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Simple Methods to Import EML to Gmail with Attachment


  • Published on:  March 4th, 2022

We will discuss the simple method to import EML to Gmail account. There are two methods, and both are easy to execute. You will learn the manual process to configure your Gmail account with Windows Live Mail and a quick approach to EML to Gmail migration.

EML file is the form of electronic mail or email. It is the file extension of email messages, and it saves the internet message format protocol for electronic mail messages. EML file format is supported by many email clients like Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Zoho Mail, etc.

Gmail is a popular email client all around the world. Everyone can easily access the Google Mail account anywhere at any time. So, most users want to import EML files to Gmail account. But the main question is that “how to import EML files into Gmail?” Before going on to the solutions, you need to know more benefits of the import EML to Gmail.

Why Do Users Export EML Mail into Gmail?

There are some causes for the EML to Gmail migration. Let’s be familiar with the advantages of a Gmail account in the following points.

  • Gmail is the Google service, and its security is very high among all the email clients.
  • There are high chances of EML files corruption if they are stored for long period on a system.
  • Accessibility of the Gmail account is easy. Everyone can easily access it.
  • Gmail offers 15 GB storage space to its users to store their data.
  • It has many advanced features that help to enhance productivity with the email data.

These are some highlighted reasons to import EML to Gmail. Now, let’s discuss the different approaches to upload EML files to Gmail.

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How to Open EML File in Gmail with Attachment?

There are two techniques to save email as EML in Gmail. You can import EML files into Gmail account with a manual approach and professional solution. Firstly, we will discuss the manual method, then we will move on to an automated solution to read EML files in Gmail.

Manual Method to Transfer EML Files to Gmail

Firstly, you need to configure your Gmail Account with Windows Live Mail. It is a very crucial step to import EML to Gmail. You need to follow the following mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, Open your Window Live Mail.
  • Then, choose the Account option from a ribbon bar.
  • Now, fill in your ID & Password on this new screen.
  • Then, visit the configuration setting window, and mention your server details. Also, you fill your username with the extension in the Login Username files.
  • After that, click on the Next button.
  • Now, this process is completed, and successfully configure your Gmail account folders in Window Live Mail.

After these steps, we will move on to the technique to upload EML to Gmail. These are some steps to import EML to Gmail.

  1. Open your Window Live Mail application on your system.
  2. Then, go to the File option, and select the Import Messages.
  3. After that, press the Window Live Mail option.
  4. Choose the Browse option and tap on the Next button.
  5. Then, select Single or Multiple folders, and hit the Next button.
  6. Now, start the process of exporting.
  7. Hit the Finish button to complete the process.

We have discussed the manual method in the above section. It is a long process to import EML to Gmail. The traditional approach has some limitations that we will discuss ahead of this article.

Why is the Traditional Approach not Beneficial to the Users?

Here you will know some highlighted drawbacks of the traditional approach to importing EML files to Gmail.

  • The manual techniques take a long time to save email as EML in Gmail.
  • It requires technical knowledge to implement.
  • There are high chances of data corruption.
  • You cannot import bulk EML files at a time.

These are some drawbacks of the above-discussed method. So, to overcome all the limitations, and transfer EML files to Gmail securely, you can follow the upcoming solution.

Professional Approach to Import EML to Gmail Account

If you tried the manual technique and faced some issues while implementing the method. Then, we will recommend the Cigati EML Converter Tool that can import bulk EML files to a Gmail account. Also, you can import your EML files into various email clients like Office 365, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail, Amazon Webmail, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Additionally, it allows the migration of EML files to different file formats like PST, MSG, DOCX, DOC, MBOX, etc. The EML to Gmail converter is the most secure and reliable tool. It allows users to convert EML to PDF File format and other file formats with their Attachments and items. It has many advanced options that users can select as per their requirements.


We have discussed the two different approaches to import EML to Gmail accounts. The manual method has some drawbacks that make it difficult to execute. After that, we will suggest the Cigati EML to Gmail Converter tool that can import bulk files to Gmail at a time with attachments. This tool works with the latest technology that helps to provide an error-free solution.