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Genuine Method to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Are you looking for the best possible ways to delete duplicate emails in Outlook then keep reading this post? In this post, you will get an instant solution to remove duplicate emails in Outlook. To get better output, you need to implement all the steps that we will discuss in the ahead of the article to delete all duplicate emails from a mail folder in Outlook.

In this era, Microsoft Outlook has become the backbone of all organizations. This is the desktop-based email service that manages emails. Apart from that, it is also capable of managing contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. As communication in an organization usually takes place by email. If the emails are accumulated too much in your inbox, it results in a slowing the system functioning.

This mailbox contains multiple duplicate emails. Thus, to identify and in these emails, there are multiple duplicate emails. So, to identify and remove Remove Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook, there are multiple solutions available for the same. But before heading directly to the solution, let’s have a look at some of the possible reasons behind this.

Possible Reasons to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook

There might be several causes behind removing duplicate emails in Outlook application. We have discussed a few of them in this section.

  • The anti-virus software can also create duplicate emails.
  • If one email is used on several other devices, then the incoming message is repeatedly synchronized. Thus, it can be one of the main reasons behind that.
  • When the mailbox is set up incorrectly at the time of creating the account in Outlook. Thus, you may receive the same email message over and over again.
  • If the Outlook rules are configured incorrectly, then confusion arises while receiving the email messages.

All the above-listed reasons insist the users to delete duplicate emails in Outlook. So let’s begin with the best possible ways to find duplicate emails in Outlook 365.

Best Ways to Remove Duplicate Items in Microsoft Outlook

In this section, we are going to discuss the free solutions for removing duplicate contacts in Outlook within the emails. So, let’s read all of the methods in a proper way.

Method 1: Check Outlook Rules Correctly

In this method, you have to check whether the Outlook rules are correctly configured or not. So if the rules are set accurately, it will create confusion amongst different email folders. Thus, configuring the rules correctly ensures that only a single instance of the Outlook application is running. So, you need to close the extra instances of Outlook.exe using the Task Manager on your system.

Method 2: Select Do Not Import Duplicate Items Option

When you are importing the Outlook PST file items mailbox folder or contacts with the help of Import/Export feature in the Outlook application. So you must ensure to choose the Do not import duplicate items option to avoid importing of the duplicate mail items in the process. This is the most essential section to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Method 3: Inbox Frequency Setup

In this technique, you need to increase the inbox update frequency. So, first, you have to launch the Outlook application and then go to the send and receive tab. After that, select the Define Send or Receive Groups and send the value within 15 to 30 minutes.

Method 4: Launch Outlook Inbox Clean Up

Microsoft Outlook provides several incorporated tools to perform multiple activities. Some of them are the Outlook Inbox Clean-up tool which helps to exclude duplicate emails in Outlook.

  • Open the MS Outlook email client on your PC or system.
  • Select the Folder that contains duplicate emails.
  • After that, click on the Clean Up section.

Method 5: Install Antivirus Application

If the duplicate files in your mailbox were found, it can be due to the closing of the server connection and settings of the application. Therefore, if the connection is not shut down properly, then emails that are not flagged as received will create duplicates. Thus, to resolve this issue, you need to perform the manual technique of the antivirus application and disable the protection.

Method 6: Outlook PST Duplicate Remover

The Cigati Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool is an outstanding utility that removes all the Outlook mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, journals, etc. from the Outlook mailbox. Also, this utility can delete duplicate emails in Outlook and reduces the size of the PST file. Furthermore, this utility is inbuilt with highly advanced technology that helps the users to remove duplicate emails and provide a smooth working experience with Outlook.

Final Verdict

In the above post, we have focussed on solving the problems of the user to delete duplicate emails in Outlook. Also, we have discussed some reasons that may lead to the duplication of Outlook data files. Furthermore, you can check the software working by installing the free demo version of the software before purchasing the complete version.

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