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7 Ways to Use ChatGPT Custom Instructions

ChatGPT is undeniably a powerful tool for generating human-like text. But, sometimes feel, like need for more human touch in the ChatGPT content. Meanwhile, ChatGPT is versatile, and its responses might seem standardized across different interactions. If you compare queries posed to your ChatGPT with those presented to a friend’s ChatGPT on the same subject, you’ll likely get similar answers. Its uniformity could be reduced through Chatgpt custom instructions, which tailor ChatGPT’s responses to align more closely with your preferences or needs.

Understanding What is The Custom Instructions of ChatGPT?

As per current, you can now make your own special ChatGPT with custom instructions. Initially available to ChatGPT Plus users in July. OpenAI decided to extend this feature to all ChatGPT accounts. Now, everyone can personalize their chatbots.

Custom instructions empower you to guide ChatGPT in how you want it to respond to your questions. Whether you fancy a joke in every reply or prefer being addressed as your name or any pronouns. It’s entirely up to you. Previously, all ChatGPT interactions started as a clean slate for everyone. If you had specific requests, you had to repeat them in every new chat, which could be bothersome. With Custom instructions for ChatGPT, it becomes more efficient, practical, and enjoyable. Let’s understand why we need to customize ChatGPT with custom instructions.

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Advantages of Chatgpt Custom Instructions: 

Since the custom instruction update came, it always comes to the user’s mind what the significance of using Custom Instructions in Chat GPT is.

  • Customize ChatGPT’s answers to match your preferences, creating a more personalized interaction that reflects your unique style.
  • Save time by setting predefined preferences, allowing ChatGPT to understand and respond according to your desired tone, humor, or specific requests.
  • Ensure that ChatGPT consistently follows specific instructions without the need to repeat them in every conversation, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience.

Let’s have a walk through the various ways to Chatgpt custom instructions.

Steps to Utilize Customize ChatGPT With Custom Instructions: 

As per the last knowledge update in January 2023, Chatgpt had not released specific details about accessing custom instructions for ChatGPT. However, if OpenAI has implemented this feature, you can typically find it in the settings or preferences section of your ChatGPT account.

Let’s discuss how to use ChatGPT Custom instructions, for this we will follow below steps:

  • Firstly, Visit and sign in.
  • After that, on the sidebar, select the Explore option.
  • Now, select the option to Create GPT.
  • Next, put your instructions in the message box on the Create page. Engage in a conversation with the GPT builder until you achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Now, select the Configure option to make advanced customizations to your AI assistant. This includes changing the chatbot’s name, refining instructions, uploading knowledge files, and setting up actions.
  • After making your changes, click on Save and choose your preferred sharing option for the custom GPT.
  • At the end, Please select Confirm.

Moreover, make sure to check the latest documentation or announcements from OpenAI since features may have changed since my last update. If you have any issues or questions about accessing custom instructions, consider looking into OpenAI’s support resources or community forums for help. Now, this blog will take you to the different ways to Use ChatGPT Custom Instructions.

7 Effective Ways to Utilize The Customize ChatGPT With Custom Instructions:

The best way to use Custom Instructions In Chat GPT would be very different according to the user. So, we will have a walk-through on a few active and efficient ways to use Chatgpt custom instructions.

1. Tell It Your Style:

Custom Instructions allow you to define your profession, enabling the AI chatbot to provide responses tailored to your job. This includes specifying the formality of responses and choosing between more detailed or concise answers based on your preferences.
In addition, whether you are a software developer, Marketer, HR, Teacher, or even student, you can use it as you want.

For example, if you are an HR professional, you can add “ I am an HR professional in an MNC” in box one and “Always respond in a formal, polite writing style with understandable words” in box two of Custom Instructions.

2. Specific Information Retrieval:

Assume, you’re interested in technology and want information specifically about artificial intelligence. Using ChatGPT’s custom instructions, you could say:

“ChatGPT, Please give me information about artificial intelligence, focusing on recent advancements, and its impact on various industries.”

By giving this instruction, you guide ChatGPT to give you detailed information about a specific topic (artificial intelligence) and tailor the response to your particular interest (recent advancements and impacts on industries). The custom instruction helps ChatGPT understand your request and provide a response that aligns with your specified focus.

3. Add Some Fun: 

Adding some fun to ChatGPT involves instructing it to include humorous or entertaining elements in its responses. You can use specific instructions to guide ChatGPT in incorporating jokes, playful language, or any other entertaining content.

If you’re asking ChatGPT to provide information about a topic, you can add a custom instruction like, “Make it fun and add a joke.” For instance:

User: Tell me about penguins.

Custom Instruction: Make it fun and add a joke.

ChatGPT’s Response: Penguins are like the best-dressed birds at a black-tie event. Always suited up in their tuxedos, ready to slide into a party on the ice!

4. Get Stuff Done:

However, Get Stuff Done means you can instruct ChatGPT to assist you in completing tasks. For instance, if you want to write an email but are unsure how to start, you can tell ChatGPT something like:

“Draft a professional email to inquire about job opportunities.  Please provide a well-written introduction and main points for me to include.”

Based on your instruction, ChatGPT will generate content to help you begin the email, making it easier for you to complete the task. This way, you’re using ChatGPT to get things done, like writing an email, by guiding it with your specific needs.

5. Ask Specific Things:

Certainly, if you’re looking for information about a specific topic, you can provide ChatGPT with clear instructions. For example:

Without Specific Instruction:

You ask ChatGPT, “Tell me about dogs.”

With Specific Instruction:

Instead, you can say, “Can you provide information about the different breeds of dogs, their characteristics, and any notable health considerations?”

Altogether, By being more specific, you guide ChatGPT to generate a response that aligns with your precise request, ensuring you get the information you’re specifically interested in.

6. Task Automation:

On the other hand, task automation with ChatGPT involves instructing the AI to complete certain jobs for you. For instance, you can tell ChatGPT to draft an email or create content based on your needs. Let’s break it down with an example:

Suppose you have a specific requirement for content creation.  You could instruct ChatGPT like this: ChatGPT, generate a blog post introducing our new product. Focus on its features, benefits, and how it addresses customer needs.

7. Learning and Education:

On the other hand, the best ChatGPT Custom Instructions help you with studying a complex topic, like astronomy, and you want to use ChatGPT to help you learn more effectively. You can instruct ChatGPT with custom instructions like:

“Hey ChatGPT, I’m studying astronomy. Can you provide me with a detailed explanation of the concept of black holes?”


In the changing world of OpenAI, ChatGPT Custom Instructions are like a superpower. They let users customize how ChatGPT talks to them. In short, this means you can make ChatGPT understand and reply just the way you like, without having to repeat yourself every time. Eventually, this superpower is handy for many things. Teachers can use it to plan lessons, business folks can make ChatGPT understand what they want, and creators can make ChatGPT talk like them. It’s like adding a special touch to the conversations. But in the end, if you’re into extras, you can even add more instructions to make ChatGPT do even cooler stuff, making your time with it even more fun.

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