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Apple Vision Pro: Everything You Should Know

Apple Inc. hosts the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) every year in June for a week. As usual, the conference was held at Apple Park in California. This year, the company unveiled an AR/VR headset named “Apple Vision Pro”. This headset is going to Bridge the physical and virtual world. Apple Vision Pro uses Mixed reality (MR) as the technology. It will blend the elements of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive and interactive experiences. The users, in real-time, can now interact with both the physical and digital world through virtual objects simultaneously.

What Are The Features of This Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro leverages cutting-edge technology to create a blend of the digital and physical worlds. It offers users a new level of interaction and engagement. The Apple Vision Pro facilitates an array of advanced features that combine to deliver a unique experience, setting it apart in spatial computing.

1. Immersive Display: The headset features sharp micro OLED displays. The visuals are of high quality. Moreover, it provides a realistic look, like shadows over objects in your surroundings. It uses an M2 chip accompanied by an Apple R1 co-processor for real-time sensor input processing.

2. Rotating Crown: It has a rotating crown similar to the Apple Watch. You can adjust the amount of transparency and make you feel more in the real world.

3. Seamless Eye Tracking: You can navigate through the device interface by just moving your eyes. Not only this, but you can even play games or select items. This user-friendly device will be convenient in enabling precise and natural interaction with the interface. LEDs and infrared cameras are used to track eye movements.

4. Intuitive Hand Gestures: You can control the interface using hand gestures, eliminating the requirement for an external controller. There are many  Sensors and cameras on the headset to detect your hand movements. Your hands won’t get tired as the system encourages you to keep your hands on the lap. The gestures are Double Tap, Tap, Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, inch, etc. The system can even work in dim lighting.

5. Transparency Feature: While using the device, you won’t disconnect from the real world. Switching between the real and virtual environment shows your eyes through an external OLED display, enhancing real-world interactions.

6. Realistic Avatars in Facetime: The demo of realistic avatars was shown at WWDC 2023. Scan your face with and create 3D representations of users during Facetime calls, matching their facial expressions, eye movements, and hand gestures for a more immersive experience.

7. Independent Computer: It runs on Apple’s Vision OS and can run multiple apps effectively. It uses an M2 chip for computing power and an R1 chip for processing data from the providers or sensors.

8. 3D Camera with Spatial Audio: The headset can capture memories with spatial audio, allowing you to revisit them later on the device. It features an iris recognition system for security.

9. Compatibility with Apple Ecosystem: The Vision Pro syncs seamlessly with other Apple devices and can connect to Macs and iPhones for extended functionality.

10. High-Quality Display: The headset boasts a display of 23 million pixels across two screens, providing extreme detail and eliminating the screen door effect common in other headsets.

What is The Experience Of Wearing Apple Vision Pro Like?

When you put on the device, the Face ID is one to get the right fit for your face. The weight is over a pound. So, you don’t need to feel very heavy on the head or very light, either. The battery is separate, so it makes the headset light. 

The eye tracking is appropriate and accurate. The hand gestures are intuitive. You can select the item with a smaller tap. For voice control, Siri is used, and there is a virtual keyboard available for typing. The resolution is crisp, and the 3D experience will be the best you have ever seen. In the future, there will be content that will be released specifically for the Apple Vision Pro. But for now, all the content is available on Apple TV, and another streaming platform can be enjoyed on Apple Vision Pro. 

Is There Any Future?

In the future, watching the live streaming of matches will be exciting with this highly technologically advanced device. While using “Facetime,” you can use the digital persona, which is 3D, but it feels like you are talking to someone made from AI.

It makes you feel that you are all together in a different place. The spatial audio helps in believing the virtual reality. The lag is decreased to 12 milliseconds, and you won’t feel any motion sickness.

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What is The Price and Release Date?

The Tech giant is boasting about the features and capabilities of this highly enabled technological device. However, the price of $3,500 has come as a shock to many. When the question was asked by Tim Cook, the CEO of the company regarding the price point, he was positive and said people make choices according to their financial condition. 

According to them, the price point is justified, and developing such a technologically advanced has taken them years to create the device. During the development, they have filed nearly 5000 patents while developing the product. The depth of the engineering, which gives 4k resolution is mindblowing. The price of the device is criticized by media and consumers. It’s expected that the cost of Apple Pro will come down with time. We can expect there will be a new economical version in this newly introduced category. The launch is set for early 2024. We can expect to reach the consumers by April 2024.

Wrapping Up!

The Apple Vision is the start of something big. Finally, we can see a promising device in mixed reality. It marks the beginning of a new era and billions of dollars in investment in the research and development of Apple Vision  Pro. Despite the high price point, the experience that it offers is unique and is expected to improve soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Vision Pro expensive?

Yes, it costs 3500$ currently, but we can expect the price to lower within a year. 

What is the demo of Apple Vision Pro like?

The demo of many applications on the Apple Vision Pro was available and released at WWDC ( conference ), but the demos for sports entertainment stood out. Watching an NBA match or an exciting baseball match feels real.

What is the release date of Apple Vision Pro?

The company expected to release the product in the first quarter of 2024.

 What is the resolution of Apple Vision Pro?

According to the official video of the product, the resolution is 23 million pixels, which means over a 4k TV.

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