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How to Transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook?

 Vaibhav Pal

  • Published on:  February 25th, 2020
  • Updated on:  February 1, 2022

Due to advanced technologies, Outlook comes with an updated version i.e Outlook 2019 with new features that are not included in the previous email clients. Because of these new advanced features, Gmail users want to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook. If you’re one of them, this article will support you a lot. This write-up discusses all the methods that you can follow when switching all emails from Gmail to Outlook.

Gmail and Outlook are some of the most prominent email clients that are widely used in our daily lives. These email clients are used to communicate via sending and receiving emails in between the users. When a user faces any difficulties with Gmail then they think to move to Outlook. As Outlook is another best email application for communicating and offers various advanced features.

There are lots of reason to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook s that one must to know before proceeding further.

Reasons to Migrate From Gmail To Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019 includes many unique features like fixing the queries by one-click, Hands-free typing, Listen to your emails, three-time zones, Automatic download of cloud attachments, etc. As there are so many features available, everyone wants to transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook 2019.

There are some situations where users need to export their Gmail data to Outlook as follows:

  • Whenever a user needs to merge Gmail data with other accounts:

In this case, you can make PST file of your Gmail data and then configure it with Outlook account. This will merge Gmail data with Outlook successfully.

  • When an organization terminates Gmail services and migrating to Outlook:

In this case, you can take a backup of your Gmail data and then move it to Outlook so that there is no loss of data.

Now, proceed further to know the manual method to tansfer Gmail Emails to Outlook.

Manual Way to Copy Gmail Emails to Outlook 2007/10/13/13

Follow the below manual procedures to transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook below:

Method 1: Steps to Configure Gmail and Outlook:

For Gmail:

  1. Initially, sign in to Gmail account and go to the gear icon and choose ‘Settings‘.
  2. Now, navigate to ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP‘ >> ‘IMAP Access‘ and choose the option ‘Enable IMAP’.manual method to transfer gmail email to outlook
  3. At last, hit on ‘Save Changes’.

For Outlook:

  1. Now, open Outlook and log in to it. Then go to File >>Add Account.
  2. A pop up of an Auto Account Setup will appear next, type your name, Gmail id, password correctly & press Next.
  3. After successful completion, hit on Finish. Now, all Gmail data will be accessed by users in the Outlook account.
  4. Now, again visit File menu in Outlook and select Open & Export >> Import/Export
  5. Then choose ‘Export to a File‘ & hit on Next.
  6. Select Outlook Data File (*.pst)>>Next.
  7. Choose an account using the Gmail id, name and tick subfolders for exporting complete data.
  8. Now, select the destination location to store the data.

This will help you to transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook successfully.

You will be happy by seeing these methods but these methods have many drawbacks. So, let’s discuss some methods here:

Drawbacks of the Manual Procedure :

  • Only one email transfer at a time.
  • The speed of each step execution becomes very slow.
  • Manual steps are very complicated.
  • It accesses a lot of time.
  • Data loss may occur using a manual approach.
  • These methods are less secure.

As you can see that there are lots of limitations with manual procedures then you must be thinking of another solution. If you want another solution then you can go with an alternative method as given below:

Alternative Solution to Transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook

So, you can go through a trustworthy Cigati Gmail Backup tool to export Gmail emails to Outlook 2019. It ensures full data security with no data loss.  This tool has a user-friendly GUI. Even a user without having any technical knowledge can use this software without any prior experience. One can easily transfer Emails from Gmail to Yahoo or other required platform by using these utilities.  Gmail Backup tool allows users to transfer contacts from Gmail to Outlook as well. So, use this method to setup Gmail in Outlook get an instant solution without any data loss. 

Final Verdict

This write up explains the ethod to transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook in detail and the reasons for migration. The next section of this guide shows you all the manual steps that one need to be taken to transfer emails from Gmail to Microsoft. If you are not satisfied with the given manual solutions then you can go through the given alternate method for instant results. I hope, you will be happy to read this guide. 

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