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5 Ways to Prevent MS ACCESS Database Corruption


  • Published on:  February 11th, 2020
  • Updated on:  March 4, 2020

It is always a better option to prevent MS Access database from corruption & take the precaution of the problem before it happens. So, if you are looking for the perfect FIX for the ACCESS Database corruption then this article may help you to get out of this database error. Follow these 5 simple steps, to not stuck with these kinds of problems again. To know the prevention methods it is important to know the cause for the MS Access Error 3343 – Unrecognized Database Format.

Let’s know the main cause for the data corruption in MS Access:- 

Main Cause Behind The Data Corruption in MS Access

Data corruption in the MS Access database is a common corruption problem found nowadays. Corruption in Access Database can occur due to several different reasons & it may include Hardware or Software or both Hardware & Software related issues.

Given below are some common ISSUES due to which Access database corruption can occur:

#1. Due to Hardware Failure

Access database corruption can easily occur due to hardware failure. So, if you are using hardware that is outdated and didn’t give the complete utilization of the memory, then there is a high chance to crash the system. And, this might create an Access error 3343 i.e., Database corruption.

#2. Due to Software Failure

Error 3343 or Unrecognized Database Format can also occur due to incorrect recovery of your front-end data files. This is one of the most common reasons due to which one can face 3343 error/ Database corruption. Also, many software issues are there, including the resource conflict on the system.

#3. Due to Parallel Database Usage

There is a usage limit in the access database, which means the limit of the number of users at a time. So, if more users are using the access database at any instance of time then, in that case, the performance efficiently divided to each user and hence the main user didn’t get the needed amount of efficiency that they want. Sometimes, the usage of the Access database simultaneously may be the reason for the corruption of the Database.

#4. Lack of Appropriate Database design

If a database didn’t deal with the problem in the coding then it leads to inefficient database design. The fault in the coding section may lead to an MS Access database corruption.

#5. Attack of Virus

Virus attack is one of the many reasons due to which one can face error 3343 in their system. As many malware are developed to target the Access database in a way to corrupt the Database files. So, make sure your system is virus-free and henceforth you weren’t able to face this kind of issue again.

#6. System Shutdown Accidentally

If you are using the Access database and your system suddenly shuts down without giving you a warning, then there is a high chance that your access database may corrupt. This may be due to the reason that your access database files have not been saved successfully. The system can shut down due to many ways like power failure or system overload.

5 Ways to prevent the Corrupted Database

Actually, there are many ways to prevent MS Access Database, but in today’s blog, we are only talking about the top 5 ways to Prevent your Database from the Access errors like 3343: Unrecognized Database Format.

5 methods to prevent database form Corruption:

#1. Update Drivers of your Device

Sometimes, the outdated drivers can be the main reason for Access Corruption. So keep your device drivers up to date is your responsibility. According to Microsoft, around 80% of the users are facing this error due to this reason only. So many users report for this problem and hence the company will remove all those problems in the update. So, this is upon you to timely update your system so that you weren’t able to get all these problems again. 

#2. Never leave the open database

To get out from the database without closing it properly is also a step towards the corruption of your MS Access database. So it is up to you that how you treat your database and maintains the files. Apart from this, if you are trying to close your application forcefully, then also your database may corrupt. So, it is always advised to the users that they close the database application by using the File >> Exit from the menu option. 

#3. Split Your Database Files 

You can also prevent your database by splitting into the two sperate sections. This is the most important part one can be done to split the database files into the front-end and the back-end file. This may be the best part of your database repairing options. User can make a copy of their front end on their system and can link that copy to the tables to the back-end from the servers. This access error 3343 can’t occur if one can follow this prevention method.

#4. Get out from the database properly 

It is important to get out of the database properly. As, if we get out from the database without saving the previous files then on that case there is a chance of corruption of your files and maybe your whole access database. 

#5. Defragment the Hard Disk

Defragmenting the files is the most common way to deal with the MDB files. It is generally seen in the disk with the less or zero disk space and apart from this the MDB files are quite big and this creates the corruption. So, defragment is the important process to not involve in the problem rather the disk space is too low or the files are too big.

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After following the above prevention steps, one can easily get the prevention methods of Access database corruption i.e, Access error 3343 or problem like Unrecognized Database Format before they occur. Follow the prevention measure given above and execute a sensible automated backup schedule to minimize the backup schedule.  

Despite this most of the users don’t want to follow these lengthy steps. For those users, they can simply use the Access Database Recovery tool to recover all your lost files in the database corruption.

Many users lost their data due to the case provided above or due to several other factors. And if you are one of them and want to recover your sensitive data then use the third party Access Database Recovery tool to securely recover all the database files and make it for the office use again. Apart from this, you can also fix unrecognized database format . [Error 3343] with the help of manual methods.


In this technical guide, one can easily find ways to prevent their Access database from corruption or errors like the Unrecognized database format. With this guide, one can only prevent Access database from corrupt. However, if it is already corrupted due to any reason then, in that case, the user needs to use the third party utility to recover the access database. These utilities also help the user to recover MDB and ACCBD files.