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How to Restore Deleted Photos From Google Photos?

 Saumya Tandon

  • Published on:  December 4th, 2023

User Query – For the last few weeks, my phone has been getting stuck even when I used to open Gallery. As a result, I thought to check all my photos once in Google Photos by logging through my PC. But when I opened it, my last year’s photos were deleted from Google Photos accidentally. Please give me suggestions to restore deleted photos from Google Photos.” 

From the above user, it is clear that we will discuss various methods to get back deleted photos from Google Photos. In addition, we will mention possible reasons for the accidental deletion of photos from Google Photos. This blog just requires your complete attention to learn the procedures on how to retrieve deleted Photos from Google Photos.    

Causes of Accidental Deletion of Photos From Google Photos 

Some possible causes require restoring deleted Photos from Google Photos. They are as follows: 

  • You have deleted photos unconditionally. 
  • Users have various Google accounts but aren’t signed in to the appropriate account consisting of the photos they require. 
  • By mistake, you have clicked on the Free Up Space button, which leads to the deletion of photos. 
  • There may be a few technical problems, such as network bugs or issues from Google Photos’ side.  

Here, we have mentioned some possible reasons for causing accidental deletion of photos from Google Photos. Now, we will discuss how to recover deleted Photos from Google Photos. 

How to Restore Deleted Photos From Google Photos? 

Some methods assist users in retrieving deleted photos from Google Photos. Follow the given procedures to have a better understanding in your mind. 

  1. Get Back Deleted Photos from Google Photos With The Help of Web.  
  2. Recover Deleted Google Photos After 60 Days Through Google Support 

Now, we will elaborate on the above procedures in detail. So just read the complete guide to get your answer. 

Method 1: Get Back Deleted Photos From Google Photos With The Help of Web

You can effortlessly recover your deleted photos from Google Photos within a 60 days in a trash folder. Follow the steps as mentioned below. 

  • On your computer, launch in your desired browser.
  • Then, click the Menu button in the top left corner.
  • After that, choose the Trash button. 
  • Moving ahead, choose the targeted pictures you want to retrieve. Move your mouse to the desired photo and click the Done icon. 
  • In the end, click the Restore button on the top right. 

In the above section, we have mentioned a procedure through the web if you have deleted your photos within 60 days. You can straightforwardly restore them. 

Method 2: Recover Deleted Google Photos After 60 Days Through Google Support 

If the above solution is not working adequately, you must contact Google’s support team to retrieve your photos from Google Photos. 

  • First, navigate to
  • Then, scroll your mouse to the bottom and opt for the Need More Help option. 
  • Go with the Contact Us option and mention your problem in detail. 
  • Make sure to click the Next button and check if you got a response or not. If not, move to the next step. 
  • Choose email support options as per your requirements. 
  • Afterwards, place your cursor on the option I can’t find my Google photos and submit your query. 

Here, we discussed all possible solutions to restore deleted photos from Google Photos. You can check them out. If in the case above procedure doesn’t work appropriately, you will lose your photos permanently. To avoid this situation, you should take a backup of all your photos with the help of the Cigati Gmail Backup Tool. It will effortlessly take backup without data loss. In addition, users can save all their Google Photos on their local storage. Moreover, if your drive’s storage is running out, this tool will also help. In other words, this software is enough competent to Free Up Space in Google Photos.

Final Thoughts 

We have reached the last section for summing up this technical blog. We have mentioned two solutions to restore deleted photos from Google Photos. You can check them out. If in a case, the above procedures are not working, go with the software to create a backup.

About The Author:

Saumya is a proficient technical content writer with a deep passion for technology and a natural talent for writing. She excels in creating compelling and informative content that captivates readers on technology websites. Her areas of specialization include data migration, Email backup, and recovery, where her vast expertise enables her to develop superior-quality content that is both educational and stimulating.

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