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Top 5 Ways to Resolve IMAP AOL.Com Not Responding Error

The IMAP not responding error has troubled the users for a long time. But not now, as we have come up with the best methods that will resolve this error instantly. If you are one such user who wants to resolve IMAP AOL.Com not responding error, then this blog is meant for you.

What Does AOL IMAP Not Responding Problem?

IMAP AOL error occurs and signifies the issues in loading the webmail. It pops up when users try to refresh or load their emails. However, it leads to a severe issue as it eventually halts the email transmission of your AOL account. You need to be familiar with the AOL servers to effectively understand the root of this error.

The AOL account is maintained by two servers, namely, IMAP and SMTP. The IMAP server manages the incoming emails, whereas the SMTP server caters to the outgoing emails. If there is an issue with any of these servers, your email transmission will suffer, and this AOL IMAP server not responding error can appear. There are also several other reasons that you need to get acquainted with before you initiate to resolve IMAP AOL.Com Not responding error.

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Reasons to Create IMAP AOL.Com Not Responding Error

The below points are the main reasons behind generating the IMAP AOL not responding error while loading mailboxes.

  • An unstable internet connection can cause this error as it can affect the loading speed of the AOL account.
  • Some technical glitches in the AOL servers can contribute to showing the IMAP AOL error.
  • Incorrect configuration settings for the IMAP or SMTP servers affect the functioning of the AOL account.
  • The security applications of the user’s system may be hindering the working of the servers giving rise to the error.
  • If you enter the wrong AOL password on the email client, then you are likely to face this issue.

You should be familiar with the above reasons to avoid encountering the IMAP AOL error. Nonetheless, if you still have issues, utilize the below methods to fix the cannot be verified error.

How to Resolve IMAP Not Responding Error?

You can rely on the methods listed below for your query on how to fix is not responding. They are manual solutions that need to be performed precisely to avoid any issues. Perhaps, before moving towards these methods, you need to ensure that you do not have any AOL server issues. If the AOL server is facing some downtime, then you need to wait for some time as it resolves itself.

1. Delete and Reinstall your AOL Account

You need to correct any minor or major glitches or errors in the settings of AOL to remove the IMAP AOL not responding. The best method to do this is by uninstalling and reinstalling your AOL account. By doing this, the settings autocorrect them removing any issue. You can execute this method to resolve IMAP AOL.Com Not responding error using the below-mentioned steps.

  • Start with navigating to the Settings option on your phone.
  • Now, scroll down and choose the Accounts and password option.
  • All the email accounts that are logging in will be displayed. Here, select the email Id that is not responding.
  • Tap on the red button to delete that account.
  • After that, select the Back button to revert to the Main menu. You need to give some time to the device for synchronizing the new settings.
  • Then, open the Settings option again.
  • Scroll and locate the Accounts and password icon.
  • Choose the Add Account option under Accounts and password.
  • Here, opt for the AOL account that is causing the problem from the list of email ID providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, etc.
  • At last, fill in the login credentials of your AOL account, and the IMAP not responding error will be resolved.

These steps will resolve IMAP AOL.Com not responding error. However, if the error persists, you can opt for the other methods given below.

2. Updating Account Details

As incorrect configuration settings of the server are also the culprit behind the IMAP AOL not responding error. It is required that you update and verify the account details. This method is an easy fix as you only need to modify the settings of the server. We have provided the apt configuration details for your AOL account that will prevent any error.

Server Address –

Port Number – 587

Authentication Type – SSL

3. Enter Correct Login Details

The AOL account cannot sync with the server if the account login details are entered incorrectly. The synchronization issue gives rise to several errors, including the IMAP not responding problem. Hence, you are required to enter the correct login password to sign in to resolve IMAP AOL.Com not responding errors

4. Disabling Security Applications

Security programs hinder the functioning of the AOL account. It interferes with the synchronization of the AOL account with the server resulting in the IMAP AOL Com not responding error. You can disable the security programs while operating the email client to ensure successful email transmission without any errors. Moreover, the firewall blocking any add-ins should also be turned off to prevent hindrance.

All these manual methods are verified to resolve IMAP AOL.Com not responding error. You can follow any of these as per your requirements to fix the issue. Nevertheless, there are some shortcomings of the manual solutions that make them obsolete. They are very time-consuming and complex. The users are required to have prior technical experience to execute these methods. Furthermore, the complexity of these methods makes it tough for the users to execute them.

We have another solution to resolve IMAP AOL.Com Not responding error and avoid the limitations of the manual methods. If you are facing these issues and can not fix the IMAP not responding error, then you can shift from AOL. You can backup and migrate the AOL mailbox to other formats or email clients, respectively. The Cigati AOL Backup Tool is the best utility for this purpose. It can save and backup your AOL emails into numerous file formats like PST, MBOX, PNG, TXT, PDF, DOC, CSV, MSG, HTML, etc. Additionally, you can also migrate to other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Office 365, etc. The best feature of the tool is that it can undertake these conversions in bulk.

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The IMAP not responding error is not to worry for as it is commonly faced by AOL users. We have inspected all the aspects of this error, including the nomenclature, reasons, and methods to fix it. If you are facing this error, follow the manual solutions provided in the blog to resolve IMAP AOL.Com not responding error. These methods will help you but can pose some constraints. You are suggested to use the AOL Backup Tool for migrating and saving the AOL mailbox if the issue persists. It can prevent you from any further AOL errors without any data loss.

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