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Best 6 Practices to Secure Gmail Account from Hackers


  • Published on:  October 11th, 2022

Google Mail is the most well-known free email service used by millions of people across the globe. Millions of messages are sent and received daily via Google’s email application and web Gmail service program. A large portion of emails contains private or confidential details. That’s why we need to secure Gmail account from hackers.

However, it’s also the case that malicious hackers, phishing attacks, and password leaks have become more commonplace. To ensure your email address is safe, it’s important to protect the security of your Gmail account. Cybercriminals and hackers are developing new methods to expose their valuable personal information.

The most popular hacker tactics used on popular email clients. Every few years, Google experiences some form of a massive hacker attack. Here are the top methods to secure Gmail account in 2022 to maximize Gmail security for your account.

Top 5 Tips to Secure My Gmail Account from Hackers

These are the tips and genuine solutions to protect the essential data of your Gmail account. You can follow them and additionally, we will provide bonus tips for future data safety.

1. Make sure you use a strong password

An effective and strong password is the key factor. However, many internet users aren’t aware of the importance of a secure password and prefer the convenience of their online experience over protection. It is a risky choice. If you’re trying to ensure that the security of your password is as secure as it can be and is safe, you must adhere to the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) guidelines on passwords. Let’s review the most crucial NIST guidelines for passwords:

Length Over Complexity

It’s widely accepted that a password with a complicated structure is much more secure than a simple one. Instead, it suggests using passwords that have at minimum eight characters.

No Periodic Resets

The concept behind the no periodic resets is the access of an account that is not authorized by making the user reset their password every few months. However, this method is complex for users and increases security breaches. It’s hard enough to remember a single strong password. Therefore, making one password more secure to secure Gmail account.

Don’t Use Password Hints

Most of us share more than we think in the current era of over-exposure to social media. If you’re using the password hint that an attacker can find by analyzing the details of one of your social media accounts in the first place, you’re making it easier for hackers to gain the access you have granted to your accounts.

2. Choose your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Method

The process of adding Two-Step verification to the security of your Google account is quite simple and easy. Technology has advanced in the last few years and is now a must-have for anyone concerned about the safety of Google users. There is a variety of 2FA you can put up to add security to your Gmail account. The most popular are:

Text Messaging

SMS verification has been the standard in the field of Two-factor verification. However, this 2FA is becoming obsolete with time since SMS messages are susceptible to being stolen through basic vulnerabilities and are not generally secure compared to other techniques.

Google Prompts

There are two methods to utilize this feature to secure Gmail account. It is possible to set it to using your phone instead of your password. You can also set it as a 2FA option in addition to the password. Moreover, You can use Google Prompts with mobile or tablet devices.

Authenticator App

There are a variety of authenticator applications available, but Google Authenticator is the best available. It’s easy, minimal and a bit simplified.

Security Key

Hardware keys are the safest choice in terms of security 2FA. They are designed with personalization with the user interface in mind. They are usually combining various features and compatible with a variety of devices.

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3. Identify Scams Emails, Report and Phishing Methods

Pharming, scams, and phishing attacks are all common occurrences that we’ve all likely faced, regardless of whether we know it or not. It’s good to know that Gmail is anti-malware with phishing security turned on by default, meaning there’s nothing more you can do to add security to your account.

There are a few frauds, such as phishing scams, and spam messages may be able to sneak through occasionally. In such instances, the best thing to do is report the email to Google and not interact with the mail in any way.

To report a phishing or spam email, you must first select the drop-down arrow mark on the mailer’s right-hand edge. If prompted, choose either the “Report Spam” or “Report Phishing” option. It will immediately delete the message from your inbox and forward an email to Google to assist in improving its defenses against such attacks to secure Gmail account.

4. Make sure you take care of your Google Account Recovery

A strong password and 2FA are not just sufficient; you should prepare for the event. Also, you need to retrieve access to your Google account. A reliable account recovery method set up will enable you to gain access to your account if you’ve forgotten the username or even lost the mobile.

The setup for email and phone recovery is simple. Registration of an emergency mobile number and an email address is an essential step that each Gmail user must take. Recovery information will allow you to reset your password if you forget it or if someone else is using your account.

If you’d like to add another phone number and an email address, head to “Personal Information” on Your Google Account.

5. Manage Third-Party Applications

After you have logged off from your devices, check the third-party apps that have access to your account on security settings. The list contains each application you’ve allowed access to either your Google or Gmail account. Similar to other reports, the list serves as an overview. You can click on each item to see more details.
It’s possible to recognize the application. However, that doesn’t mean that you should keep the app unopened. The item’s view lets you look at the data the app is authorized to access.

Bonus Tip: Advanced & Safer Technique to Protect your Gmail Account Data

If you want to use the future safer option, then you can use the backup option. Google account contains most data like Google drive, contact, calendar, and Gmail emails. We use Gmail for personal and professional use, and our Google account stores essential data. The best way to secure Gmail account and protect data in your external hard drive is to take a backup of your Google account. Therefore, you can use the G Suite backup tool to take a backup of your complete Google account data. Using this method, you can easily get backup of your Gmail account in multiple file formats. 


In this blog, we have discussed the best options to secure Gmail account from hackers. Also, you can get a safer technique to store your data as a backup. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for reading!