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Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop: The Ultimate Offline Solution

Office 365 is a prominent application, that allows users to send or receive emails with lots of advanced features. It is a basket that offers multiple useful applications for a single premium. To access Office 365, you must have an internet connection. But sometimes, you want a backup of your data, and in this case, the user seeks a solution to save Office 365 emails to desktop or locally. So, in the next section, we will provide you with an elaboration on the methods for how to save Office 365 emails to desktops. However, before doing so, find out why users want to locally save their Office 365 mailbox.

Why save Office 365 emails to desktop Locally?

There are many advantages to saving your Office 365 mailbox to a desktop, hard drive, or local destination. Several advantages are listed below in detail.

  • You can access your data offline.
  • Allows you to make alterations to your saved data.
  • You have the option to add or delete attachments from the M365 mailbox.
  • Users can share or receive data without the internet.
  • You can use your data in case of a server crash.

These are a few advantages for users when they save email from Office 365 webmail to desktop. However, sometimes users also want to save Office 365 emails to hard drive in order to protect their data from virus and malware intrusions. Now, In the upcoming section, we will learn how to save the M365 mailbox locally.

Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop With a Traditional Approach

You can save M365 emails and their attachments in different file formats. Each technique is explained in more detail below. But make sure to add your O365 account to the desktop version of Outlook.

Method 1: Save Office 365 to Desktop in HTML format

  • Open the Outlook application on your existing device.
  • Select the message you want to save.
  • Move to the File button.
  • Select the Save As option in the new wizard.
  • Assign the name with a .html extension. For instance, if you choose the XYZ name of your file, then you have to write XYZ.html in the File name and the saving format as HTML.
  • At last, click on the Save button.

In this way, you can save Office 365 emails to Computer in HTML format. If you do not have the technical know-how. We advise you to don’t go with this method. Choose the next alternative.

Method 2: Use Import/Export Wizard to Save Office 365 Emails to the Desktop

In this method, we will export Office 365 mailbox to PST format to save your data locally. Take the below steps to store your Office 365 mailbox.

  • Access Outlook for desktop-based applications and move to the File tab.
  • Choose the Import/Export wizard menu.
  • Select the Export to a file option. Tap OK.
  • Following, select the files or folders you want to save.
  • Decide the saving format as .pst or .csv for them.
  • Manage the application feature in accordance.
  • Assign the destination for the resultant file and Click the Finish button.

In this way, your data will save locally in your chosen format.

Method 3: Save Office 365 Emails to the Computer in PDF format

In this method, you don’t have to configure Office 365 account in the Outlook desktop-based application. You can simply take the below steps to perform this task.

  • Open an Office 365 account and choose the Outlook application.
  • Select the message you want to save.
  • Go to the three dots, and choose the Print option.
  • It will show your message in the new wizard. In this screen, select the Print option.
  • Next, click on the Save button. It will save email from Office 365 webmail to desktop or on a local hard drive in PDF.

Using the above-described methods, you have multiple options to save Office 365 and its attachments in several formats. But these methods are difficult to execute and demand a high level of technical expertise from your side. Additionally, you don’t have the option to select preferred emails to save. You have to perform this repeatedly unless you save your emails. However, after using an automated tool you can save Office 365 to desktop or locally in numerous formats. Below is the complete elaboration of the automated tool.

Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop/Locally With a Professional Approach

The Cigati Office 365 Email backup Tool is an eminent tool that can save M365 emails and their attachments locally in various file formats, including CSV, PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML, JSON, EML, and more. In addition, with this tool, you can migrate your Office 365 mailboxes to other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Opera Mail, Hotmail, etc. Furthermore, with this tool, you can save your attachments separately in PDF format.

In addition, you should not possess any technical knowledge to use this tool.

Easy Steps Solution for How to Save Office 365 Emails to Desktop

  • Install and Launch the Cigati Office 365 backup Tool.
  • Choose the Backup option.
  • Enter the Office 365 credentials. Such as ID and password.
  • Choose the utility’s feature in accordance.
  • Select the saving format and utility feature in accordance.
  • At last, click on the Convert button.

This way, you can migrate Office 365 mailboxes to several file formats and email clients at your selected location.

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The above article provides you with the best and most reliable ways to save Office 365 emails to desktops, though you can opt for the manual method to accomplish this task. But these were risky to run and not supportive of multiple emails. On the contrary, a professional tool is loaded with advanced features that users can avail of without technical expertise.

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