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Quick Ways to Recover Deleted VMDK File from VMware

Virtual machines are growing in popularity for all purposes. Many home users use these machines to run alternative operating systems, while developers utilize virtual machines to create, test, and debug programs. Also, their data is stored in virtual machines, and sometimes their files are corrupted. So, they need to recover deleted VMDK file from VMware.

To recover files and folders from a VMware virtual machine, you must have located the VMDK files. VMDK is a file format used by VMWare, VirtualBox, and other virtual machines to define virtual hard drive containers. A VMDK file is a virtual disc file that holds the content (files and folders) of the hard drive of a virtual machine.

Virtual machines are just as prone to data loss as traditional hard drives. They are often more dependable for deploying alternative operating systems, testing applications, and running a Web server. However, if the virtual disk no longer mounts in its respective virtual machine, you need to repair the VMDK files from your VMware datastore.

Why Do Users Need to Recover Deleted VMDK file from VMware?

There are several causes where you can lose access to files. Also, these files contain corporate data and other crucial information saved on virtual computers or hard drives. Here we will go through why users need to recover deleted VMDK from datastore.

1. Problems with the Physical Drive

Sometimes, due to physical damage to the drive may be the unexpected drive failure cause.

2. Software Failure

Application conflicts, driver incompatibilities, and incomplete security updates.

3. Human Factor

The system administrator or operator may destroy important directories and paths accidentally.

4. Attacks

Ransomware, malware, and viruses may encrypt or destroy your data by attacking the drives where they are stored.

These are some reasons to recover deleted VMDK file from datastore. If you face any trouble due to the above-mentioned causes, you must follow the next segment to get a proper solution.

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Professional Method to Recover Deleted VMDK file from VMware

If you are looking for a manual solution, we want to inform you that there is no manual or traditional procedure to recover deleted files from VMware datastore. Therefore, we will recommend the Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool, that can easily recover the files without data alteration. This VHDK recovery program is helpful for recovering inaccessible data from FAT/ FAT16/ FAT32/ FAT64/ NTFS/ EXTX and other hard drive formats. This tool has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Now, let’s examine the extraordinary features of this tool:

  • You can recover the Unlimited Data from the corrupt VMDK files and recover deleted VMware VMDK file.
  • This advanced tool supports the fixed and dynamic disk types of VMDK files.
  • VMDK software allows to recover of data from split, sparse, flat, or even descriptor VMDK files.
  • It has two scanning modes such as Standard and Advanced modes.
  • Advanced features enable custom settings for special volume features in the Start to End Sector for recovery.
  • This tool support FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX.
  • Users can use three recovery modes, Standard, Advance, and Deep.
  • This software is more compatible with Windows 11 and all the below versions.

Working Guide to Recover Deleted VMDK file from VMware

You need to follow these simple steps in the same sequence to repair deleted VMDK from datastore with this tool. To better implementation of the steps, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, download and run VMDK Recovery Tool in your system and choose Disk Type.
  • Then, select the VMDK file by clicking on the browse button and pressing the Open button.
  • Now, you will see a pop-up on display and press the Ok >> Next button.
  • Here select the scanning option and hit the Next button.
  • On this screen, you need to select the Custom Volume and click on the Next button.
  • Then, choose the Recovery Mode that you want to choose and press the Next button.
  • After that, you can see that the scanning process is Completed.
  • Now, mark the required folders from the displayed tree structure.
  • At last, you need to hit the Save button to save the recovered data.


In this blog, we have explained the best method to recover deleted VMDK file from VMware. There is no manual method, then we have suggested the best secure and professional approach with the VMDK recovery tool. This tool works on advanced technology that helps to get better output.

Where are VMDK files Stored in VMware?

To open the VMDK files, click on Summary >> Resources >> Datastore and then right-click on the browse Datastore and choose the virtual machine. In Workstation, VMDK files are located in the same directory that contains Virtual Machine configuration files.

How do I Restore a VMDK Virtual Machine?

1. Create a brand new VM within the vSphere environment.
2. Insert a brand new disk into this newly built virtual machine.
3. Be sure to indicate your use of the previous -flat .vmdk. After a few minutes, it will be re-created. VMDK descriptor will be recreated automatically. Editing manually is not required.

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