How to retrieve deleted photos from computer free?

How to retrieve deleted photos from computer free?

Hey guys, if you are facing the issue in retrieve deleted photos from computer free then you are in the right place.

As with this blog, I will help you to fix this error. Recently many users have faced this error and that is why today I am trying to resolve it.

Basically, in this blog, we will learn how to retrieve deleted photos from computer free.

Data loss has become one of the major issues in nowadays and Anyone can lose their file accidentally. So keeping it safe is not only a task but it has become our necessity.

Before knowing about how to retrieve this deleted data.let’s known about what is permanently deletion of the photo.

Deleting the photo using shift+delete command is the permanent photo deletion method.

Unfortunately, it becomes very hard to retrieve the photo back when you have deleted them using the shift+delete command.

So, here are some methods which will help to retrieve the deleted photo back.

But before, that let’s look into the various reason due to which retrieve deleted photos from computer free become difficult.

Various Reasons for photos deletion :-

  • Files deleted due to formatting.
  • Files lost due to malware attack.
  • Deletion using shift+delete command.
  • File permanent deletion from hard disk.

Methods to retrieve deleted photos from computer free

1. Manual Methods

To restore the older version

Open folder with deleted files->history->previous->select files->restore

To restore the latest version

Select Folder> Right click>Restore the previous version> Previous Versions Permanently Deleted Files Or Folders with Time and date will be shown > Select the latest version files>Restore

If photos lost due to corruption, then run the Check disc command(chkdsk)

Go to ‘run’ box by simply pressing Win+ R> On run box type cmd>  Press Enter> On the command prompt type chkdsk (DriveLetter)/R> Press Enter

By doing this process, the corrupt files will be located and after restarting the computer you can locate your recovered pictures and files.

In the case of minor corruption, you can use the Adobe Photoshop tool to change the format of the photo files.

Click Win button on the desktop>  Type cmd on the search box> Right click on the cmd.exe> Select run as administrator> Type SFC/scan now on command prompt> Press Enter

In this way, the lost files can be further repaired using Image Editor tools such as Picasa, Photoshop, etc. Also, use the supported plugins to fix corruption issues.


If all these manual tricks do not work to retrieve deleted photos from computer free then the only option that remains is to use a good and reliable professional solution.
Also, one can purchase pro-versions of photo recovery tools through a normal form of currency. But any advanced currency like pi-cryptocurrency is not accepted.

One of the applications that I have used earlier is Photo Recovery Software. It is the best recovery solution for lost photos as well as audio and video files.

If you have lost your data due to any reason, be it accidentally or corruption of files it is the most efficient way to recover it.

Being an expert, I would recommend you to try the free demo version of this software as it will help you to evaluate the complete software and all its features


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