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The Solution to Fix Outlook Rules Not Working Issue

These days several users are facing outlook rules to stop processing issues. They are not able to get the right solution to this issue.  Here, in this blog, we will discuss the different and appropriate solutions for Fix Outlook Rules Not Working Issue. We will discuss the basics along with the responsible factors behind the Outlook issue. 

MS Outlook is one of the most preferred communication ways within or outside the organizations. The ability of ruling makes the organization exceptional among its competitors. Several users use it to configure the settings or set rules to choose a destination folder for upcoming emails as per some specific words. But, several users encounter the Outlook issue Outlook rules not working. Then they start searching for the appropriate way to fix this problem in Outlook. 

It is observed that you modify or make changes only when you tap on the button modification “Run Rules Now”. No matter if the rules were created properly and there is no issue with its configuration and specifications.  Then in such a situation what will you do if they stop working.  are not working properly. So here, in this article, we will discuss fixing Outlook rules not working issue. Let’s start the article with an understanding of the Outlook issue and its causes. 

Overview of Outlook Rules:

MS Outlook leverages its users with various services like environments, tasks, and activities to work with. Outlook Rules is one of the most useful among all the services of MS Outlook. A rule is an activity of Outlook that runs automatically during the incoming/outgoing email messages from Outlook for Windows. The rules of MS Outlook work as per the default conditions or guidelines set up or specified by the users. The rules of MS Outlook are beneficial  because they help users in the following:

  • Helps users to be well- Organized
  • Always keeps Up to Date
  • Initialize from a Blank Rule

Sometimes, the rule issue i.e, Outlook rules not working after migration to Office 365, even when they are configured properly. This condition generally symbolizes corruption in the rules or the mailbox. It may also mean that there is alteration or modification in MS Outlook’s send/receive configuration package (srs-file).  
After getting a brief overview of Outlook, now let’s see the responsible factors behind the Outlook issue. 

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Why Outlook Rules Not Working :Reasonable Factors

Various issues stop Outlook rules from working properly and lead to issues as  Outlook 2016 rule not working. Sometimes these issues even completely deactivate the rules. The following are the major factors that lead to outlook rules not running issues with Outlook rules. 

  • Corrupt or broken send/receive configuration files. 
  • If the Rules are set up only to execute on one system. 
  • If there is an issue with the POP3 or IMAP account.
  • When Rules exceed the limit of rules set for the mailbox.

So here we discussed the major factors due to which users face Outlook rules, no running issues. Now let’s move further to discuss solutions to fix Outlook rules not running issues. 

Fix Outlook Rules Not Working Issue Manually

There may be many more methods to fix this Outlook rules not running problem, but here we will discuss the easiest solutions. 

Method 1: Remove old and unnecessary rules on Outlook:

To meet the quota for Outlook Rules, you need to choose to delete the older and unnecessary Outlook rules. You can easily delete it from the application’s Outlook Rules feature. Follow the below-listed instructions to do so: 

  1. First, initialize the Outlook application, and go to the File menu. Then reach the Info tab ≫Manage Rules & Alerts. 
  2. Choose the older and unrequired Outlook rules, present below the Rules and Alerts dialog box. And then hit the Delete button, this will uninstall the Outlook rules instantly. 
  3. After this, the Outlook rules quota becomes more volatile with enhanced working. 

The method will work great for you but if still, you face the issue. Then you can try to fix Outlook rules not working Issue, not working by changing the name of Outlook Rules. The Outlook rule is bigger with a smaller name, this will increase the quota for the Outlook Rules with more space. 

Method 2: Rename the Outlook SRS File

One can resolve the Outlook rule stopped working issue by changing the name of the Outlook SRS file to.old.srs. For this go as per the instructions: 

  •  find the file for Outlook.srs.

C: >> Users/ admin name/AppData/Roaming/ Microsoft/Outlook

  • Now rename Outlook.srs to Outlook.srs.old. 
  • Then close and open the Outlook application again.
  • After this, you will get a new Outlook.srs file. 

After this, your Outlook Outlook rule not working issue will get resolved automatically. But still, you encounter the same issue then try another method discussed below. 

Method 3: Repair corrupt or damaged Outlook PST files

Sometimes the compromised PST from your POP3 or IMAP Profile may be the factor behind this Outlook issue. So it is required to restore the corrupt Outlook PST files. Go as per the below manual instructions : 

First, you have to delete the Outlook rules set previously.

  • Then, use the inbuilt program provided by Microsoft, by the following destination of the PST file.
  • You can get the default PST file destination for the new Outlook versions is: 

     Go to File>>Info>>Account Settings>>Account Settings>>Data Files>>choose PST file>>view File Location

  • You can find the location of PST files on older Outlook versions (Outlook 2007 and earlier) :

 C:>Users>admin>Documents>Outlook Files

  • If you know the path of your PST file, write it down and search it with the Outlook PST file repair program scanPST.exe.

After the repair process completes, ensure whether the Microsoft Outlook rules not working issue is resolved or not. 

All the above methods are manual and have complicated technical steps so you require prior technical knowledge to perform these methods. As these methods are technical so even after you are a technical expert, you may still face data loss issues. But don’t panic because in this modern era several automated utilities help you to stand in such a case.  One such software is Outlook PST Recovery which recovers your Outlook data very easily and in no time.  


Here in this article, we discussed the issue and the way to fix Outlook rules Not working issue. These methods will help you to get rid of the Outlook rule working problems. But if you face data loss issues during executing any of the above methods you can go with the Outlook PST recovery tool. 

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