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Best Ways to Transfer Email from Google Workspace to Gmail

Nowadays, several organizations use Google Workspace (G Suite) as it contains Google calendars, Google contacts, Google Drive, photos, and emails. Most of the time, large businesses purchase G Suite as it helps them to deal with clients efficiently. Moreover, Google charges some amount from the users to use it. When we compare it with Gmail, various folders are here, such as drafts, inbox, sent items, and many more. In addition, it is a free-of-cost email client. As a result, users want to transfer email from Google Workspace to Gmail. This guide will discuss a reliable procedure, Cigati G Suite Backup Tool. But before moving ahead, you should know detailed information about G Suite and Gmail.

Google Workspace VS Gmail

Basis Google Workspace Gmail
Control and Admin Users use it for business purposes and control admin manage all accounts. Users utilize Gmail for personal use, and the admin controls all accounts.
Supportability Support for 24/7
  1. Community Forum
  2. Knowledge Base
  1. Outlook Synchronization
  2. Email Signature Management
Gmail Add-ons
Cost $5 – $16 for different business plans. If you want to purchase an enterprise plan, contact the sales team. Free
Storage 30 GB – Unlimited 15 GB
Management and Security
  1. Endpoint (device management)
  2. Work Insights (insights of data-driven)
  3. Vault (enterprise archiving)
  4. Admin (admin and security controls)
  1. Spam filtering
  2. 128-bit TLS encryption
  3. Confidential Mode
  4. Antivirus Scanning

Here, you have seen that we have mentioned a brief introduction about both email clients. Now, we will discuss an efficient procedure for the Google Workspace to Gmail migration process.

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How to Transfer Email From Google Workspace to Gmail?

We have a comprehensive and versatile solution, Cigati G Suite Backup Tool. It will help you to migrate email from Google Workspace to Gmail without bearing losses and challenges. In addition, users can effortlessly migrate entire items of G Suite, such as contacts, calendars, emails, and many more, to Gmail. Moreover, this utility will also support the conversion process if the mailbox data is in GBs. Now, we will learn the working of the software to transfer email from Google Workspace to Gmail. It will definitely clear all your doubts.

Steps to Migrate Google Workspace to Gmail

  • Download and run the Cigati G Suite Backup Tool on your local screen.
  • After that, mention the credentials of your admin Google Workspace account and click the Sign in with Google button.
  • Then, select the user account you want to convert into Gmail.
  • Here, choose Gmail as an application you want to convert Google Workspace to Gmail.
  • Now, select Gmail as an email client from the drop-down list and authenticate the login process.
  • Check the additional features if needed.
  • In the end, click the Convert button.

It will transfer email from Google Workspace to Gmail in a few steps. Now, we will discuss the detailed features of this efficient software.

Exclusive Features:
Just check out all the advanced features to get more information about the wizard.

  • A preview feature is available where you can view all the chosen G Suite accounts in a preview panel.
  • It allows users to select the resultant file’s format with the help of the naming convention feature.
  • This software provides another feature to skip duplicate emails before the migration process.
  • There is the involvement of entire users of the Enterprise account during the conversion process.
  • It maintains data integrity and hierarchy while accomplishing the Google Workspace to Gmail migration process.

The above-mentioned features will create a better understanding in your mind.

Time to Wrap Up!

Now, we would like to conclude our technical blog and hope you got sufficient information. We have gone through various stages. First, we mentioned the difference between G Suite and Gmail. After that, we discussed an efficient solution to transfer email from Google Workspace to Gmail. You can check it out and make sure to read the features of this wizard.

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