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Fix Outlook Error Code x80040900? – Step-by-Step Guide

MS Outlook is one of the leading on-premises email clients that every business enterprise owns. It provides several productive services that enhance user productivity. However, it also poses some errors that sometimes can be troublesome. One such error is the x80040900 error code. In this blog, we will be specifically going through all the aspects of this Outlook error while providing its solutions.

What is a 0x80040900 Error?

Outlook users encounter the Outlook error code x80040900 when sending or receiving emails. The error is displayed in a below-listed manner.

Receiving reported error (0x80040900) – The server name you entered cannot be found on the network (it might be down temporarily). Verify that you are online and that the server name is correct. 

It can occur due to various reasons and can hinder the working of Outlook. Therefore, users are always keen to find a solution to fix this issue. We have provided the best methods using which you can get rid of this error, but before that, let us take a look at the reasons that give this to the error x80040900 in Outlook.

Reasons for the Outlook Error x80040900

There can be different reasons for this error depending upon the usage of the user. However, the most probable reasons are mentioned below.

  • If there is corruption or some damage in the Windows registry due to the wrongly installed Outlook applications or add-ins, then this error pops up.
  • Virus or malware intrusions can affect the system files giving rise to multiple errors in different applications, including Outlook.
  • Incorrect installation of MS Outlook or from some unauthorized sources.
  • The corruption in the PST files can also be a major cause of the Outlook error 0x80040900.
  • Internet connection not working while sending or receiving emails in Outlook.

All the above reasons are a cause of concern for users and should be noted carefully to avoid them. The Outlook error code x80040900 can be avoided if you are aware of the above reasons. Perhaps, the methods to fix the same are given below.

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Manual Methods to Fix Error x80040900

You can take the help of the below-mentioned manual solutions to fix the Outlook error 0x80040900.

1. Check the Internet Connectivity

As a stable internet connection is required for the proper functioning of Outlook, you need to ensure that your internet is working. It will automatically fix the error when you connect back to a stable network if you were not before. 

Hence, before going to any other method to troubleshoot the error, make sure that Outlook is online with a stable and working internet connection. 

2. Verify Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Some Antivirus programs block the Outlook application processes misinterpreting them as threats. Therefore, it affects the functioning of Outlook and poses errors. It is a simple fix that you need to disable the Antivirus and Firewall for some time and enable them back when you are done using Outlook.

3. Check Mail Server Settings

Incorrect Mail Server settings also play a vital role in resolving several Outlook errors, including 0x80040900. You must ensure that the mail server settings of your Outlook account are correct to fix this error. Follow the below steps precisely to verify the settings and correct them.

  • Run the MS Outlook program and tap on the File tab. 
Outlook error code x80040900
  • Under the File menu, select the Info option. 
error x80040900
  • Now, tap on Account Settings and pick Account Settings again from the drop-down. Outlook error code x80040900
  • In the new tab, select the email id and press the Change icon. Outlook error 0x80040900
  • Here, verify and correct the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) options. Here, verify and correct the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) options.
  • After that, hit the More Settings option to proceed ahead. hit the More Settings option to proceed ahead.
  • Then, choose the Advanced tab for further mail setting options. choose the Advanced tab for further mail setting options.
  • Correct and verify the mail server settings and port numbers. Correct and verify the mail server settings and port numbers.
  • At last, press the OK icon to finish the process. 
At last, press the OK icon to finish the process.

4. Repair Corrupt PST File 

Corruption and damage in the PST that give rise to the Outlook error code x80040900 can be fixed using the Inbox Repair Tool. It is a smart utility that is provided by Microsoft to repair corrupt and damaged Outlook PST files. It can fix the Outlook error and give the repaired PST file back to the user after recovery. 

You just need to add the PST file into the tool, and it will start scanning it for errors. Once the complete process is complete, your PST will be free from any damage. Perhaps, this tool is always not effective and can take multiple attempts to recover the PST files. 

5. Quick and Safe Methods to Fix Outlook Error

There are also other methods, tips, and tricks that you should be aware of. These come in handy and can quickly fix the error x80040900 of Outlook. 

  • Delete your Outlook account and add it again using the login details.
  • Reinstall MS Outlook properly without any interruptions.
  • Repair the Outlook applications with its Installation Wizard. 

All these methods are listed to help you resolve the Outlook error 0x80040900. However, if you are still unable to fix the error, then it may be occurring due to the inability to repair the corrupt PST files. There are several limitations of these methods like it is time-consuming and complex.

Hence, to overcome all these limitations, you can opt for an expert solution, i.e., the Cigati PST File Recovery Tool. It is a robust tool that can repair and recover corrupt and damaged PST files without any issues. You can save time and perform bulk recovery of your Outlook PST files. Moreover, the utility is capable to save the recovered PST file data in multiple file formats like EML, MSG, MBOX, etc.


Error x80040900 in Outlook can prove to be hectic for users as it halts the email transmission services. You can utilize the manual solutions provided in this blog to fix the error. These are the top methods that are proven to resolve the error. Perhaps, these pose some limitations that restrict their usage. So, to avoid these restrictions and to fix the error by repairing the PST file, you can directly go for the professional PST File Repair Tool. It is very effective in repairing Outlook PST files with ease.

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