for ways to compress size of Outlook PST files due to large size PST files. It mainly affects the functioning of the Outlook application due to the large size of PST files. So we need to reduce PST file size. Hence, we have provided you with the best solutions for the same. Follow the given below steps in a proper sequence to reduce Outlook data file size.

Solution 1: With Compact Now Utility

  • Launch the desktop-based Outlook application on your system and locate the File tab.
  • Now, choose the Accounts Settings icon in the info tab and select the Account Settings option.
  • Click on the Settings options in the Data File tab.
  • Then, select the required file and press the Compact Now button.
  • At last, hit the Ok button to complete the process to decrease PST file size.

Solution 2: Reduce Archive PST File Size

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook email client on your system or PC and navigate the File tab.
  • Click on the Tools Box in the Info tab and select the Clean Up Old Items option.
  • Now, in the archive dialog box, click on Archive this Folder and all Subfolders option, then select the File or Folder to archive.
  • Now, tick the Include Items with the do not auto-archive option to archive the desired files consisting of automatic archiving.
  • At last, press the Ok button to end the process of reducing the PST file size.

Using the above method reduce PST file size. But the process is lengthy and time-consuming thus, we recommend users opt for the alternate solution to reduce large PST files.

Automated Approach to Reduce Large PST File

The Cigati PST Compress Tool is the best software solution to reduce PST file size in a fast and effective way. The software is capable of compressing single as well as multiple PST files document in a single go. Also, it has a simple layout so that anyone can use this utility without any hassle. Apart from that, this utility offers inbuilt advanced features that help the users in decreasing their file effortlessly.


With time and usage, the Outlook mailbox size may increase till a certain point where it will prompt errors or alterations in the way Outlook functions. To resolve this, you can decrease/manage and limit the Outlook mailbox size by means of deleting or archiving old emails. You may also save attachments to keep your mailbox within limits. Further, you can use the Outlook PST compress tool mentioned in this article to optimize, manage and reduce pst file size efficiently.

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