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Fix Outlook Unknown Error 0x80072F06-A Suitable Solution

Are you getting Outlook Unknown Error 0X80072F06? Read till the end to know how to fix Outlook Unknown Error 0x80072F06.

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client in recent times by several users because it offers the liberty to work both online and offline. it is utilized by both large and small organizations for storing their crucial information and communication purposes. 

The email platform provides its users with various eye-catching features that get updated from time to time. This platform also allows its users to access their files either in online or offline mode. It makes the users capable enough to get their files irrespective of time and place or due to other problems. 

We can say that it is a perfect application that fits well in the user’s requirement. Although it offers the best to its users still it has some technical glitches that occur from time to time. Thus, many Outlook users face several errors in their daily life. If you are regularly using MS Outlook then you need to keep in mind the numerous errors it shows from time to time. And one such error is Outlook Error 0X80072F06. But even after this there are many errors that we face in our day to day work.

So, now let’s see what this error is and the reason behind this error. So, this article will explain everything to fix Outlook unknown error 0x80072F06 in brief along with the solutions.

What Factors Causes Outlook Unknown Error 0X80072F06?


This Error 0x80072F06 occurs when Outlook users try to update the offline address book(.oab) from the Exchange Server.

There could be several reasons behind the occurrence of this, some of these reasons are given below:-

  1. Incorrectly updating the .oab file- Microsoft Outlook utilizes Offline Address Book i.e OAB in Cached Exchange Mode to offer certain or limited access to the address list. If the OAB is available then Outlook doesn’t need to connect with an Exchange Server 24/7 all the time for sending messages. All it requires is to synchronize with GAL in the Exchange Server. Now, GAL is commonly known as the Global Address List. This list is generated by the Exchange by default and it consists of every mail-enabled object in the Active Directory forest.
  2. Due to a problem in synchronization level- The user has to face an error whenever there is any synchronization issue between the OAB file and the Exchange Server. This restricts the users to view or get access to the Outlook mailbox data in their PCs.   
  3. Due to the issue in the Server migration- There are various occasions when the user updates their OAB file from one server to another. That later results in this type of error.
  4. Window system file damage.
  5. Improper installation of MS-Outlook.
  6. An Incomplete Installation.
  7. An Incomplete Uninstallation.
  8. Improper deletion of hardware.

These were some of the common reasons due to which this Outlook Error 0x80072F06  occurs. Users should see these reasons carefully as they may be the ones that may be troubling. Now, let’s move to the next segment i.e., knowing the solutions. 

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Methods to Fix Outlook Unknown Error 0x80072F06

Various methods are discussed below to fix this error let’s know them one by one. Here, we will discuss two manual methods. These are:-

Method 1: Restoring the System.

Restoring your system to the previous point will help you to resolve this error. Users can follow the given steps to restore your system to the previous point. These are- 

  1. First, log in as an administrator on your computer.
  2. Then, click the Start button>select All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>click “System Restore”.
  3. Now, select the “Restore my system to an earlier point”option.
  4. Click next, from the “On the list” option-click on the most recent restore point.
  5. Click restore point list>click Next.
  6. After confirmation >click next.
  7. Then, Restart your system.

If this method didn’t work then use the next method. 

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Method 2. Deleting the existing .oab file

Sometimes the error occurs due to improper synchronization of an OAB file with the exchange server. So, if you are also facing the same error then delete the existing OAB file and download the new OAB file from Exchange Server, and after that synchronize the new OAB file with Exchange Server so that you will not face the error.

These are some manual solutions that users can try for free. But, this freeware utility requires technical skills or guidance and it also takes a lot of time from the users. Hence, users must perform these methods with extra care in case they are beginners. Or, if they want to try third-party tools, they face corruption issues with OST files. Then, they can use an alternative tool to perform this procedure quickly with no worries. 

Method 2. Using Reliable OST Recovery Tool

If all the above-given methods fail so, try this method. It is the easiest way to fix Outlook unknown error 0x80072F06 and even a non-technical person can try this method very easily.The Cigati OST File Recovery Tool helps you to retain all your data. You just need to download the free version and use it and it also allows the preview of all your email, contacts, journal, task, and many more.


The Outlook can interrupt your work in the middle of the process. Hence, it is necessary to fix Outlook unknown error 0x80072F06 as soon as possible. One can remove this error by using the methods that are mentioned in the article. This article covers all the methods and also the reasons so that users can easily deal with this Outlook 2019 error 0x800ccc0e. So, it totally depends on the user if he wants to do it manually or with the help of an alternative application. 

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