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Best Ways to Import OLM File to Apple Mail

If you are looking for the best way to import OLM file to Apple mail, then you are on the right page. Here you will get the complete solution with the traditional methods and a Professional approach. These methods are the most secure and reliable and we have explained steps by step guide in this article to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail.

OLM is an archive file generated when users extract their data from MS Outlook on Mac. It contains Notes, Tasks, Contacts, emails, Calendars, etc. Contrarily Apple Mail is a default mail application for apple users. It is free, without making any subscription. Mac Mail uses an MBOX file format and does not support an OLM format.

Hence, when a user wants to Import their Outlook Mac data to Apple Mail directly then, this task becomes complex. To solve this problem, we are here to discuss the manual process and standard methods, which will help you Import OLM File to Mac Mail. Now, in the next part, we will discuss the causes of why users want to Convert OLM File into Apple Mail.

Reasons to Import OLM File to Apple Mail

Below are quoted reasons why users want to export their MS Outlook Mac data to Mac mail.

  • Mac Outlook is a paid email application. On the contrary, Apple Mail is a free and default email application for Mac OS.
  • Most users feel comfortable working on Mac Mail instead of Outlook for Mac.
  • Exchange in the organization led to the shifting of email clients from Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail.

These are some reasons to convert OLM to Apple Mail. Now let’s move to the next part, In which we will perform the traditional methods to import OLM file to Mac Mail.

Manual Method to Import OLM to Apple Mail

As we have discussed before, we do not have any method to import OLM file to Mac Mail directly. Therefore, we have mentioned two stages in the below section that you need to follow to complete the process to import OLM file to Apple mail.

Stage1: Save OLM mailbox locally
Stage 2: Migrate the OLM folder to Apple Mail

Here are the steps that need to execute for each stage.

Stage1: Save OLM mailbox locally

  • Launch MS Outlook in your Mac system and select the emails that you want to move to Apple Mail.
  • Then, Drag and Drop the mailboxes on your desktop. It will automatically save in MBOX format.
  • Repeat this process until you have not put all your selected emails on the desktop one by one. Keep all MBOX files in a folder.

Stage 2: Migrate OLM folder to Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail >> File, and choose the Import Mailbox option.
  • A new wizard will be open, here choose the data file type of the source file.
  • Then, select the file in MBOX format and press Continue button.
  • Locate that folder where all MBOX files are present. Hit on the button Import OLM file to Apple Mail.
  • A new window will open with all MBOX files, then click on the Continue button. All the emails from the selected mailbox will import to Mac Mail.

With the above steps, you can smoothly import OLM file to Apple mail manually. In the upcoming part, we are moving to discuss the restrictions of manual methods.

Drawbacks of Traditional Method

These are some limitations of the manual process that we will mention in below section:

  • The manual method takes more time to complete.
  • It does not give the option to select email migration.
  • Using this manual method, a user should have technical knowledge.
  • It does not provide a choice to Bulk convert OLM files into Apple Mail.

Those mentioned above are the hindrance of the manual process. To avoid these barriers of the manual methods, you can switch to the advanced or professional Approach.

Most Secure Professional Way to Import OLM to Apple Mail

The OLM Converter Tool is the most secure and reliable way to convert OLM Mac file into numerous file formats like PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, etc. Simultaneously, it also migrates OLM files with all the email items to many Email clients like Thunderbird, Office 365, AOL, etc. Also, you can import OLM file to Gmail account. The utility has some added features that can use by a user as per needs. In the following part, we will see the additional benefits of OLM Converter Software.

Most Highlighted Features of the OLM Converter Tool

Following are the added benefits of this utility which will help users to utilize their extra tasks.

  • It provides Single or Multiple file conversion to save time and labor.
  • This tool offers to select individual mailbox files and folders for the migration process.
  • Users can convert all the mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
  • It supplies users to separate duplicate emails from the resultant file.
  • Options available to Mail Filter Feature to choose emails from a specific interval.


In this article, we’ve discussed various methods to import OLM file to Mac Mail in a manual process and Professional Approach. This task is complex because the OLM file only accesses by Mac Outlook. But we have seen how we can be done this by different methods, where we also face some limitations in the manual process, whereas, in the Software Technique, we can easily convert OLM file to Apple Mail.

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