Recover Deleted Emails from OST File

Recover Deleted Emails from OST File

Have you ever faced the error in Recover Deleted Emails from OST File? If yes, then you are at right place. As with this blog, I will try to help you to fix this error.

Recently, many users have faced this error and due to this, I am here to help you to fix this error.

So, before jumping onto the solutions for ‘Recover Deleted Emails from OST File’ you should know what exactly Ms-outlook is and how it works?

Ms-Outlook is the personal information manager which is used to store the data in two formats i.e, PST (Personal Storage File) and OST (Offline Storage File)

OST file is basically used to keep the copy of your mailbox item like messages, calendar, etc.which can be accessed even when there is no network connection.

But there can be a situation when your OST files might get damaged or you delete the file and all the data become inaccessible but still, you can access the deleted file as all the deleted files get store in the ‘Trash Folder’.So, whenever you want you can restore all the deleted files.

Unfortunately, there can also be the condition when you have deleted the files from the ‘Trash Folder’ also.

Note: If you have corrupted PST files then you can also recover PST file very easily.

So, now the question arises how to restore the deleted files?

Method to restore are given below:

Method for Recover Deleted Emails from OST File.

1. Export OST to PST File

  • In ms-outlook, go to the File menu, choose Open&Export>>Import/Export.
  • Under the Import &Export wizard, click on the Export to a file option>>Outlook data file(.pst).
  • Select the required OST Folder which has Microsoft Exchange information and clicks on Next.
  • Select the required OST folders which have the Microsoft Exchange information and then click on Next.
  • Provide the location for saving the recovered data, then click finish.
  • Now, copy the files from the PST to mailbox folder.


If all these manual tricks do not work for ‘‘Recover Deleted Emails from OST File’ then the only option that remains is to use a good and reliable professional solution.

One of the applications that I have used earlier is Cigati OST File Recovery Tool. It retrieves the data from corrupt and inaccessible OST files.

It also repairs corrupted files, fixes alignment errors, recover deleted file and also help in quick scanning of the data.

Being an expert, I would recommend you to try the free demo version of this software as it will help you to evaluate the complete software and all its features.

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