The Best New Improvements In Windows 10

The Best New Improvements In Windows 10

The latest updates in window version 10 have come up with few new features.

These New Improvements In Windows 10 have more actions than windows sandbox.

Here is the list of such updates that you really gonna upgrade.

  1. Brightening of your system will remain the same: plugin or unplug

In the previous version of windows we have two different brightness mode. One when your system was on battery mode and another is when you have unplugged your system.

Now with this new update the brightness will remain the same in any mode.

2.Improvement in file explorer icon

you can now find the darker shades of the same color of file explorer icon which looks quite delicate than the previous one.

In addition, Microsoft has also updated the default downloads folder sorting.

This new feature will help you to set your chosen tab in task manager and whenever you will open task manager it will jump directly to the chosen tab.

3.Reset this PC has upgraded with better UI

Reset this PC is the part of setting >update & security recovery.

The upgraded “Reset This PC” will deliver more steady experience across drivers and can complete the process in few clicks.

4.Sync Time servers

Microsoft has provided the solution to the problem of windows refuses to adjust itself and exhibit the wrong time.

Microsoft has provided a new button which syncs the PC with time server manually.

These updates will surely help you to get a better experience of using windows 10.


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