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How to Fix Unrecognized Database Format . [Error 3343]


  • Published on:  February 7th, 2020
  • Updated on:  August 16, 2022

Are your Access database starting giving an error message of Unrecognized database format [Error 3343]? Or if you are looking to encounter access error 3343, then you land on the right page. Today, we are going to discuss the techniques which are necessary to encounter the access runtime error.

Apart from the techniques to fix this error, you will get to know about “What is Access runtime error 3343 unrecognized database format Error?”, “Why Access Error 3343 Occur?”, “Reason to Fix Unrecognized database format” & finally the “Top 3 methods to Fix Access 3343 – Unrecognized Database Format Error.”

But it is always a better option to opt for the ways to prevent the MS Access database before it gets corrupt. Now, let’s start with the brief about unrecognized database error 3343.

What is an Unrecognized Database Format? [Error 3343]?

Unrecognized database format error occur.

Many users get the error message Unrecognized Database Format when they are accessing the ACCESS database. And users get this message mostly for the Access versions 2010, 2013, or 2016. This error is a part of the secondary error frxque32.mdb file and occurs only when the file frxque32.mdb has been corrupted. And it might be due to the reasons for rendering the user and getting blocked out from the database. But sometimes the user can access some part of the database and because of this, we will first discuss the main concepts of this error.

Why Does Access Error 3343 Occur?

This error can occur under several circumstances some of which we will discuss above. And some more reasons for the occurrence of this error are mentioned below:

  1.  An unrecognized database format error can occur when the user is trying to open a database file to the newer version that is from the older version.
  2. Can occur due to improper functioning of Microsoft Office.
  3. If you are facing the problem of “space running out”.
  4. When you are using third-party plugins.
  5. If the user service pack is outdated.
  6. Due to system shutdown at random, and your database is open.
  7. If the database files is corrupt or damaged. Some reasons are given below:
    • Virus attack.
    • Software or hardware issues.
    • A bad sector on the hard drive like the non-continuous damaged file.
    • At the time of bulky file usage.
    • The occurrence of multiple locks at the instance of time.

Top 3 Methods to Fix Access Runtime Error 3343 Unrecognized Database Format Error

In this technical guide, we are going to discuss the top 5 best methods to remove Access Error 3343. So, follow the steps carefully to fix this issue. Let’s start the resolving methods…

Method 1: Import Your Corrupt Database

Sometimes your corrupted database files may create an error of Unrecognized database format. So, if this is the real matter which creates an error then importing process may fix your issue. Follow the below steps to import your corrupted database:

  1. Open MS Access.
  2. Create a New Database.
  3. Click on the Access button.
  4. On the next window, press the browse button.
  5. Locate the file.
  6. Give the destination to store data in the new database.
  7. Click ok, then choose the file you want to import.

Method 2: Re-open the Database file in the Older Version

Error 3343 can also be occurred due to the opening of the database file in another version. The Unrecognized Database Format. [Error 3343] mainly happens when the user tries to open the database file in Access 2010 that is created in Access 2013, then for that case, the user may get this error. This mainly happens because ACCESS 2013 uses the latest index options which are not compatible with the Access 2010 files. If this is the main reason then to re-open your database file in the previous version might solve your issue.

If you want to fix this issue then assure the following settings are executed well:

File >> Options >> General >> Creating Database >> New Database Sort Order

Also, assure that General >> Legacy setting is followed. This is important to ensure whether this setting is followed as Acces 2010 files will not open with the “General” format.

NOTE: It is not recommended to the users to keep both the versions of the Access on the same database file, as this enhances the chances to corrupt your file and give you an error message of Unrecognized Database Format.

Method 3: Launch your Inbuilt Access Repair Utility

Corruption is a common problem that is not something, that can’t be repaired. If users want to repair their Access database files, then there is an Inbuilt utility for those who do not want to invest lots of money in third-party utilities. If a user tries to split a single database file into two different files then an error occurs and this could be due to the database link getting broken, a system crash, network disconnection, or damage. On the other hand, you can use a professional Cigati Access Database Recovery tool. It is the most secure and reliable software that comes with many advanced options.

Note: If your database files got corrupt then you need to recover the data files from the Access Database with an valid backup. But if you lost your backup files or you even didn’t take your backup then, in that case, you need a third-party Utility to fix access error 3343.

Last words

In this technical guide, we have discussed the ways to fix the issue Unrecognized Database Format . [Error 3343]. If any of the MS ACCESS users face the issue regarding this error code then they can follow these manual steps. But for the case when your files contain sensitive data then it is always recommended to the users to use the third party Access Database Recovery Tools.