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How to Recover Deleted Emails Messages in Outlook?

Emails serve as the primary means of communication within a business. Clearing out unnecessary emails can free up storage and enhance effectiveness. Yet, the thought of erasing crucial emails can be unsettling. But fear not, as this article will explore techniques to recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Outlook stands as one of the most widely utilized email services worldwide. It stores emails in a format called PST. When emails are deleted in Outlook, they are initially placed in the deleted email folder and remain there for 30 days. Also, should a user wish to retrieve an email within these 30 days, there exists a built-in recovery option. Moreover, users can effortlessly use Cigati PST Repair Tool to remove corruption.

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Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook?

In brief, indeed, it is feasible to retrieve both regularly deleted and permanently deleted emails from an Outlook PST file. Various approaches exist for this purpose, each with a distinct rate of success. Let’s explore all these methods extensively and select the most suitable one to recover deleted Emails in Outlook.

  • Built-in Recovery Choices in Outlook (Deleted Items and Recoverable Items) Folder

You can adhere to the provided guidelines to regain all deleted Outlook emails. Initially, we’ll concentrate on Microsoft’s built-in recovery alternatives within Outlook.

Method 1: Recover Emails from the Trash Folder

The most straightforward approach to Recover deleted emails in Outlook is to check the Deleted Items Folder or Trash Folder and effortlessly retrieve the required files from there. Here are the steps to recover deleted Outlook emails and other data items using this method:

Steps for Recovery Using the Deleted Items Folder:

Please note that the steps might vary slightly across different versions of Outlook. The Deleted Items Folder retains deleted emails for only 30 days. Once this 30-day period elapses, the emails are permanently removed. If permanent deletion has occurred, avoid following this method.

  1. Firstly, open Outlook and navigate to the Deleted Items Folder.
  2. Locate the deleted items that need to be recovered.
  3. Select all the necessary email files, then right-click and opt for the Move function. Choose the Other Folder option.
  4. Lastly, this action will retrieve and shift all the deleted emails and items to the specified Other Folder.

Method 2: Recover Emails From Outlook’s Recoverable Items Folder 

This section will discuss the approach to recover Deleted Emails in Outlook from the Recoverable Items Folder. When data items are permanently deleted or when the deleted message isn’t found in the Deleted Items Folder, users can attempt this procedure. For a specific period, Outlook retains even permanently deleted emails, contacts, and calendars in a concealed section referred to as the Recoverable Items Folder.

When Does Data Enter the Recoverable Folder:

  • Firstly, by pressing Shift + Delete simultaneously on the keyboard eliminate selected items.
  • Lastly, by deleting or removing items from the Deleted Items Folder.

When any item is recovered from the Recoverable Items Folder, it is automatically placed in the Deleted Items Folder. Subsequently, these items can be easily located and reclaimed by transferring them from the Deleted Items folder to another designated folder.

Helpful Tip: Note that not all Outlook accounts support the Deleted Items Folder feature.

Steps for Recovering Permanently Deleted Emails:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the Home Menu.
  2. Click on the option Recover Deleted Items From Server.
  3. Choose the items you wish to recover and click OK.
  4. Check the Deleted Items Folder; you will find all the recovered emails there. Simply select the emails and relocate them to another folder.

That’s it! You have successfully Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook. If you’re unable to restore the deleted files in your Outlook account, it simply indicates your damaged files. If you want to recover all your corrupted files, opt for the Cigati PST Repair Tool. In fact, this software will also help to repair Outlook Data Files hassle freely. 


Making mistakes is a common aspect of being human, such as unintentionally deleting crucial emails. Nevertheless, the actions we take following these mistakes hold significance. Learning from our errors is vital. Nonetheless, it’s a wise practice to safeguard Outlook emails by back up Outlook Emails to an external hard drive for added security. To wrap up, this blog explored diverse strategies to recover deleted Emails in Outlook. You can go with any of the following approaches. 

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