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Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007?

Query: I am searching for the best procedures on “how to recover deleted Folder in Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007”. When I was working in Outlook, I accidentally lost my entire folder. That folder contains some crucial information related to my work and, want to recover that folder anyhow. Please give me a suitable solution to come out of this issue. 

It’s a common issue among the users who deleted accidentally or by mistake their folder in Outlook. But when it’s come to recover those files, they are clueless. So, to help those users, we will discuss this issue in brief. 

MS Outlook is increasing users day by day, as they use Outlook to store and keep track of their daily tasks. It also has various other functions like organizing, saving, and restoring the deleted calendars, journals, tasks, contacts, etc. So, Contact folders play a crucial role for the users as the user saves all the details in the folders. It makes the sharing of email procedures easier if they have their relevant details.

Have you ever thought about what one will do if the user accidentally erased the contacts? Mainly those users who frequently use this for sending and receiving emails. Let us solve this issue on how to recover accidentally deleted folder in Outlook. Here, you will understand the manual procedures and try them simultaneously.

Different Manual Solutions to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook:

Users can use three approaches to perform the recovery of the deleted folder in Outlook. They are discussed below in brief so let’s know them one by one.

Method 1: Utilize the Deleted Items Folder

Whenever the user deletes either their folders or items from Outlook it automatically migrates into the Deleted Items Folder. One can take them back or recover them by using these simple instructions. These are:

  • User should open the Outlook account and visit the Deleted Items Folders at the Folder’s List
  • Here, users can browse for the folders that get deleted from Outlook and now require to be restored. There are different Sorting options available so that one can search easily.
  • After that, Right-tap on the searched folders that require to be restored. Choose the option Move and choose Another folder option
  • Finally, choose the folders from the list and tap on the OK

Method 2: Try Recoverable Item Folders to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook

One can use this method i.e Recoverable Items Folder to restore all deleted folders from Outlook. 

There are some ways by which permanent deletion of folders or items will take place. Such methods are harmful to users.

  • By pressing the Shift + key altogether, one can Delete the folders or items 
  • If the folders get removed from the Deleted Items Folder

Users must know that the entire folders or items can be recovered through the Recoverable Items Folder. Visit the Deleted Items Folder. Users can easily export the Folders or items from there to another folder

Once any of the folders get recovered from the Recoverable Items folder. It will go to the Deleted Items folder at the same time. Hence, the folders can be searched with ease. Users can recover deleted folder in Outlook either by moving or exporting them to Other Folder

  • First, open the Outlook account, then visit Home Tab and from the server, select Recoverable Items Folder.
  • Now, browse for the desired folders to restore
  • After that, Right-tap and select the option of Restore Selected Items and tap on the OK
  • Finally, the recovery of deleted folders will occur in the Deleted Items Folders. Now, users can restore their Folders through Method1

How to Retrieve Deleted Mail From Outlook Using Professional Tool

These were some of the manual tips and tricks that one can follow to recover deleted folder in Outlook. No doubt these methods will perform well. But if it doesn’t work as it should, then it means some corrupt PST files that need to be solved first. Users can fix this issue, by using an alternative tool. 

Users can opt for the Cigati Outlook PST Repair Tool to recover all MS Outlook data items with Emails, contacts, calendars, etc. the utility can support to repair PST of MS Outlook Versions – 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc.

Final Words

In this blog, we have mentioned solutions on how to recover deleted folder in Outlook. Outlook folders are considerably precious sources for the user. If one deletes their Folders from Outlook, then it will lead to a big problem. You can also fix The Outlook Inbox Emails disappeared issue manually here. The blog included different procedures that one can use to recover their deleted folder. If the user is having a problem while using it, then it might be possible that some corrupt PST files are restricting the manual procedure. To repair this issue, users can opt for the alternative tool that easily repairs corrupt PST files. 

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