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Helping Clients to Forward AOL Email to Gmail – 2 Best Solutions

 Saumya Tandon

  • Published on:  December 20th, 2022
  • Updated on:  March 3, 2023

Summary: As in recent years, AOL is facing several issues, and cannot offer vast services to its customers. Therefore, many users seek a solution to save their data in a cloud-like Gmail. That enables them to access their data around the globe. Hence, in this article, we will learn a few ways to forward AOL email to Gmail.

However, a few months ago, we witnessed AOL stop functioning in an unheard-of circumstance. As a result, many users were in a panic and searched for alternatives that would help them save their data. A few of them experienced login problems, data hacking issues, and other problems that users had reported. Others were unable to access their AOL mailbox.

The aforementioned issues first surfaced after Verizon, the company that manages AOL emails, was sold. Posterior, no one was willing to take responsibility for these email services. And resultant many of the users start to export AOL to Gmail. Because Gmail is the pioneer in terms of email services, it serves its services to more than 1.8 billion active users without any hassle. In addition, there are many other reasons to opt for Gmail to save the AOL mailbox and its attachments. Let’s go into greater detail regarding this.

Why Prefer Gmail Over AOL?

There are several valid reasons for Gmail, which make it a perfect choice for users. Here is more information on a few of them to sync AOL mail with Gmail.

There are several valid reasons for Gmail, which make it a perfect choice for users. Here is more information on a few of them to sync AOL mail with Gmail.

  • Gmail offers a multi-level of security options to access your emails from any other device.
  • Google email holds the trust of more than 1.8 billion active users.
  • AOL email is an outdated version, while Gmail updates itself and offers multiple features to its users.
  • Several problems like login issues, hacking, etc. issues faced by AOL, but Gmail is free from such kinds of cases. Therefore, many users want to add AOL to Gmail.
  • If you are not using AOL email for the last 180 days, it deletes your account.
  • AOL emails are not actively served services to its users and are about to shut down its email services, and in some cases, it does too. However, Gmail is free from such kinds of issues and continuously served its services to its customers.

These are a few reasons that allow them to forward AOL email to Gmail. In the following section, we will learn some approaches to transferring their AOL mailbox.

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Manual Ways to Forward AOL email to Gmail

You can move your American Online Mailbox to Google Mail by following the steps.

  • Access your Gmail account after entering your credentials.
  • Navigate to the gear icon and move to the See all settings options.Forward AOL email to Gmail
  • In the new wizard, opt for Account and Imports.
  • From the list of choices, check Import mail and contacts.
  • Following, enter your AOL email ID & Continue.
  • After entering your credentials, it will take you to the AOL login page. From there, check your credentials and click on the Next button.
  • Following the above steps, your account starts reflecting in your Gmail account.Forward AOL email to Gmail

With the help of the above steps, you can forward AOL email to Gmail. Though, the overhead approach is easy to use. But it has certain limitations, which are listed below.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  • The above process may take a long while during import.
  • You can import new AOL emails for the next 30 days only.
  • With the help of this process, a whole AOL mailbox will migrate. Which bulks your Gmail’s unnecessary storage.
  • It is one of the tedious tasks when you go to add AOL to Gmail.
  • You must possess a level of technical expertise.

These are some constraints of the manual approach you may face while dealing with the above-detailed method. Using specialized tools will allow you to avoid these limitations.

What’s Next If the Above Technique Fails?

The traditional method mentioned above has some drawbacks even though, it is not particularly difficult to implement. You can use the Cigati AOL Backup Tool to forward AOL email to Gmail to fix all the issues.

This utility is appropriate for both technical and non-technical users. It allows you to Import AOL Mail to Gmail or locally. Moreover, there are other advantages of the utility, which you can avail of using its demo version, and a few of the advanced features listed are detailed below.

Why Prefer Professionals Tool to Forward AOL Email to Gmail?

  • It saves or backup AOL mailboxes to PST, PDF, HTML, DOCX, EML, MBOX, JPG, MSG, etc.
  • Smoothly migrate AOL emails to the most trustworthy email clients and clouds such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hostgator, Office 365, Zoho Mail, Amazon Webmail, and others.
  • When you migrate your AOL mailbox, it will maintain the hierarchy of your documents.
  • This utility allows you to migrate your emails within two specific dates when you start syncing AOL mail with Gmail.
  • Its user-friendly interface can be operable by any user.

After using the utility, you can take advantage of a few of its more sophisticated features.

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I hope, you are now well-versed to forward AOL email to Gmail either by traditional approach or automatically. Even though, the manual technique is easy to use but has some limitations. While with the professional tool, you not only export AOL mails to Gmail but also enjoy the other benefits of the tool without any data loss.

About The Author:

Saumya is a proficient technical content writer with a deep passion for technology and a natural talent for writing. She excels in creating compelling and informative content that captivates readers on technology websites. Her areas of specialization include data migration, Email backup, and recovery, where her vast expertise enables her to develop superior-quality content that is both educational and stimulating.

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