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How to Export Contacts from Microsoft Outlook: The Easy Way

Summary:-  Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client. It presents strong contact management features that allow users to store, organize, and access their contacts effortlessly. However, there are times when you may need to export contacts from Outlook, whether for backup, migration, or sharing purposes. Our upcoming blog will provide a step-by-step direction to export your contacts from Outlook effortlessly. We’ll cover everything from accessing the contacts section in Outlook and specifying the export location. Also, we will introduce you to the PST Converter to Export All Contacts from Outlook.

Outlook contacts direct the contact management feature within Microsoft Outlook. It is a popular email client and personal information manager developed by Microsoft. The Contacts feature in Outlook allows users to store and manage a list of contacts, including users’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and other important information.

Why Do We Export Contacts from Microsoft Outlook?

First of all, we will cover why someone might want to export your contacts from Outlook:

  • Backup: When we export contacts from Microsoft, it creates a backup of your contacts. It ensures you don’t lose important information due to system failures or accidental deletion.
  • Migration: If you’re switching to a new email service or device, exporting contacts allows you to transfer them effortlessly without manual access.
  • Sharing: You might need to share your contacts with colleagues, friends, or family members, and exporting simplifies this process.

Now, we will discuss the different methods to export contacts from Microsoft Outlook. 

Solutions For Exporting Contacts from Outlook

Outlook Contacts offers a complete solution for managing and organizing contact information for both personal and professional users. Here, we recommended the two best solutions to Export Contacts from Outlook. The manual method can perform the given task. However, manual solutions have some limitations. Thus, we suggested a top-notch solution to export All Contacts from Outlook.

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Outlook

If you are familiar with using MS Outlook, you can go with the manual solution. With the help of Outlook, you can export the contacts one by one separately. 

Steps for Exporting Your Contacts from Outlook Manually

  • First, configure the MS Outlook on your system.
  • After that, navigate through the File Tab >> Open&Export.
  • Move further and pick the Import/Export >> Export to a file.
  • Now, tap on Next and pick the Comma Separated Values >> Next.
  • From the next window, select Contact folder to export >> Next.
  • Then, Browse the desired location to save the resultant File >>Next.
  • At last, tap on the Finish Button to start the exporting contacts.

Here, we completed the manual process. Once you execute the given steps, you can export Contacts from Outlook. Now, we move to another solution to export contacts from Outlook.

Automated Solution to Export All Contacts from Outlook

Another solution is the Cigati PST Converter to export your all contacts in Outlook. You can convert multiple contacts at once. Moreover, it maintains the hierarchy of folders in a tree structure manner. You can skip the contacts from the conversions that occur more than once in the mailbox. Also, you can preview the containing contacts in the preview panel. It makes file handling manageable and stores the attachments separately. The user interface of this software is easy to understand for individuals. Additionally, You can easily locate the converted files without any hassle.

Steps to download Contacts from Outlook

You can directly import the PST Files to MS Outlook. But make sure that PST Files have the contacts you want to export. If you want to export the contacts separately, you can proceed with the mentioned steps:

  • First, launch and run the PST Converter on your system.
  • Browse the single or multiple desired PST Contact files >> Open.
  • Then, preview the contacts of the PST contact folder.
  • Next, pick the VCF as file format from the given drop-down.
  • After that, enter the desired location by clicking the Save to Path button.
  • In the last window, Hit the Finish button to start the exporting procedure.

In just a few clicks, you can easily simplify the Backing up Contacts in Outlook. After knowing the steps of both methods, we will now discuss the difference between manual and automated solutions.

Difference Between Manual and Automated Solutions

Manual SolutionAutomated Solution
To perform the manual method, you should have technical expertise.You can perform the steps without any technical expertise.
Ms Outlook should be preinstalled on your system.There is no need for MS Outlook to perform the given task.
This method is quite time-consuming to accomplish the conversion process.You can accomplish the task in just a few clicks and save time and effort.
You have to export the contacts one by one separately.Add the single or multiple PST contact files/folders at once.
Missing a bit of step can lead to data loss.Simply conversion process smoothly, the files remain healthy even after the conversion.

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That’s It!

In the end, we know that exporting contacts from Microsoft Outlook is a detailed process that allows you to protect your contact information. It also allows you to share contacts with others easily and migrate them to the new platforms. By following the methods mentioned in this blog, you can efficiently export Contacts from Outlook and manage them according to your needs. We described the difference between both solutions. Subsequently, you can choose one of them accordingly.

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