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Top-Level Technique to Import MBOX to Gmail Account

Nowadays, most users want to migrate their data from desktop-based applications to cloud-based applications. In this blog, you will learn the best ways to import MBOX to Gmail account. We have discussed two methods to explain the manual and direct solution. 


MBOX file format is a very popular email client all around the world. It supports multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, Eudora, Spicebird, etc. Usually, the MBOX file contains a huge amount of mail data in one single file. Its file structure contains the emails in a plain text file format. 

On the other hand, Gmail is also a very popular cloud-based email client. Individuals and organizations both are users of these email clients. Users can easily access Gmail as compared to Thunderbird. That is why users want to import MBOX to their Gmail Accounts. 

Before moving on to the solutions, we need to understand the advantages to import MBOX file to Gmail.

Benefits or Advantages to Import MBOX to Gmail Account

In this section, we will discuss some benefits to the users to import MBOX file to Gmail Account. 

  • Gmail provides users more security than other email clients.
  • Users can easily access the Gmail account from anywhere at any time. 
  • Mail filter and task filter options are available in Gmail that is not available in Thunderbird. 
  • Gmail provides a huge storage option as compared to Thunderbird. 

These are the benefits of importing MBOX to Gmail Account. Now, we will discuss the solution with manual and professional methods.

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Methods to Import MBOX to Gmail Account

In this section, you will learn about how to open MBOX file in Gmail? MBOX file format is accepted by many email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail. Furthermore, In this section, we will explain the manual methods and professional methods. Here, the manual method is divided into two parts and the professional method can directly upload MBOX to Gmail without Thunderbird.

#1. Import MBOX File into Gmail Using Manual Approach

If you want to go the manual way, then you need to first configure your Gmail Account with Thunderbird Mail. After that, you can import MBOX to Gmail Account. This method will be completed within two steps. 

Step 1: Configure Gmail Account with Thunderbird Mail by Using IMAP Technique

Here, we want you to know that if you want better output from this method, you need to execute this method very carefully. 

  1. Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your system. 
  2. Now, click on the Tool tab and select the Account settings option. 
  3. After that, click on the Account Actions button, and select Add Mail Account. 
  4. Here, you need to fill in Name, Gmail Address, and Password in this tab. Click on the Continue button.  
  5. Then, you can check the Gmail Details and you have to choose the IMAP option, and tap on the Done option. 
  6. Now, you redirect to the Google Sign-in window, confirm your Gmail ID, and fill in the Password. Then, click on the Next button.
  7. Now, Allow the required permission to Mozilla Thunderbird to read the Gmail messages.
  8. Here, you need to go to the Thunderbird Set Up an Existing Email account exchange box.
  9. At last, you successfully integrate the Gmail account with Thunderbird. Here, you can see the Gmail Inbox and different folders in the left sidebar.

This is the first step that is very crucial to import MBOX to Gmail Account. Now, we are moving on to the final step that is also important to import MBOX file to Gmail. 

Step 2: Migrate MBOX to Gmail

  1. Go to the Gmail ID Inbox folder and Right-click for the New Folder option. 
  2. Here, create a New folder by assigning a name. 
  3. You can see this folder under the Gmail Inbox.  
  4. After that, you need to Drag and Drop the messages from Thunderbird to the recently created folder.
  5. Here, you will successfully import MBOX to Gmail Account.

We have explained the manual approach. If you choose a manual method then you are not able to migrate directly MBOX to your Gmail account. This approach completes within two.

Therefore, there is a huge drawback to the traditional method. Also, if you have the question of how to bulk import MBOX to Gmail account? Then you can follow the next segment that provides you with the best professional solution to transfer MBOX to Gmail Account. 

#2. Professional Approach to Migrate MBOX to Gmail

We will suggest the best utility software that can overcome all the drawbacks of the manual method. We will recommend the Cigati MBOX Converter Tool that can easily import MBOX emails to Gmail account. Users can import MBOX to Gmail Mac and windows. It is smoothly working on both operating systems. This utility also helps to import MBOX to Outlook, and MBOX to Office 365 as well as IMAP Server, Exchange Server, additional cloud Environment. It has a simple and smooth user interface that works with advanced technology and helps in provings error-free solutions.


In the above article, we have discussed both manual and professional ways to import MBOX to Gmail account. But, we found some drawbacks in the manual approach that is not useful from the user’s perspective. Thus, we recommended users opt for the Cigati MBOX converter that has many advanced features. Like, users can convert MBOX to PDF, PST, EML, MSG, etc. Moreover, It provides data security to the users and is the most secure and reliable tool to use. 

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