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Fix “Microsoft Outlook Stuck in Offline Mode” Issue

MS Outlook is a competent email client used by many organizations and companies. It is almost at the peak of its popularity due to its high usage. As a widely used email client, users expect Outlook to work smoothly. In some circumstances, users have faced some issues as Outlook Stuck in Offline Mode when they work on it. This problem is quite rare when the user is working on Outlook. But when it happens, they can not reconnect or receive email. Now, if they try to restart Outlook or restart their internet again, it does not work in the same way. 

Therefore, for Outlook to return to its normal operating state, the user must fix Outlook offline mode issue with the best method.

Why Does the User Face Outlook Stuck in Offline Mode Issue?

What if, your Outlook says working offline? To know the major reason read the following listed points:

  • In the condition of the unavailable mail server, Outlook may not connect to the server. It represents the disconnected status and, it indicates a stuck offline mode issue in Outlook.
  • Sometimes this issue can also arise due to the vulnerable internet connection of the users. This issue also can remain locked in offline mode.
  • Wrong account settings can also cause the issue with Outlook from connecting to the mail server.
  • If users have a corrupted Outlook profile, it also restricts the authorization of the email server. Eventually, it causes an offline Mode issue in Outlook.
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Methods to Resolve Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook

In the below section, we have explained some suitable methods to fix Outlook stuck in offline mode

Solution1: Reset ‘Work Offline’ and Try to Reconnect

The Work Offline option is open on the SEND / RECEIVE tab in Outlook. So, to fix Outlook stuck working offline issue, click on “Work offline” to reset and reconnect the Exchange server. Now check the condition whether the Connected status is showing or not. If it is not displayed, then check your internet connection once and examine it again.

Solution2: Make a New Outlook Profile

To fix the Outlook offline error, users can also create a new Outlook profile. Follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Go to Outlook and click File>> Account Settings>>Manage Profiles.
  2. Now, click on the Show Profile option and hit the Add button.
  3. Define the name of the profile on the Profile Name box and press the OK icon.
  4. Next, switch this profile through File> Account Settings> Edit Profile.

After that, your Outlook will close and restart. Here, you can prefer the new profile name from the drop-down menu.

Solution3: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Outlook in safe mode can help to resolve the “Outlook stuck in offline mode” by preventing add-ins from interfering with Outlook operation. Below steps are discussed for the same:

  1. First, close the MS Outlook application.
  2. Now, Press Windows + R keys, type Outlook.exe / safe, and press the Enter button. It starts Outlook in Safe Mode.
  3. Hit on the Send / Receive option and check the status bar. It should switch your Outlook offline to online.

Solution 4: Recreate your OST Files

There may also be an issue with your Outlook OST file. It can prevent Outlook from connecting and synchronizing the mailbox items with the mailbox server. This also becomes a huge factor to generate Outlook stuck in offline mode issues. Here, you can recreate the OST file. Follow the steps listed below to recreate the OST files:

  1. Open Outlook and click File>>Account Settings>>Account Settings and press the Data Files option.
  2. Select the Outlook profile and hit on the “Open file location”.
  3. Copy the OST file and keep it in a secure place, then close Outlook.
  4. Now, remove the OST file and restart your Outlook application. 
  5. This process will rebuild the new OST file and fix the Outlook offline issues. Additionally, all email items on the server are synchronized.

All the given manual methods will help you to fix Outlook working offline stuck issues.

What to Do If the Problem is Not Solved with the Manual Methods?

Outlook may not rebuild the OST file if it cannot connect to the server or if your mailbox is on the server. It can occur if there is a problem with your Outlook profile on the Mailbox server. It can also happen when your mailbox is deleted or damaged. At this time, you can use a professional solution like Cigati OST to PST Converter software to convert the damaged OST file to PST file format. It also helps to exclude the repetitive emails from the selected OST file throughout the conversion and maintains folder hierarchy.


As you have seen, how many simple steps are there to solve this Outlook stuck in offline mode issue. Therefore, when your Outlook starts in offline mode apply these offered solutions to fix it. Hence, fixing Outlook stuck working offline should be your topmost priority. Above discussed methods can fix it without losing any data. If this problem is not solved manually, take expert help to get a flawless result. So, use its demo version to understand the functionality of this tool by converting the OST file into PST securely.

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