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Top 5 PST Splitters Tools for Managing Outlook Ably in 2023

A PST splitter tool is software designed to slice and dice your large PST file into smaller, more manageable chunks. Organizing your emails into smaller files is a game-changer for Outlook’s performance and productivity. Plus, searching for that one vital email is not a simple task. We will discuss the best PST Splitter Tool. You can choose any of them accordingly.

Outlook PST data files – the heavier it gets, the harder Outlook has to work to function properly. By splitting your PST file, you’re essentially lightening the load and helping Outlook run smoother.  Using the best PST splitter tool offers a simple yet effective solution. By breaking down your large PST file into smaller, more manageable chunks, you’re essentially decluttering your “closet.”  

Need to Use Outlook PST Splitter For Free

  • It results in quicker loading times, allowing you to access your emails, contacts, and calendar entries without the frustrating lag.
  • When you search for a specific email, Outlook has to scan through your entire PST file. With a smaller file size, the search process becomes faster and more efficient, ensuring you can locate valuable emails promptly.
  • A bloated PST file can cause Outlook to crash or freeze, disrupting your workflow and causing frustration. With the help of the PST splitter tool, you can create smaller files. In addition, you’re promoting stability and minimizing the chances of crashes.
  • Smaller PST files are easier to manage when it comes to backing up your data or migrating to a new computer or email platform.  

By dividing your PST file into more manageable pieces, you create an environment where Outlook operates smoothly. In fact, email searches are hassle-free, and the risk of data loss is significantly reduced. 

5  Best PST Splitter Tool

The following section will discuss the best PST Splitter Software. You just need to read the entire blog. 

#1 Cigati PST Splitter Tool

Cigati PST Splitter for Outlook is a top-notch and comprehensive utility that splits bulky PST files into several smaller PSTs. The program breaks down Outlook data files based on different parameters, such as email address, date, size, folders, etc. The software can also split numerous PST files into a single batch. 

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  • Break Down large-sized Outlook PST files into smaller PSTs effortlessly and efficiently.
  • It supports data files of all MS Outlook versions. 
  • Splits PST files on the basis of date, size, and many more.
  • Splinter single or bulk PST files at a single time. 
  • The free version permits you to save 50 emails.
  • It supports both UNICODE PST and ANSI files. 
  • Highly compatible with all versions of Windows. 

The above wizard is one of the best PST Splitter Tools. Moreover, you can also go through other utilities also.

#2. DRS Outlook PST Splitter

DRS PST Splitter is a reliable program that can help you to split PST file without data loss. This inclusive software takes those big PST mailboxes and splinters them into smaller pieces. In simple terms, users can effortlessly split Large PST File into Smaller Parts. It doesn’t matter how large the mailbox items are; the utility can handle them all. Plus, it is competent enough can work on both Windows and Mac OS. In addition, you can even make these smaller PST boxes more secure by putting a lock on them. 


  • Highly compatible with both ANSI and UNICODE Outlook data files. 
  • There is no risk of data loss during the splitting procedure. 
  • There are no file restrictions based on sizes. 
  • Break Down the PST file based on folder, email ID, date, and size.
  • No MS Outlook installation is needed. 
  • Skip the duplicate emails while splitting. 
  • This software comes up with a user-friendly and self-intuitive interface. 
  • It supports all versions of Windows and Mac. 

IT Experts and administrators recommend this software. As a result, this wizard is the best PST Splitter tool.

#3. SysInfo PST Splitter Software 

Our top contender, Sysinfo for PST Split, boasts a user-friendly and attractive Graphical User Interface. It’s lightning-fast and can break down your PST file by date, size, or folder. In simple words, you can also say that this is the best PST Splitter tool to split your heavy Outlook PST files into smaller sizes. Plus, it works like a charm with all Outlook versions. Further, It can do different types of splitting, like dividing the bulky mailboxes based on when the PST file was made, how much file is inside, or who sent it to you. 


  • Safely splits bulky Outlook data files into multiple smaller parts. 
  • Accomplishes breaking down of chosen PST files in no time. 
  • It permits encryption on the resultant PST files. 
  • This software supports all Windows and Mac versions. 
  • The free version is available, and users can save up to 50 emails for free. 

You can hassle freely breakdown your bulky Outlook data files into smaller ones with the best PST Splitter Tool.

#4. Aryson PST Splitter Program 

Aryson’s tool is a Swiss Army knife for your PST troubles. It offers precise control over the splitting process and provides a preview feature to ensure you’re splitting exactly what you need. This tool facilitates various splitting options and ensures zero data loss during the process. No tech wizardry is required! 


  • This tool breaks down the oversized PST file into smaller parts. 
  • Designed and developed advanced algorithms. 
  • It supports ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • It comes up with a smooth user-friendly Graphical User Interface. 
  • This utility supports entire versions of Outlook Windows.
  • Option to create a single PST or separate PST file after splitting. 

#5. Stellar Splitter for Outlook 

Stellar Splitter for Outlook is a highly advanced and trustworthy software that fissures large-sized PST files into plenty of smaller PSTs. This wizard breaks down the Outlook data file on the basis of different parameters like date, folders, email address, size, and more. The utility can also split numerous Outlook PST files into a single batch.


  • Splits Outlook PST files on the basis of email address, date, size, and many more.
  • Highly compatible with all versions of Outlook, such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Provides “Select & Split” feature to break down PST based on specific folders
  • Splits multiple PST files in a single batch
  • Maintains the original folder hierarchy and structure of the Outlook PST data file
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls
  • Creates an in-depth log report of the splitting process

The End Thoughts 

In a digital world where emails rule, keeping your Outlook in tip-top shape is a necessity, not a luxury. The best PST splitter tools, like Stellar Splitter for Outlook, Cigati PST Splitter Tool,  DRS PST Split file, Sysinfo Outlook Data file Splitter, and Aryson Split PST, are your trusty companions on this journey towards a more organized and efficient inbox.  

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