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Best Technique to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST Format


  • Published on:  July 26th, 2022
  • Updated on:  November 14, 2022

In this article, we will discuss the simple approaches to convert Windows Live Mail to PST file format. You will find two solutions in this blog that are manual and professional methods. To know a further detailed discussion of these methods, follow this blog till the end.

Windows Live Mail is an email client created by Microsoft Corporation that has been discontinued. This freeware email service supports web-based email accounts, allows the use of emoticons in emails, and synchronizes with Windows Live contacts. Due to various reasons, many users want to move from WLM email programs to Microsoft Outlook.

MS Outlook has consistently improved its features with every new update. Outlook is one of the most preferred options for managing email activity. If you’re looking to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST format, then you can follow the upcoming section for more information. But before moving on to convert Windows Live Mail to PST file solution, we will discuss some points that show you why Outlook is better than Windows Live Mail.

Why Do Users Choose MS Outlook Over Windows Live Mail?

There are some valid reasons to choose MS Outlook, and we will mention the following points:

1. Smooth Mail Organization:

You can quickly organize your email into folders and subfolders using Outlook. This greatly simplifies the process of finding the old emails and keeping track of crucial conversations.

2. Show More Relevant Search:

Outlook’s search tool is far more robust than Windows Live Mail, making it easier to discover exactly what you’re searching for.

3. More Powerful Security:

Outlook offers a number of powerful security safeguards that protect your email from viruses and hacking attempts. On the other hand, Windows Live Mail is missing some of these crucial security measures.

4. Available More Customization Options:

You can customize most of the features of this application according to your needs. For instance, you may alter the method in which emails are presented, add or delete buttons from the toolbar, and do a variety of other tasks.

5. Wide Support of External Accounts:

Outlook allows you to add multiple external accounts(like Gmail), and you can simply add and manage them. On the other hand, Windows Live Mail has a number of restrictions on adding external accounts.

Method 1: Using Windows Live Mail to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST

Using this method, Windows live mail export to PST file format. Windows Live Mail offers the capability to export WLM mail items straight to Microsoft Exchange or on the same device. To export Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook applications on a different machine, then make sure there are no instances of the Outlook program running during the operation. Now, we will move on to the steps, and you need to follow all the steps in the same sequence.

  • Firstly, you need to open the Windows Live Mail email client and tap on the File section.
  • Now, click on the Export email and then Email messages.
  • Here hit the Next button after choosing the Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Then, it shows the Export message pop-up and hits the OK button for further steps.
  • After that, you must select Outlook from the drop-down menu and hit OK.
  • Here you will choose All folders or Selected folders options and tap the OK button for the next screen.
  • Then, a new dialogue appears, showing the export process’s status.
  • At last, you have received a message confirming the successful completion. Also, you can cross-verify after opening Outlook.

You need to use these steps to convert Windows live mail to PST file format. After completing this process, you have all WLM mail items exported to Exchange, and you can easily download them as a PST file on a storage device of your choice. This process can be done through the Import/Export feature of the Outlook desktop client. Let’s discuss some drawbacks of this method.

Why Do Users Need to Avoid Manual Approaches?

There are some reasons that have highly affected the process, and users cannot get the best output due to the following causes:

  • This approach is highly time-consuming. Using this manual way to convert Windows live mail to PST, you cannot export a large number of emails might take a significant amount of time.
  • If your email account settings have been modified, the manual methods might not work. Also, if your email account has been switched to a new provider or if any settings have been modified, in that case, manual procedures may not work.
  • Manual procedures are highly prone to errors; if you have made a minor mistake or skipped any step from instructions, your emails may be exported improperly or not at all.

Using Professional Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Software

It is well-known and basic information that Windows Live Mail items are saved in EML format on the system. Also, you have learned all the drawbacks of the manual process to convert Windows live mail to PST and are looking for a way that can overcome all the drawbacks. Then, you can try the Cigati EML to PST Converter tool that can convert the (Windows Live Mail)EML files into the PST format without any issues. This windows live mail converter is the most secure and reliable tool that works on the latest technology.

This advanced tool can convert Windows Live Mail EML files into PST and other file formats like PDF, MBOX, JSON, CSV, DOCX, etc. Also, this tool allows splitting the converted PST file into shorter parts. Therefore, you do not need to use the PST file splitter separately.

Moreover, this advanced tool can easily migrate the EML file into different email clients like Gmail, IMAP, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, AOL, etc. Additionally, you can use the additional feature as per your requirement.


In the blog, we have discussed the scenario to convert Windows Live Mail to PST file format. We have explained the manual procedure, but this method is riskier than the best alternative Windows live mail to Outlook converter solution in a professional way. It is the most secure and reliable tool to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST.

Where is Windows Live Mail stored on my computer?

Look in this standard location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail. Locate the Mail folder and open it to see the .eml files inside.

How do I change the format of Windows Mail?

All messages can be changed to a different format. Firstly, click on the tools, then click the options >> Mail Format tab. Tap the desired format in the compose from the message format list.

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